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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Earlier this summer, we had a garage sale!

We are finally sifting through the baby stuff down in our basement and ready to pass it on! And we decided to donate our garage sale proceeds to JDRF.

Sweets has been looking forward to this sale for WELL over a year!

She has been planning on setting up a water stand and selling refreshment to our customers.  Yes, water.  Not lemonade.  She doesn't like lemonade.  She likes water.  So there you have it!

The sale went really well!  We made over $800 for our walk team!

But that wasn't the best part.

The best part were the people who specifically came to show their support for JDRF and diabetes research and Sweets!  We had friends who just came to show their support.  We had a couple of different adults who came and were happy to show Sweets their own pumps!  We had people of different ages - one was a lady about my age (so quite young) and another was an older woman - both with pumps and both eager to show them off!

Of course, no garage sale is complete without a few crazies.

There was a couple who came to shop and decided it was appropriate to share their beliefs about Type 1 and how it is cured.

You know where I'm going with this.  It wasn't pretty.

I had a couple of signs up stating that we were donating the proceeds to JDRF and some basic facts about type 1.  The lady stopped to read it.  I happened to be doing a pod change at that time so I was busy  but she asked J if we had a cat.

He said yes.

Long story short, she proceeded to tell him that that Sweets got diabetes from our cat and that our cat has parasites.


Oh, but that wasn't all.  Nope.

She just wouldn't let it go.

She then came over to the water stand where Sweets was "working".  She wanted to buy water.  That was nice.

But then she started telling ME about the parasites and how her friend had diabetes but got rid of the parasites and started eating healthy and the diabetes went away.  And that I needed to get Dr. Crackpot's (not his real name - although close, I'm sure) book.

Ok.  Deep breath.

I calmly explained to her that type 1 was an autoimmune disease and that unlike type 2, it could not be treated with diet change alone.

To which she told me, in a rather nasty tone, "I know what diabetes is."  And her husband added, "And so does Dr. Crapforbrains."  (Also not is his really name...)


Deep breaths.

I responded with, "NO, I think I KNOW what diabetes is and what it entails."

I must have had the crazy look in my eyes but she didn't say another word and she left.

And it's a good thing she did.

Because I would have hated to have gone completely Mama Bear crazy on her and caused a scene at our garage sale!  I could feel my anger rising up - threatening to spill out.

I don't get upset too often.  I usually will bit my tongue.  I'm not a fighter.


Do NOT come to my house and tell me lies and my child's disease.  Do NOT tell me it was caused by CAT.  Are you for real?  If it was that easy, do you really think that all those doctors and scientists would not have figured that out by now?  UGH.  That sends me over the edge.

I can feel my blood pressure rising as I type!  And I'm trying very hard not to use the kind of language that I WANT to use about this situation!

So, all in all it was a success!  $800, new D buddies, and the WORST CURE EVER.  All in a days work!



  1. We don't have a cat... wonder where our parasites came from? Neighbors cat??? lol

    It never fails, there is ALWAYS that person who knows. they show up to every event just to make us nuts. Glad you had such a successful g-sale, in spite of it.

  2. Well I do know alot of people with cats... I won't name names... But really cat parasites?!?! I never heard that one before. And to think right before diagnosis I was playing with a cat! Damn. Sometimes, the crazy eye look is all people need to walk away. Congrats on the awesome sale and use of proceeds though.

  3. Brain.Exploding. I would have LOST it.
    kudos to you for keeping it together. Geez.

  4. Seriously? Wow. That is crazy. Good thing we don't have a cat anymore. hee! ((HUGS)) That is so hard to deal with all the time. I don't mind educating people about T1 but when they don't believe me, that is so frustrating.

    Congrats on the money you raised for JDRF! That'awesome.

  5. That is insane! I was told by a friend of the family if I was a decent mother I would homeschool my 6 year old son. How could I possibly send him alone to school with this responsibility. I should quit my job and keep him home forever. Well believe me I've thought about it. Lol . Nope, I rather send him to school and worry myself sick then to let diabetes win. He will be a normal kid. He will do everything everyone else does and then some. People and thier stupidity need to keep thier mouths shut. Cats ... Omg idiots.

    1. Oh, HELL NO! I would have LOST IT for sure! I don't think I could have kept my mouth closed on that one. What about making him feel like he can do anything with diabetes? What about the fact that YOU know your kid better than anyone else? Or it's none of her business? OR - at least for us, I carry the insurance. So I work not just because I like it and want to... but because we have to pay for insulin!!! Oh my Lord - people never cease to amaze me. I'm glad you handled that well... I might be in jail or a padded cell! Lol!

  6. I was told recently if I were a decent mother I would homeschool my 6 year old son.

  7. I share your anger, but love the names.......................Dr. Crackpot Dr. Crapforbrains


  8. Just like I tweeted you.... OMFructosingGosh!!!!! WHERE ON EARTH DO PEOPLE GET THIS CRAZY CRAP???? My dad blamed my dx on a cat that I had been playing with a week before I started "getting sick". That's why I was never allowed to have a cat after that too. Guess he thought I could catch it again?? I dunno. Crazyies.

    Anyway, a HUGE congrats on both standing up to that stupid woman (and don't worry, if you HAD gone mama-bear all over her arse, I sure as heck woulda backed you up on that! Both as a cat-lover AND diabetic!) and on your fund-raising accomplishment. You guys rock!

  9. Everyone has an idea or an opinion. It's hard to grin and bear it. I'm proud of you for keeping your cool that long.

  10. Everyone has an opinion or an idea of how things REALLY work when in reality they're clueless. I'm proud of you for keeping your composure for so long and trying to educate the masses.

