Tuesday, September 28, 2010


** Before I start this post, I want to say THANKS for all the sweet comments about the last post.  But something is bothering me about it.... Know what?  I KNOW I didn't get everyone's kiddos on the list.  And that bothers me.  It was late.... I was tired.... whatever.  Anyway, I'm working on putting that post on one of my tabs - a WHY I DO THIS kind of thing.  And I want to recognize all your kids.  So... if in my sleep deprived, foggy brained haze, I left out your precious sweetie, shoot me an email at theprincessandthepump@gmail.com and let me know so I can add them!  Thanks!  And now..... back to your regularly scheduled post....

Life is crazy. And the D Life.... Well, crazy doesn't even begin to describe it some days!

Yesterday, I read an awesome post by Meri called The Drive By Carbing Incident. It was funny. And it made me cry, too. You've got to go read it Yourself- I don't want to spoil it!

But it made me think about an experience I had in the grocery store the other night. I was in the juice isle stocking up. We've had LOTS of lows lately. I was also getting some of the Just 10 pouches. While searching for the Just 10 pouches (they always seem to be hiding), a father and son walked up. The Dad told the boy to hurry and pick one- one that he wanted.

It just struck me odd. There I was loading up on Juicy Juice 15c boxes and Just 10 2c pouches. And there was this young boy picking the REGULAR pouches with no restriction.

It was one of those moments when you realize how different things are for you. Because to me- I was getting very important medicine. He was getting juice. To us, juice is medicine. Juice is life saving. To him, it's something to drink.

And as I walked away, I giggled. (Yes- giggled. Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry.). Because I thought about what that looked like to ME. And how for that father to see what I saw, he'd have to walk by Sweetpea and I in the cold and flu isle while I was telling her to "just hurry up and grab a box- whatever you want!". How crazy is that? You'd never let your child just randomly grab a box of medicine! Of course, for us- juice is a lot more potent a drug than a Tylenol!!


You know what else is crazy? Playing with numbers like it's roulette!!

I feel like I'm doing just that. I'm putting all my chips on a 3 am basal reduction. And tomorrow, I'll be going all in on a carb ratio change at 11 am from 30 to 35.

I'll be crossing my fingers and waiting ... Hoping... A good number comes up.

Because this is a high stakes game we play.

And the truth of that fact is crazy.



  1. Oh, that was so touching. I was just posting about how amazing I think parents are! When I read this, it was a perfect example of the bond parents have to protect and love their children. I don't have a child, but I am a type 1 myself, and I have found that the same thing things parents worry about, I worry about. My mom still worries about me the way a lot of the moms do, and I am 30! I love reading the mom BLOGS because of the courage and honesty you all have to protect, love, and fight! Hang in there Hallie, and know that to some people, you are a superhero!

    Thanks for your post!

  2. Roulette is right!! Lets hope we both land on the right numbers :)

  3. Crazy is right! We have had some weird lows lately but then the past two days have been fairly quiet. I say that and then tomorrow will probably be horrible. Oh, well. I jinx it every time.

    I love the analogy of our kids just picking out medicine out of the medicine isle like "normal" kids pick juice out of the juice isle.

  4. You are so right! I haven't thought of it that way!? It is medicine! Sometimes (with good timing of course) ice cream is medicine too! Ha!

  5. I love this post...it is SO TRUE! Funny how things hit us. Normal to someone else seems so foreign to us. Thanks for the shout out too. ((HUGS)) to you dear Hallie. I'm right there with you, laughing along side of you!

  6. I completely agree, my friend. Juice has distinct medicinal properties over here!!!! LIFESAVING!!!!!

  7. Hey, I hope the 3am basal and I:C changes worked out for you and Sweet Pea! (((HUGS))) and yes, I find am always acutely aware of juice...I don't even think of it as a drink really.

  8. I could so relate to this post. Juice has also taken on a whole new light to us since D entered our lives. For the most part, we have traded juice for Crystal Light with Ellie and her older brother (they both LOVE it so was not a difficult transition at all). However, my youngest daughter (now 16 months) is getting to the age where I want to give her other things besides milk and I just don't feel like Crystal Light for a 1 year old is a good choice. So I have started giving her apple juice (diluted of course). However, everytime I pour it and hand it to her, a little piece of me worries for a split second about how it is going to affect her blood sugar. Just another one of those things that will never feel "normal" again!

  9. I thought of one other thing while we are on the juice topic and wanted to pass it along. We have found that the 15 cb juicy juice boxes were a little too much for Ellie when treating a low and would cause an over correction. But I recently found these Sesame Street "fuitables" juice boxes that are just 10 cb at Target and they work PERFECTLY for Ellie. Just thought I would pass that along :).

  10. Funny how something that, to most families is just to drink when thirsty, is a life-saver for our D kiddos....and also one of those things that we have to monitor very closely cuz it can skyrocket their blood sugars.

    *I don't think you had Bryce on your "why I do this" list...impressed you got so many of the kiddos on there!! Thanks!!!

  11. Who knew juice could be so powerful?!


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