Sweetpea's First Vlog: I Can Test My Own BG!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweetpea has known HOW to test herself for a long time.  She's been able to walk you through the steps.  She just hasn't been able to DO it.

And I've not pushed her.  I have felt that when she was ready, she'd let me know.  After all, she is a bit independent!

So one night during Winter Break, I decided it was time.  She had been showing some interest in it.  I thought she was ready.

She tried.  But it's a LOT harder to prick your own finger than it is to let someone else do it to you.  Even though logically she knew it didn't hurt and what it felt like...  When does logic ever rule in diabetes anyway?

So I knew what I had to do.  I know my kid.  I knew she was ready.  And I knew just what to say...

"Well, if you're not ready...  It IS a pretty "big kid" thing to do....  Whenever you think you're ready to try again, you just let me know."

Worked like a charm.

You could SEE the fire in her eyes.  They were so saying, "I'll show YOU whose a big kid."

So she did it!

She was still having a little trouble with missing.  And getting frustrated.

So, knowing my Sweetpea as I do, I told her that when she had it mastered, she could make a video.  She LOVES making videos.  So she sat there on her bed and practiced until she got it.

And since then, she's an old pro!

She still does not test herself all the time.  Sometimes she does if I ask her if she wants to.  Sometimes she says no.  That's fine with me.  She has the rest of her life to test her own bg.  I don't mind doing it and letting her just be a kid for now.

On Friday, she came into my classroom to be tested before lunch.  Our classes eat at the same time so it usually works out perfectly - timing wise.  But she was a little early.  And I was running a little late.  I was finishing up a story/lesson.  So when she came in, I whispered to her to get the kit out and I'd be there in one minute.

 The next thing I know, she's showing me her meter and it's reading 150.

WOW!  She did it all on her own.  Without being asked.

She's growing up....

I told her I was so very proud of her for testing herself without being asked.  For knowing what needed done and just doing it.

She said, "Yeah... I'm good at it."

So... without further ado....

Here she is!

Sweetpea testing her own bg!



  1. Precious! Way to go Sweetpea!

  2. Good job, sweetpea! You did great! You kept trying... what a big kid! And 150! That is awesome! Praying for you, Sweetpea! Hugs from Bend, Oregon. :)

  3. I wish we all looked so cute when testing...
    I'm so proud of her persistence!

  4. Adorable! It's actually a very important skill for her to have. I realize it seems like a burden to give a kid, but as someone who has T1D, I can assure you, it's not. It's more important that in any kind of emergency where she may be separated from you that she is able to take care of herself. And that's something I don't think kids are ever too young to learn.

  5. Great job!

    It's one of those things that you are so proud of them when they figure it out and know how to do! And yet sad that they have to figure this out...

  6. Oh my goodness! So cute! Way to go and keep trying and clicking away. Natalie is the same, she can tell anyone how to do it, but gets frustrated doing it herself. I can't wait to show this to her later. She'll love the Upward cheerleading uniform too.

  7. Way to go SweetPea! And as a Mom, I was smiling at her cuteness! Love her little voice and sweet mannerisms! I'm going to show this to my 6 year old girl after school today. Thanks for sharing Sweetpea! :)

  8. Wonderful! I know she is so proud of herself and you of her!
    Way to go!!!

  9. Wonderful! I know she is so proud of herself and you of her!
    Way to go!!!

  10. Great job, SP! My Lydia is ready to give it a whirl too but we need a different lancing device. Which one is she using in video?

  11. she is absolutely precious! I love that she didn't get discouraged and kept on trying until she was successful!

  12. She cracks me up even when she's being serious! Way to go Sweetpea!

  13. OMGosh that kid is just too cute!! She just makes me smile...love her! and great job Sweetpea!!

  14. LOVE! She is growing up indeed! It just kills me though when they have to keep poking themselves over and over until they get it. Our kids our truly amazing!!

  15. I love how she squints every time she pushes the button! My daughter just turned 9 and at a sleepover last month her inset came out. She won't change it herself but she knew enough to walk the mom through doing it with her. Saved me a 20 minute drive at 11PM. :-)

  16. I love how she squints every time she pushes the button!

    My daughter just turned 9. She won't change her inset yet but at a sleepover last month (after an hour of just dance and losing her inset) she knew enough to talk the mom through helping her with it. Saved me a 20 minute drive at 11PM.

  17. So cute!! Adam has been doing it himself at school only (I think because they suggested it, which is fine, and it's good that he can do it) but I still do 95% of his checks at home. Those Multiclix are tricky little buggers! Adam LOVED watching her...and he was thrilled she has the pod too!

  18. Wow, Sweetpea, you did such a great job testing your blood and even making a video!! You are very brave to prick your finger all by yourself. And I love the purple meter you have. :)

  19. Aww, she's precious! And what a milestone. : ) She IS a big girl now! (And it's still ok to let mom check too.) Mary Claire likes to let me do it-she still wants a little dependence. ; )

  20. AWESOME!!! What a BIG girl!! I had to show my 3 year old (non-D) kid and he only looked at it for a few seconds and he said "why she got dya-bedees?" He's so used to seeing his sister test, he knows all to well...sweeet babies! Can't wait to see her other videos! :-)

  21. Hallie, I swear she is the cutest thing in the entire world! Oh my word.

    Please tell her to keep making videos. LOVE them!

    And I love how you "encouraged" her to try it herself. You are a good momma.


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