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Monday, July 20, 2009

This is my disclaimer!

This is my blog. I'm writing it from my point of view about what I truly think and feel. I'm not going to sugar coat it. I'll be like the old person who you ask "How do you feel?" and they tell you in agonizing detail. If you ask me, I may say "fine". But here is where I'll tell it like it is.

I'm going to write about my opinions. Diabetes can be controversial. Don't say I didn't warn you!

I don't want to come across as "woe is me" or anything like that. We are very aware and grateful that Sweetpea has a disease that is controllable. We are very thankful that with proper care and tight control she can lead a long, healthy life. We know that there are many people in this world suffering from far worse things than diabetes. We praise God because we know our situation could be much worse.

In reading all kinds of things about diabetes, I have seen some debate over whether it's more appropriate to say that your child "is diabetic" or "has diabetes". Whatever. I'll say both.

The whole "diabetic" thing is about not labeling her 'diabetic' because it doesn't define her. Here's how I feel.... Diabetic does define her. It's part of who she is now. But it's not the only thing that defines her.

Sweetpea is....
but slow to warm up
a real "ham"
a great puzzle worker
cute as a button
like an elephant - she never forgets anything
able to read (if you ask my Mom)
strong willed
a ballerina
one tough cookie
and diabetic

It's just one of the many things that make up who she is. It's not now, nor will it ever be (knowing my little girl) the only thing.


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