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Monday, August 4, 2014

Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? 
I.  LOVE. 

I love Pinterest!  I love all the creative ideas I can find there.  And the inspiring quotes.  And the things that make me laugh.  And especially all the wonderful activities for my classroom!

I really wasn't sure if the Pinterest world and the Diabetes world would combine... but they do!  I've found links to great articles and blogs, inspiring quotes, and even shopping links for diabetes things like meter bags, pump pouches, and more!

This month, I was asked to be a Guest Pinner for WEGO Health!  I will be pinning diabetes related tidbits to their Parenting and Family Health Board!  You can check it out here

You can also follow me on Pinterest!  Click here to see all my boards!

A few months ago, I was honored receive WEGO Health's Advocating for Another award!  See my badge over there on the right?!?  I still have no idea who nominated me (so if it was you, THANK YOU!) but I was completely blown away to actually win!  I love being able to use the WEGO platform to continue to advocate for and educate about Type 1 Diabetes! 

You can check out all the other award winners here!

Happy Pinning!


  1. So cool! I never thought to search all things Diabetes on Pinterest. Great, now I will be even more addicted to pinterest!!

  2. I manage Pinterest pages for businesses and teach people how to use Pinterest to further their brand. daughter was just diagnosed with T1D 3 weeks ago. She is 8. We're going into the school year so your resources have been so helpful.

    On a Pinterest note I would strongly suggest you verify your page with Pinterest to become a legitimate business account. This basically means no one else can take the place of princess and the pump. You are the legit one. You can do it at Super easy and they will walk you through everything. Then you can see what's happening with your boards and what type of stuff people are repinning and get more of your great resources out there.

    Great job! So glad I found you. I'm about to dive into the 504 plan stuff.


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