Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A LIttle Help from My Friends

Diabetes Blog Week.... Day 3

Today we are to write about our biggest supporters. At first glance, I thought this was easy peasy lemon squeezy! But as I have thought about it... the list keeps getting longer and longer....
*** The song today was "With a Little Help From My Friends" by Joe Cocker. I'm sorry if you missed it. I'll keep it on the playlist just in case you want to the mood music while you read!***

I do feel like Laura said... like I'm accepting an Academy Award! Only thing is.... here there are no signs to let me know that I only have a few seconds left. Good thing. I'd never make it....

Sit down and get comfy.... here goes...

1. My husband, Jason

. He and I were talking about this post and he was asking who I was going to write about and he was like, "What about ME? Am I chopped liver?" And it made me think... So often, he and I are on the same page about things. I'd say a good deal of what I write is how he feels too. In fact, I often write as if it's from BOTH of us, without even thinking about it. So I didn't immediately think of him in that role - as a supporter. Because he is no supporting actor in this drama. He's the leading man!

Jason is my partner in every sense of the word. He's a hands-on Dad. From the moment she was born, he's been right there. He has done it all. Poopy diapers. Nighttime feedings. Cleaning up puke. ALL. OF. IT. D has been no different. THANK GOD he was there the day she was diagnosed. I could not imagine going thru that experience without him by my side. He was there to hold me when I cried. And boy, did I cry. A LOT. He told me it would be ok. He held it together when I was falling apart.

Jason goes to every appointment. We both do. Yes, we're THAT family. He knows every bit as much about D as I do. He can do it all and do it well. I do not worry AT ALL when she's with him. We share D responsibilities. We take turns doing night checks. One night is me, one night is him. The other person has to put her to bed (which has become a NIGHTMARE ever since dx).

SO, it's hard for me to say he's my supporter. Because that insinuates that he is below me in some way. And he's not. He's standing by side. Through thick and thin. He's the greatest and I love him dearly.

2. My Parents. Gaga and Mimi!

I could not ask for better parents. They are awesome! My friends have always loved my parents because they are so much fun. And they are! It's no surprise that Avery adores them!

My parents have totally stepped up to the plate. You may know or may not... I am an only child. Avery is an only child (although she talks about her brothers and sisters all the time.... don't buy it - totally make believe!). So you can imagine the adoration and spoiling going on here! HUGE!

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again... Mom and Dad were THERE for us. They came to the hospital on Dx day before we could even call and tell them to come. They came EVERY SINGLE DAY. The learned with us. They also go to most of our appointments. To either watch Avery so we can learn, or to learn themselves. They can do it - they learned how to take care of her. Dad gave her shots in the hospital. Mom has her own little book of carb counts for the things she eats. Mom even has her own D bag of supplies that she carries around everywhere.

If it were not for them, we'd be LOST. I would have had to quit my job - because WHO is going take care of a newly dx'd 3 year old? WHO would be willing to give her shots? WHO would I even trust to DO that? No one but them!

Although there are many times I WISH I could stay home with Avery, I can't. We need the money and most importantly - we need the insurance. I carry the insurance. And it's good insurance. So them watching her every day is such a blessing. I love that she gets to spend time with them and that she is making such great memories with them. They love her to pieces.

They do a GREAT job with D- even though I KNOW it's scary and complicated. They watch her so we can go out by ourselves sometimes. They are THE BEST! I can't imagine doing this without them. They GET IT. And even though I'm in my (very early) 30's, I still need my parents. And so I could not be more thankful that they are there for ME. For US. I love them dearly, too!

3. Our NP, K, and the team at Cincinnati Children's.

They have been amazing. From day 1! They didn't push us in the hospital. They helped us learn at our own pace. They encouraged us. The understood when I kept breaking down in tears! They are there for us - day or night. We can ALWAYS reach someone. And someone who will HELP! I still call in regularly for help with numbers. They are always there. Willing to help. I could not ask for a better team of professionals to have behind us. They are AWESOME!!! I feel like they TRULY care about us. We are not just a number to them. They know us. They care about us. What a gift!

4. My Friends

My friends are super! They are so willing to learn about D and want to learn to take care of Ave. They want to help so badly. They listen to me rant or complain. They understand when I'm so tired I don't make sense. They put up with me when I forget something. They know that our lives changed that day. And they want to be a part of this new life. And that is so amazing. I was worried at first that we wouldn't be much fun to hang out with anymore. That we would be too complicated. Not so. We may be - but they love us anyway. They love Avery like she's their own. What more could I ask for? You see, they aren't 'just' friends. They are family. They are sisters.

5. YOU

The DOC! If it was not for you, I'd be a very bitter, angry person who probably spent lots of time grumbling to myself. SERIOUSLY. I can not even express what it means to have people who GET IT - truly GET IT. People who are there with me - in the trenches - fighting this war with me. This is an amazing group. D MOMs (and Dads) are a FORCE. You mess with one of us, you best watch your back. We are also a family. A family whose bonds have been forged through sleepless nights, struggles, triumph, pain, heartache, and joy. It's really like fighting a war and the bonds you develop with your fellow soldiers. Because it IS life or death here on the front lines. And I could not have imagined what a priceless gift you all are! I hate this war. But I LOVE that I get to battle with YOU and I could not ask for better people to have my back!

6. The girls at school.

As you know, I work with an amazing group of people and Avery gets to go to school with them, too! Everyone I work with has been understanding. Everyone cares. Everyone cuts me a little slack when I mess up or I'm not there or not all there or something. These are great people. I love them all! They love Avery- and I could not ask for more!

Specifically, Avery's teachers - Mrs. V, Mrs. W, and Mrs. S in the clinic - YOU ARE AMAZING! You don't know how awesome you are or what you mean to us! You LOVE her. You truly LOVE her. THANK YOU! I feel so safe when she's with you because I know you will take care of her. Not only are you teaching her wonderful things and making her way, way, way too smart, you are keeping her safe and healthy. that's not a give for us parents of D kids. That is a special gift. I can not thank you enough for all that you do. There is no way I could if I tried. You also love her like she's your own. There just really is no better gift!

This life is crazy. It's hard. It's hard to understand from the outside. We're like our own little subculture....

I'm a different person that I was... before. I'm a different person that I would have been. It can be hard to be on the outside of that. I'm sure people don't know what to say. I know people don't know what to do with that.

So, THANK YOU - to all of you. THANK YOU for reading. THANK YOU for listening. THANK YOU for crying with us. THANK YOU for laughing with us. THANK YOU for helping and offering to help. THANK YOU for wanting to know more.

But most of all- THANK YOU for LOVING us. We love you!


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