School & Caregiver Info

These documents contain information that will help others take care of your child with diabetes.  These are appropriate for school, church, babysitters, or playdates!  Feel free to use them to help you keep your child as safe and healthy as possible while they are away from you!

Diabetes Fact Sheet (One Page for Teacher/Special Area Teachers/Babysitters)

Detailed Diabetes Facts for Classroom Teacher

Back to School with T1D: Overview & Considerations

 504 Plan

Link to CWD site with lots of sample 504 plans

Bg Flow Chart

Omnipod Directions

Pump Directions (Animas Ping)

Dexcom Directions

Diabetes Info made for Lanyard Tags (made by Heidi at DTales)

Glucagon Directions for Kits

Glucagon Brochure

Glucagon Tutorial (pop out player)


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