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A D-Lightful Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Thanksgiving was nice and yummy!  Black Friday was... well, I was up most of the night.  I was texting my BFF to see what store she at and what the lines were like.  I was TIRED.  And I spent too much money!  

Here's the scoop.

Our day started with yummy cinnamon rolls!  Mmmmm!  Even though it's was J's day to sleep in, he could not resist the aroma!  We then watched the Macy's parade.  All 3 hours.  Sweetpea was enthralled!  She was very sad when it was over.  She likes all the dancers!

We then traveled over to Gaga and Mimi's house for dinner.  This was our last Thanksgiving in their house - the house I grew up in - the house they bought when they got married 36 years ago.  They are moving!  Their new house is going to be beautiful and we are having lots of fun watching it being built.  So I choose to focus on that instead of the leaving of the other house.

It was just me, J, Sweetpea, Gaga, Mimi and my Grandmother.  Small and quiet.  I remember when I was little, my Mom's side of the family always got together at my Great Aunt's house.  It was big.  It was fun.  But the family just keeps getting bigger so that tradition stopped years ago.  I like it small and quiet, to be honest.  I spend my life surrounded in kids and chaos.  I enjoy a relaxing holiday!  

We had the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Yum, Yum!  Sweetpea woke up at a good number and was just a tad low before we ate.  She chowed down on grapes, mashed potatoes, green beans, and turkey.  She doesn't do stuffing or rolls or anything like that.  After dinner, she conned my Dad (Gaga) into playing with her.  Before long, Dexie beeped.

What's your guess???

LOW.  Not too low.  But in the 70's with half a unit IOB.  So we gave her a miniature Reece cup.  This was her first taste of this candy.... and she LOVED it!  It did the trick and brought her up nicely without going too high.

Time for dessert!  J won't eat pumpkin pie.  So... Mom made a pumpkin pie and a peanut butter ice cream pie.  BOTH were de-lish!  (Yes, I DID have a little of both!  It's Thanksgiving, people!  How could I resist???)  Sweetpea took one look at the  pumpkin pie and said, "That looks bad.  I'm not eating that."  So... she had an ice cream cup (vanilla - about 1/3 cup).  Well, it was a special day.  She asked for a banana.  Ok, that's fine.  THEN she asked for "Floot Loops".  She LOVES Fruit Loops.  She RARELY gets them.  

*sigh*  We told her she could have some.  I figured, "Hey - It's a special day.  If that is what she wants for dessert - fine."  So she happily munched her 1/2 cup of Floot Loops.

Sweetpea did not want to leave.  She was having too much fun!  In fact, when it was time to go she hid in the bedroom.  Being the compassionate parents we are, we told her that we'd see her later and started loading up the car!

Of course, she was a wreck.  Crying.  Fussing.  Not pretty.  We figured she was tired.  She was.  She fell asleep before we'd driven a block.  

Here is evidence!  She was supposed to be modeling her super cool Picture Pouch from Pump Wear!  She was not cooperating.  (You can win your own picture pouch along with 2 other awesome items by clicking HERE!)

But that wasn't the entire problem.

When we got home, we tested her bg.  545.

Yes, that's right.  545.


Dang those Floot Loops.  

We corrected.  And waited....

2 1/2 hours later, she was 411.  J was helping her put on her jammies and her site was not connected.  It's on her arm.  We weren't 100% sure, but thought it happened when he helped her take off her shirt.  But....  I hate all the what' if's.  We decided to gamble - although I guess there's really no "safe" course of action here.  We corrected again.  And waited...

By Midnight, she was fast asleep.  It was my night to be "on call".  I figured I might as well sleep in her room since I had a feeling that Dex would be beeping soon.

It did.  1:30.  Low.  Dex said 54.  I tested.  She was in the 80's.  But I know how this goes.  Once she starts dropping overnight... it's over.  She crashes.  There's no leveling out.  But if I catch it, she's good.

I decide that since the mini Reece cup worked so nicely earlier, I'd try it again.  We had one that she had brought home (it was made into a turkey!).  She woke enough to much it down.  When she was done, I went to the linen closet to get some Juicy Juice.  I had a feeling we'd be needing it.

When I got back, Dex beeped again.  This time it just said LOW.  The number said 33.

I figured that Dex just hadn't caught up.  But I tested again... just to be safe....

And she was 51.

Less than 10 minutes had passed.  

This when I am SO thankful for Dex.  I would have waited a while to test again had it not gone off.  

So, juice it is.

Then I texted my friend to see where she was and what she was doing!

What?  You thought I was out shopping???  Oh, no.  THAT's not why I was up all night!  No, no.  It was because of D.  Nothing as fun as shopping!

Sometime around 3 she was low again.  More juice.  More texting.  It was nice to have someone else up in the middle of the night to talk to! 

She woke up in the 100's.  

Then we got dressed and went to see Santa at the mall and did a little shopping of our own. (This is where that spending too much money comes in...)  More on Santa later...

So that was Thanksgiving!  

It was nice.  Did D rear it's ugly head?  Of course it did!

Did it ruin our holiday?  NO WAY!  

Am I sorry I let her eat Floot Loops?  Not really.

Would I let her eat them again?  I'd try to talk her out of it.  But if she REEEEALY wanted them... and it was a special day... I'd still let her eat them.

D can't ruin our holidays.  I simply won't let it.



  1. I was up all night on T-giving too! Not for shopping either, we were at Urgent care with The Superhero for an ear infection. :(

    I would have let her have all those treats too, it WAS a special day. :-)

    Sorry you had to deal with lows all night. :(

  2. Happy you have another memory to tuck away into the corner of your heart. Saying good-bye to a house is hard. I had to do it when we moved here...we purchased our MD home from my dad -- it was the home I grew up in since the 5th grade. Since we were moving all the time up until then, I didn't really think of anywhere else as being "home".

    Anyway, 545-schmorty five. Bring on the Floot Loops. Now you're a little more prepared for next time ;)

    And, PS ... you can txt me anytime, sista!

  3. dang those floot loops! Glad you had a lovely turkey day and omg i cant stand how cute she is!

  4. Your stories are so sweet and sadly I think we all know how that darn over 300 BG makes our babes behave...I'm glad all turned out well and I look forward to more stories of how you handle the ups and downs of d so positively.
    Truly thanks for being so positive I can't count the number of times that your post have helped me see beyond the moment.

  5. Such an adorable child! How I miss having a young one around the house that age. Dang those Fruit Loops is right..... even the ones with fiber, LOL. Pure sugar, so we treat them as a dessert, not breakfast, but have never gotten a decent postprandial, whatever the time of day, even bolusing more than we should. Hmmmm, I'll just bet Fruit Loops work really great for lows, but who wants to get started on that habit? Reading some of the blogs, I see managing D in very young children and babies is so much more challenging than with an older child. The spikes and drops. You are doing a wonderful job and your daughter is very lucky to have you for a Mom.

  6. We have fruit loops for "special" Saturdays. It is a tough one to bolus for! I'm glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving for the most part. Family is what is important, big or is what I am most thankful for on Thanksgiving!


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