  11. Our very old cat died shortly after Sarah was diagnosed (and still well in her honeymoon period). Huh, her diabetes didn't go away. Beta cells didn't start producing again. I'm with you, those sorts of comments make me very upset!

  12. 1. You are an awesome mom and it's super cool that you raised so much for the JDRF
    2. I got type 1 diabetes, didn't have a cat, and am completely parasite-free. Talk about loony!
    3. Unfortunately people get so steeped in their own beliefs that they will criticize without proper education. I was admonished for using a regular pop to treat a low instead of going to find a "healthier alternative" the evil thing in the pop was sugar... and that's what I needed.

  13. Oh that infuriates me when the crazies come out and say such nonsense! Especially in front of your daughter??! We don't have a cat, so what is our reason? Congrats on the successful and proceeds for JDRF! Natalie had a sugar free lemonade stand and donated the money to JDRF. It's such a great way to raise awareness and educate others (who are not crazy and willing to listen) as well as meet others who are on a similar journey.

  14. To Crazy Cat Lady, "Thank you so much for sharing that with me. When I find the cure for ignorance, I'll be sure to let you know" Seriously! Some people.

  15. I LOVE "The 50 Shades of CrAzY" signage Hals! What a Whack-A-Doodle. So glad that you graciously held your ground and then gave her a little "stink-eye". xo

  16. Crap for Brains that is AWESOME I will need to remember that! I have felt this same feeling. Once it was days after we got out of the hospital and I was in a fog still had no clue if this was a dream or not. I ventured out with my own little sweets(the hubs thought it would be good to send us out of the house, but I felt un-armed) and there were treats at the quilt store grand opening(yep we went fabric shopping) and balloons and all Ava wanted was a darn balloon thank goodness but the lady was so rude and just kept trying to give her cake. I wanted to ignore it till she got the balloon then finally I lost it started crying and said SHE CAN'T HAVE CAKE(thanks to celiac as well) she has diabetes and the rude woman said awwweeeee too many cookies - yes are freaking kidding me my underweight, sickly looking, 2 year old had too many cookies....I just stood there and kept crying as she slowly backed away and got her a balloon. Long story to the point it was after that, I started to arm my self with knowledge and wise answers to guard off the ignorant people :D I am proud of you for not backing down and raising some awesome amounts of money(which I need to start doing for our walk!) Stay strong Momma's knowledge is power!

  17. Im curious if Sweets heard the lady's thoughts and what se thought of it?

    Your get 10 gold stars from me for not going bat-shit crazy on those people. CAT PARSITES...ugggh.

  18. So far, blame it on the cat is my all time favorite "reason" for getting T1.

    Also i would like to use Dr. Crapforbrains as citations in footnotes in scholarly research where is he published. LOL

  19. So glad the garage sale was such a success...crazy cat lady excluded!!

  20. awesome.... yes, I was told by my mother in law that my 2 kids (12 yr old diagnosed 6 months ago and 4 year old 3 months ago) got Type 1 because when I was pregnant I ate too many sweets...And we have told her what Type 1 really is adn she STILL says they should never have sweets and all they should eat is vegetables.. SO frustrating:)

  21. I'm married to the deliverer of the worst comment. Soon after this D life began, my husband stated out loud in front of my daughter that she may have gotten diabetes from sucking her thumb. (Logic, she picked up a bug which caused an autoimmune reaction.) I told him he needed to leave my daughters' room, and then I spent time drilling into my daughter's brain and soul that sucking her thumb did not cause diabetes. She did nothing wrong. THIS.WAS.NOT.HER.FAULT. That kind of bullshit guilt is for me and my therapist to work on, not my 5 year old. Needless to say, after the girls drifted off into sweet slumber, I went downstairs and went many shades of crazy on my husband. He (a rare event) conceded it was a stupid thing to say and he didn't mean to make her feel responsible. FILTER HONEY, FILTER. We have gotten past it, but whenever we have a D related dispute, the feelings from that moment rear their ugly head. He has a doctorate, so I think my new pet name for him is Dr. Crapforbrains.

  22. How absolutely horrible. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

    You handled it well. And I love you. : )

  23. I would have thrown the cat at her face. The cat would have landed on all four feet and been fine but the woman would worry herself sick that she had contracted diabetes ;)

  24. OK, I would have been angry, too... but I have to admit that reading the "cat theory" here, just now, made me laugh a bit. I mean, REALLY... all these millions spent on research and all people have to do is avoid cats?? You'd think there'd be some kind of national campaign to destroy the feline population. Wow. Just, wow. Kudos to you for not hurting the woman!

    And congrats on your successful sale! :)

  25. Just stumbled across your blog... pretty fantastic job you're doing with it. Found your post about Cat Lady to be amazingly frank, honest, and just damn funny. We've all had those moments of trying to calmly explain the diff btwn type 1 and 2, but I really appreciate you openly sharing your feelings about how it just pisses you off. Been there. Keep up the good fight.

  26. Great post. I just stumbled upon this blog and am happy to have found it. I have had type 1 diabetes since age 30 and am now 47 with no complications. Yes, I realize age 30 is a bit late to develop it, but my endocrinologist tells me it can happen at any age, and she has a 92 year old woman patient who just got it! The thing that makes me really angry is when people make the comments such as the one you are describing. They are SO ignorant and SO RUDE!

  27. Great post. I just stumbled upon this blog and am happy to have found it. I have had type 1 diabetes since age 30 and am now 47 with no complications. Yes, I realize age 30 is a bit late to develop it, but my endocrinologist tells me it can happen at any age, and she has a 92 year old woman patient who just got it! The thing that makes me really angry is when people make the comments such as the one you are describing. They are SO ignorant and SO RUDE!


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