Monday, January 31, 2011

You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Us, Dexcom...

Friday night.

Ready for bed.  I dragged my exhausted bod up the stairs.

The only thing standing in the way of me and my bed was a quick Dexie insertion.

J goes in first to check the receiver and stop the sensor.

And this is what he saw.

"Uh- oh" he says. 

"This can't be good."  I thought.

He went down to check the manual and call customer service while I took off her numbing cream.

A few minutes later, I hear....

"Do you want the bad news or the worse news?"

"This REALLY can't be good."

"Dex is shot.  Hardware error.  We can get a new one as long as it's under warranty but it they can't send it until they check the system on Monday.  So it won't get here until Tuesday night."


As in the day that is FOUR DAYS AWAY?!?

Not cool, Dex.  Not cool.

Sweetpea told me that she was kind of glad he was gone. 

"Really?"  I asked.  "Why?"

"Because it's easier for you to scratch my back!" she said.  "But I'll be happy when the new Dexie comes.  I'll be glad to see him and I'll love him just the same."

Me, too! 

It's shocking how fast you can learn to rely on a piece of technology and how it changes the way you treat.  We're more aggressive with Dex because we feel like we've got another pair of eyes on the job. 

So.... we are old schoolin' it.  We're back to having to NO CLUE what's going on inside that little body.  NO CLUE what her bg is doing at any given moment. 

I've been afraid to correct over night.  Any correction makes her crash... even with a 500 ISF. 

But last night... she was 360 at 11:30.  I HAD to correct that.  And I did. 

And she did crash.  Which meant Mommy got practically NO SLEEP last night.

And as I laid there awake, waiting to test, trying to figure out when I should set my alarm to test again...

THIS was going thru my head...

"You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille." 

Ahhh.... Kenny Rogers!

But - being ME - I had to change the words. 

THIS is what I was singing...

"You picked a fine time to leave us, Dexcom.  High, wonky bg's and a carb ratio's that's wrong.  We've seen some low times.  Some "you're drinking too slow" times.  I just can't believe that you're gone.  You picked a fine time to leave us, Dexcom."

Yeah, I have issues.  I know.

Music just speaks to me.  It's how I express myself.  It helps me work through my feelings and emotions.  It adds so much to my life!  Just call me Delilah!

I enjoy picking the perfect song for a situation or to go with my posts. 

In fact, I've got a whole Kenny montage going on on the playlist today!  Thanks to my parents, I love Kenny.  I went to his concerts when I was little.  My Dad and I danced to "Through the Years" at my wedding.  I included "The Gambler" because isn't that what we all do with diabetes???  And a few of my other favs for your listening enjoyment!


This has been an issue of contention for J.  He is not a fan of my playlist.  Specifically, he's not a fan of it starting automatically. 

I get that.  As much as I like picking the "perfect song" ....  I don't like listening while I read! 
I often pause it while I'm reading!

So, when Wendy asked her readers if we thought she should bring back her playlist.... J, who reads all our blogs, thought this was the BEST IDEA EVER!  He said I should ask and see what y'all think.  (He's hoping you'll side with him!  I don't really care either way!)

So... with thanks to Wendy and Amy for introducing me to this nifty little tool....

Let me know what you think!!!

I'll always keep the playlist and I'll always put special songs on it to go with each post... 

The question is... 

Would you prefer it to play automatically or would you prefer to push play on your own?

You have a few days to vote....!  And you're right, Amy!  This IS fun!



  1. I LOVE Kenny Rogers! I was also raises listening to him. I could sing The Gambler the entire way through at a VERY early age. ;o)

    So sorry to hear about Dex.... BUT you get a new one tomorrow!! Yippeeee!

  2. This makes me sad. Very sad. But yay for tomorrow being tuesday!!

    Love your singing, youre too cute!

  3. Bummer on Dex Hallie AND thanks for the opportunity to vote!!! Or shall I have you thank J for me?

    I am a read in silence kind of girl. And...LOL...on more than one ocassion I have been reading your blog at 4am to get the bejeezus scared out of me by the music all of a sudden playing when your page opens up. I have been meaning to message you about it...I think I have even spilled coffee on myself. :)

  4. I know what you mean about relying on the Dex. Without it, life doesn't seem like you're living in the 21st century anymore. You're back in the 20th! It's like going back in time, before the dawn of new technology.

  5. Rut looks like J is winning. :(

    I'm sorry about the dexcom. 4 days might as well be an eternity! It will be back today though, right?? Hooray!

  6. I am interested in going the CGM route soon. I just get nervous because site changes are still very dramatic around here... :/

  7. Gosh. We don't have a CGM, so we are old-schoolin' it all the time! Once you get her basal where she's consistent, you might depend on Dex less. (maybe?) We have learned (with tons of trial and more ERROR!) to set her temp basal to 83% on site change night. It helps!

    Hope you got the new Dex back today!! I know it's hard-we didn't drop 2am checks for at least two or three years (now, we only check hahaha : )
    Sending hugs your way! : )

  8. I LOVE KENNY!!!!!!!!! Whenever I hear his voice, it brings me to a happy place from my childhood. AHHHH....KENNY!!!!!!

    We actually took Dex off for a few days. She didn't want a new insertion right away and we didn't force it. Have to admit that it was kind of nice to get "old school" and just pretend the shark's teeth between numbers didn't exist.

    After she crashed at school yesterday (53), we put it back on last night. Thankful to have it...but have to admit that we all enjoyed a few days off.

  9. Boy that music brings back memories!

  10. Did I ever tell you that on the fourth day of cgm use RED was with our family friend and as they crossed the street to pick up my other daughter it fell off and onto the road (my too sweet boutique cgm pouch was in the mail but hadn't arrived yet) the time it was noticed missing it had been run over by a car :-( $341 later for the special "one time reduced rate" we got it replaced. Did I mention we had only had it for FOUR DAYS!?!?!? Then, two weeks ago RED dropped it in the toilet when she was getting ready to hop in the tub. I was so upset...which of course made her so upset. It was obviously an accident, but DANG, it's like we're bleeding money over here. I thought for sure we were going to have to replace the receiver at full price this time. However, my husband is very handy and he saved it! It's a long story I won't bore you with but if you ever get it wet don't push any buttons and then ask me what to do and I'll tell ya!


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