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VitalPak - A Review and Give Away

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A few weeks ago, we were given the opportunity to try a new product designed for people with Type 1 diabetes and other medical needs called VitalPak. 

VitalPak was created by nine year old Kyle Houlihan after he was diagnosed with diabetes.  "VitalPak is a medical backpack with a removable snap-in Essentials Kit that allows Kyle and others living with diabetes to carry all their essential medical supplies and devices without drawing attention to their disease.  VitalPak is the brainchild of Kyle, with the help of his father, Tom Houlihan.  The father-son team created the backpack  after searching for a product that would not draw attention to Kyle disease while also giving Kyle the functionality, style and organization to keep all his supplies in one place.  VitalPak can always be customized to help those who suffer from other conditions, such as asthma or allergies, where minutes can make a difference in treatment.  It can even be configured as a portable first aid kit for active families and individuals."

To see Kyle talk about his creation, click here!

VitalPak features include:
  • Durable, water resistant, nylon body material

  • Shoulder straps with layers of foam for added support and comfort

  • Padded back panel with for extra mid and lower back support

  • Large main storage compartment

  • Large front mesh drop pocket

  • Small front panel stash pocket

  • Removable, Snap-in Essentials Kit 

VitalPak comes in black, red, orange, dark grey, light grey, and blue!

Of course, we love supporting people with T1 - especially kids with T1 - who are working hard to make living this disease more manageable and efficient.  Sweets is getting to the age where she is becoming more independent with her care.  She's also starting to want to make her supplies a little more inconspicuous.  This made VitalPak a great fit for us!

We really liked the idea of the removable essentials kit.  We thought that this could really come in handy when traveling when there are times you might need an entire backpack and other times when that wouldn't be necessary.  I can see us using this bag while traveling.  I think it might be the perfect bag for our upcoming trip to Disney.

We like the size and comfort of the bag as well.  It's not quite as bulky as a regular backpack and it's definitely more comfortable.

I must say, Sweets was not overly thrilled with this bag.  She is a nine year old girl and if it isn't purple, pink or covered in glitter or sequins... she's not into it.  It was too plain for her.  Which, ironically, is part of the whole idea of the supplies being kept more discreet.  But like I said - she's all about the glam. 

My husband was a big fan of this bag!  He is used to having to carry around all those glitzy, girly diabetes bags.  He is very tired of our Vera Bradley!  He really liked having a bag that was a little more masculine.  We can really see this bag appealing to men and boys! 

My husband and Sweets like to ride bikes together.  When they do this, someone has to carry the supplies.  And it's not her!  He liked having this bag to use for bike rides.  No more girly bags.  No more uncomfortable bags or trying to rig something to the bike.  This backpack was a good fit! 

I think this bag could really come in handy for those who are athletic and involved in different kinds of sports.  There's a place for your diabetes that is easy accessible and also a place for your sporting equipment, extra clothes, etc.

Want to try it out for yourself?!?

Enter Here!

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You can also get your own VitalPak right now by clicking HERE.  Until Monday, May 18th at 9 am the bags are 25% off!  

Good Luck! 

VitalPak provided a bag for this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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