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Drama Queen

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Diabetes - You are SUCH a drama queen!

I mean, really, do you have to go to such lengths to get noticed?

It's not like we ignore you. We think about you every hour of every day. Honestly, we probably think about you even more than that. We never neglect you. We always treat you the best way we know how. We stay up nights to check on you. We check on you countless times during the day. We plan for you. We pack extra things for you. We spend lots of money on you! We worry about you ALL the time. What more do you want?!?

Why must you act up like this?

It's inconsiderate. Plain and Simple.

We FINALLY get you under control for 2 wonderful days - and then you go crazy again with the ear infection. Fine, I get it. She's sick. But tell me this...

WHY, when a 20% temp basal increase didn't even touch you all day long, do you suddenly decide to drop? And not just drop... CRASH.


She was SLEEPING. I had to wake her up and beg her to drink. I couldn't tell if she was just sleeping or if she was close to being passed out. She wouldn't talk. She wouldn't respond to me. It was freaky. Why must you scare us like that?

And then you decide to be good all night. Sort of. Hovering her right at 'low' - 80-100 all night long. Waking her up at a nice number of 130.

But can you stay good? Oh, no. Did you want more attention? Is that why you went up to 300 at lunch?

And THEN, as if THAT wasn't enough, you decide to CRASH again.


What do you think does to a little girl's body?

And now, at bedtime, with 2 HOURS of IOB (insulin on board), you're hovering at 100.

What will you do? Will you go up? Will you hold steady? Will you go down?

Why can't you just let us get some sleep? Why can't you just play fair and leave us alone?

Get over yourself, diabetes.

Your temper tantrums are hurting a little girl. A little girl who didn't ask for you to join her life. A little girl who never did ANYTHING to you.

Why can't you just play nice?

But you know what, diabetes? It doesn't matter. You can do whatever you want. Because the joke's on you. You can act up all you want but you can't change this:

She's stronger than you. She had to have felt terrible today with the roller coaster ride you've taken her on. But did she show it? No. She continued to dance and sing and be the happy little girl we know and love. Ha. So there.

And we won't quit. We won't give up. We'll never stop. There's nothing you can do about it. We will continue to 'manage' you. You can keep throwing your tantrums and giving us all you've got. Go ahead. Because you WON'T break us. Not gonna happen.

So, diabetes, I've got just 2 words for you:



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