Monday, February 21, 2011


** The Right Stuff by NKOTB can be heard by clicking play to the right.  I couldn't help it... Takin' me back to Jr High!**

I've got some new stuff on my blog!

Check out my tabs above...

I've made the SCHOOL & OTHER CAREGIVER tab a little easier to use! You can click on the links to be taken to the documents! The documents available are a sample 504 plan, a blood sugar flow chart, pump directions, Dexcom directions, and more!

I've added a SICK DAYS tab!  This tab contains links to sick day guidelines - for those able to hold down food and for those who are not.  There are also links to the carb counts in common medicines, glucagon guidelines, and a link to the Precision Blood Ketone test results.  I know that when I need this stuff, I have to go digging to find it.  Now it's here - in one place and easy to find!

Remember - none of my information is meant to take the place of medical advice.  Especially when your kids are sick - make sure to consult with your doctor and endocrinologist about how best to treat your child!  I'm not a doctor - I just play one in real life!

I'm working on a tab for the carb counts in most common kid foods... so if there's something in particular that you'd like to see - let me know!  Again, I always seem to be searching for the carb counts for the same food over and over.  You'd think it would stick in my brain ... but no... So I thought if it was HERE - at least I would know where to look!  And it might help YOU out, too!




  1. Hallie, you crack me up. I never listen to the music on blogs, but THIS TIME I did - just 'cuz you had NKOTB on. That was a nice blast from the past!

    I'll check out your new links - starting to gather info for when Adam goes to Kindergarten in August!

  2. Thanks Hallie! It's been great peaking through others school & caregiver info...nice to get a different perspective and new ideas! I may just have to add a link on my page too...I especially like the idea of the carb count info....that would be great for my mother-in-law for when Charlotte spends the night with her....all the info right there at the click of a button! Great idea!!!

  3. I actually had to push that play button this time too. :) LOL!

    Love the new tabs!

  4. oh oh ohhh...oh oh ohhh!! Lol i love me some new kids on the block!!!! Awesome with the tabs girly!

  5. Alexis STOLE my line!!!!!! lol
    You rock girl!!!

    Now I'm going to be singing that dang song all night... WHY did I HAVE to listen?????

  6. Suweet! I will be back often to check them out and bookmark for quick retrieval. Thank you soooooo much for sharing, Hallie!

  7. that is amazing and wonderful! THANK YOU!! Such a resource!! As ALWAYS!!


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