Monday, June 28, 2010

Dexie Saves the Day

How ironic....

As I was writing my last post about dear little Dexie, I was waiting to the two hours it takes to recalibrate and start a new sensor session after inserting a new one.

Once done blogging and working on our Save The Date (stay tuned - will post this soon) cards for our JDRF walk this fall, I headed upstairs to test and enter the 2 bg's that it needs.

It was 1:30 am.

The first test revealed a blood sugar of 76. Crap.

Second test confirmed it.

So.... off to the closet for a juice box.

(What? You mean everyone doesn't keep juice boxes in the upstairs linen closet?)

Sweetpea happily drank down half a juice box without really waking up. So glad we are finally to this point. Right after dx, she had to completely wake up in order to drink and she would cry the entire time.

I went to get ready for bed.

Less than five minutes later, I'm ready to get in bed and check out facebook before rechecking in about 10-15 minutes.

I no more sit down than I hear "BEEP. BEEP. BEEP" coming from the baby monitor.


"Hmmmm..... Interesting", I thought.

So I went back in to see what she was beeping about.

Dexie was glowing "LOW".

She showed a blood sugar of 54 with DOUBLE ARROWS DOWN.


I had just given her juice. "Surely that is not right." I thought. "Juice usually works pretty quickly to stop a low..."

But I tested a finger to see....

Yup. 56.

Double Crap.

I had Sweetpea drink the remainder of the juice box and then I went back to the Closet of Fun for smarties.

(Oh now - come on! Who doesn't have smarties strategically placed around the house?)

Sweetpea managed to eat the smarties in a state of half awake and return to sleep right away once she was finished.

By this time, it was after 2 am.

I decided I would spend the night camped out in Sweetpea's room. Just to be safe.

Because I couldn't stop thinking.... What if we didn't have Dexie? I would not have rechecked her bg for another 15 minutes or so. If she fell 25ish points in 5 minutes....where would she have been in 15 or 20? Maybe the juice would have at least stopped the fall. But what if....

After waiting 20 minutes and making sure her her bg was coming up, I moved about a hundered stuffed animals and snuggled down next to my sweet sleeping girl and our trusty companion Dexie.

Before Dexie, I would have been up all night - worried about what was going on and wondering if she was going to crash again.

But with Dexie on duty, I was able to get some sleep. I knew she was watching and monitoring and she would let me know if Sweetpea was crashing or if she got too low.

So I was able to catch a few Z's - even if it was surrounded by the other hundred stuffed animals and two small feet that ended up on my head by morning!

Thank God for Dexie! She really saved the day!

(Musical Accompaniment: You Save Me by Kenny Chesney)


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