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The Eye Of The Beholder

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First, I want to THANK YOU for all the kind words about the Valentine Video!  I'm so glad that you liked it!

Please feel free to make it as much yours as it is mine.  You are welcome to post it to facebook and Twitter or on your own blog.  You can let me know if you need the code.
In my post video making haze, I forgot mention why I chose the song I did.  I talked about how the lyrics made me think of my Sweetpea... But it was more than that.  The emotion behind the lyrics really spoke to me, too.

You see, it's one of my biggest fears.  I worry about it a lot. 

I don't want Sweetpea to ever think of herself as "less" in any way because of diabetes.  I don't want her to feel bad or ashamed.  I don't want her to think of herself as a burden or to think that we would lover her more without diabetes.  I don't want her to ever think that we would prefer a non-D child.

No.  She's amazing.  Just the way she is.

I've said it before - I'll say it again.  Part of my inspiration for the video was to show her how much we love her and let her know that we think she's amazing and perfect- just the way she is.  That we would choose HER - over and over, every single time, in a heart beat, with no hesitation.  I want her to KNOW this and to never forget it.

And I'm sure that I'm not alone in that wish, either.

So Valentine's Day....

Our day started with a call from the alarm company and the police saying that our alarm was going off and that the police found the back door open.  Great!  Luckily, all things and both cats were accounted for!

I got beautiful flowers from my hubby! Not only did this make my day - but it aslo benefited JDRF!

Sweetpea had a GREAT day at school!  She was beyond excited!  Luckily for me, her teachers restrict the amount of treats that her class has.  They sorted candy hearts - and she came home with the bag of little hearts- complete with a carb count from her teacher!  See?  They are awesome!

Sweetpeas was SO excited about those hearts!  She has been asking for hearts for weeks and I've been putting her off.  So she was thrilled to get that little treat!  She ate a few and the rest is still in the bag on the counter waiting for dessert tomorrow (or a low!). 

Sweets also really loved sharing Valentines with her friends!  This year, she got one SPECIAL valentine!  A boy in her class gave her a regular sized card and the attached note said that he had insisted on it because she was his "girlfriend".  Oh, my!  I don't think she is aware of this at all!  She does talk about him.... but usually in terms of "he hit me" or "he chased me" or "he won't leave me alone".  Yup, sounds like a crush to me!  Daddy is not thrilled with this... he said to tell this boy to "back off, buster!"  Poor Daddy....!

I know how hard these days are for CWD's and their parents.  It's tough.  And I dread it for Sweetpea in the coming years.  No one wants to keep the kids from the party.  And yet... sometimes eating what is served is just not a good idea.  So for all those parents out there battling high blood sugars from too many treats.... or who fought about (whether that's with your kid or with yourself) what was ok to eat... I'm sorry.  I feel your pain.  It's never easy.  Telling your kid no when you want to say yes.... or saying yes when you want to say no.  I get you.

My class made Valentine I-pod's today!

It was super easy!  All you need is a box of candy hearts, construction paper, pull and peel Twizzlers, and Hershey Kisses.  I used tape to put it all together so that it would all still be edible.  The kids enjoyed it and thought it was cool!

Here are a few pics that I took....  (Forgive the quality - phone pics are not the best)

(the back)

Sweetpea came into my classroom while we were making these.  She gave me the oddest look and said, "You're making insulin pumps?"

"No, honey!  It's an I-pod!"

I had to laugh.  I guess when you live this crazy D Life...  you see it everywhere.  Yes, that IS kind of sad.  But I'm learning that it's sad to ME.  To her - it's just life.

It's all in the eye of the beholder!



  1. I have to say that I love that she thought the ipods were insulin pumps. Such a sweetie that little princess of yours.

    Our day was not too bad but I almost choked when I weighed the cookie, frosting and sprinkles in at 110 carbs and that was not counting the juice (I took in a low carb water pouch) or any treats attached to the v-day cards. Holidays are always tough.

    Thanks again for all of your work on the video!

  2. Those ipods are super cute!

    I love Bruno Mars and the song was perfect Hallie!!!

    We had an awesome Valetines day. Lots of sweets but they were only allowed 2 to eat in class and J came out of it with a bg of 97. The rest will be for lows Lol

    happy valentines day!!!

  3. That is FUNNY! BTW, those are so cool. The kids in your class must have had a great time making those.

  4. That is too funny about thinking the ipod was a pump! I get it though!! Glad sweetpea had a great day!

  5. I can just picture her sweet little face wondering why everyone was making insulin pumps. So cute!!!

    My Ellie's party, well, was rotten. They spent 20 minutes handing out valentines and then freely eatingn them, then the homeroom parent walked in with a big bucket of ice cream and 2 bags of toppings! Carte blanche. Ugh. My little trooper took one look at the gooey mess and d-e-c-l-i-n-e-d! I promised her a big ol cup of her favorite cocoa when we got home.

  6. Love the I-pods! Precious! And awesome about the flowers from your hubby...I always love when we can do something like that that benefits the JDRF (or another organization) as well!


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