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The Black Friday Sugar Bolus

Friday, November 26, 2010

Welcome to the  

This incredible, amazing, awesome, wonderful Sugar Bolus is brought to you by Pump WEAR!  

Pump Wear states, "In designing PUMP WEAR products, our goal is to allow "Kids to be Kids" and let Adults have fun. Wearing an insulin pump shouldn't take the fun out of being a kid or being an adult. All of our products are designed to give kids and adults the freedom, comfort, flexibility and fun they thrive on. Our line encompasses all ages. A full line of diabetes awareness and support items, also help us spread the word for a cure."

Pump WEAR has an extensive online store!  You could honestly find a gift for every single person on you holiday list at this one place!

Don't think that if you don't pump that this bolus is not for you....
NO WAY!  This is for EVERYONE!

The beauty of Pump WEAR is that their products are just as wonderful for people doing MDI as they are for pumpers.  Not only that, their products are not only for people with diabetes.  NO WAY!  Their products can be used by ANYONE for a myriad of different things.

Because this is the BLACK FRIDAY MEGA SUGAR BOLUS, this is a winner take all contest.  If you are lucky enough to be chosen, here is what you'll win...

1.  A Pump Case with a PICTURE OF YOUR CHOOSING!

The comfortable belt can be worn all the time under or over clothing. The belt is also removable so pumpers can wear the Pump Pak with their own belt as well."  The double zippers make it easy for tubing to come out either end and make for easy pump access.

Does the little girl on the left or the three little girls in the middle on the right look familiar???  Yup!  Sweetpea is on the left and Wendy's Sugar, Tiara, and Tink are on the right!

We ALL love Pump WEAR's Pump Paks! Pump WEAR was nice enough to make us a case to try out.  Sweetpea picked out the picture she wanted and thought it was "super cool" to see it in person when it arrived!  She thinks it's comfortable and loves wearing it!  

Don't pump?  That's ok!  The case easily fits the Dexcom CGMS receiver!
Don't CGM?  That's ok, too!  The case can also carry glucose tabs or your choice of fast acting sugar, your lancet and meter, and/or a cell phone!  

2.  A Pump Band

"Pump Bands are the answer to no more slip sliding away. These fun bands will keep your pump stable and comfortable. You can wear them on your calf, leg or thigh. Our new waist pump band is the greatest option for sports, teenagers , adults and children, the waist bands keep the pump snug and allow you to position the pump where you want it to be. Insulin pump bands are a great way to keep an insulin pump secure during sports, and everyday wear, also great for sleeping. Waist pump bands are especially great for all ages."
Pump Bands come in many colors and designs... from plain white, black, or beige to smiley faces, lizards, and other fun patterns there is one for every occasion!
Don't pump?  That's ok!  You can also use a pump band to carry your meter & lancet, fast acting sugar, or cell phone!  Reyna at Beta Buddies uses one to carry her cell phone when she runs!  She also wears it as a stylish headband!
3.   Visor Cases

Have you ever been out and forgot your meter?  I know I have...  Sometimes I've SWORN that it was somewhere in the car... I just couldn't find it!  And I didn't have time to waste...
This is the PERFECT solution so that you will be prepared for anything!
Visor Cases attach to your car visor.  You can store your meter, lancet, strips, fast acting sugar... and more all in the handy little case!  And you'll ALWAYS know where it is.
There are many styles to choose from.  I know you'll find one that is just perfect for you!
And if you're not a PWD or Parent of a CWD?  I know you find a great use for this!  Sunglasses, notepad, pen, gum....  This is perfect for EVERYONE!

See?  I told you it was MEGA!  
These products would be great to give as gifts... or to keep for yourself! 

And if you can't take the chance on winning or you want to check out the awesome online store... Click HERE to go to Pump WEAR's site. 

Thank you, Pump WEAR!  You are going to make one lucky reader very, very happy!
Here's how to enter...
Post a comment before midnight on Thursday December 2.  Please be sure to include your 1st name. Comments without names will be eliminated.

To earn extra entries...

-Write a blog post linking back to the Sugar Bolus and leave a comment with a link to the post.
-Tweet about this Sugar Bolus and leave another comment.
- Facebook about this post and leave an additional comment.

Winner will be selected via on Friday December 3rd.
Winners name will be posted here on this blog...
After winners name is posted, winner will have 48 hours to send a message to me at
If I do not hear from the winner in 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen.
GOOD LUCK... and Happy Shopping! 


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  2. I love these contests :) Sign us up
    Thanks Kelly Harp

  3. Enter me, please! This is greatness!

  4. Great sugar bolus! Enter me (heidi) please! =)

  5. Fabulous giveaway guys! Super impressed, and sharing on Facebook now. :)

  6. I love the blog! Sign me up. Jen H.

  7. Wow! Great giveaway....I love the idea of having Adam pic his own photo for a pump pack. Cool!

  8. Gr8 stuff. We have 2 on a pump & 1 waiting for hers, hopefully B4 Christmas.
    Add me as well.

  9. What a great giveaway! Please count us in! Thanks!

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  11. Tweet Tweet!

  12. OOOhhhh, we need new pump packs...Bryce's are falling apart!

  13. Wow! I would love to win this for my college daughter that was diagnosed in March! She just started pumping last month and is still having a bit of a dilemma with where to put it.


  14. Facebooked.


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