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We've Got It In The Bag! Diabetes Supply Bags and What We're Loving Now

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

You know what's a really hot topic for people with diabetes and/or their parents???


Everyone is always interested in what kind of bag you are using!  You may like what you have but you always wonder if there isn't something out there that's maybe just a little more... perfect. 

I love bags.  I have a blue million of them.  Just ask my husband!  And that's because I am always searching for that perfect supply bag!

Here's what I've been using...

This is probably my favorite.  We had another one that we used until it was just too disgusting to use it any longer. 

It is a cosmetic bag from Target.  I like that it's small enough for me to throw in my purse. But it's big enough to hold our essentials.

Here's the inside...

It's got two zippered pouches in the middle.  One is mesh and one isn't.  We keep low supplies in one and a meter and strips in the other. 

There is one zippered pouch on the back inside side.  That's where we keep the glucagon, lancets, etc.

The other inside side has places for make up brushes.  I took the thread out of one of those making it big enough to hold the Omnipod PDM.  I left the other ones smaller for the lancing device.  It would also work for insulin or an insulin pen. 

Another bag that we have used recently is a Timeless Beauty Bag from Thirty One. 

Avery liked this bag because we could put her name on it!  But we also liked it because it was a little flatter and could be smushed up to fit into her bookbag a little better.  My mom likes this one best because it has handles that she uses to carry it! 

It has lots of zippered pouches inside! It's nice that they are clear and you can see in them!  There are also elastic holders that you can for syringes, insulin, etc. 

There are some places that sell supply bags and they are super cute!  I just have never found one that works well for us.  I really love the cases from Sugar Medical.  My only issue with those is that there isn't room for the glucagon and that's a deal breaker for me.  I've got to have that gluc with us at all times. 

So, that's what we are using now!  If I find something else I love, I'll let you know!

What do YOU use!  What do YOU love?!?


  1. My 13YO son loves his small sling pack! He calls it Waldo and enjoys hearing me say, "Where's Waldo?"

  2. I've been using an old Vera wristlet for my kit, spare cartridge, vial, and syringes. And 15 zillion used strips :-) Don't tell my doctor (or Ave) but I couldn't begin to tell you where my glucagon was, and I don't carry extra sets. Need to! That bag from Target is pretty tempting... It would let me behave myself a little better ;-)

  3. We use the eBags Crew Cooler Jr. It has lots of pockets to organize things. We can keep my son's meter case, two glucagon, multiple snacks, insulin, needles, ketostix, batteries, and all the essentials for two pump site changes on the go with room to spare. I like the fact that it has a shoulder strap, but mostly I love the fact that it is insulated so that I can do my best to keep his supplies at a stable temperature when out and about. It is larger than most people's supply bags, but we always have everything we could need in case of any mishap. Plus, since it is technically a lunch bag, it doesn't look like a purse... which is very important to him and my husband.

  4. We got a pencil case off of amazon that has all kinds of pockets and holders for supplies, snacks, etc. Genius idea to have the pencil holders secure the syringes!


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