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Sweetpea's Diaversary: Full Circle

Thursday, April 28, 2011

 7,300 finger pricks
 200 pump site changes
 52 cgm site changes
15 trips to the hospital
730 days

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April 27, 2009

That was as far as I got.  All HELL broke loose and I haven't been back since.

Sweetpea's diaversary was Wednesday. 

We spent it inpatient.  At the same hospital where she was diagnosed.

Tuesday night, Sweets had a severe low.  She dropped from 500 to 32 to LOW in under 2 hours.  She had two seizures.  I used the glucagon.  We called 911.  We thought she wasn't going make it.

It was awful.  It was a nightmare.  It was the worst day of my life.  I have never been more scared.

She's fine...  And it's a long story.  I'll tell you about it.  I promise.  I just can't do it now.

For now, the important this is - SHE is fine!  (J and I are still pretty shaken up,)  Dexcom saved her life.  With help from glucagon. 

Go hug your babies.  No matter how old they are. 

And don't forget to enter the awesome giveaway celebrating Sweetpea!  Remember that surprise I told you about?  Here it is...

I'm picking TWO winners!  One to win the necklace charm in the last post and one to win THIS...

And because I've been absent... I'm extending the date of the giveaway!  You have until Saturday night (April 30) to enter.  I'll announce the winner on Sunday!  See this post for rules... and to enter. 


So, if you've already entered you're set.  If you have not... do it now - but do it HERE!

Good Luck!!



Monday, April 25, 2011

I have so much I want to tell you!

I want to tell you all about Easter and an awesome concert we went to and how it all related to life with diabetes and how it was so inspiring!

I want to tell you something that Sweets said the other day that really made me think...

I want to tell you about all these crazy feelings and emotions I'm having about the upcoming Diaversary! And how year 2 is different from year 1.

But I'm really struggling to find the time!!

You see, I was asked to be the Fund a Cure speaker at our JDRf Gala. The Gala is THIS Saturday! And so I'm in full on speech mode! I feel so honored to have been asked. I don't take it lightly.

So I'll be back... SOON... with so much to tell you!

And I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


A Sugarfree Giveaway.... and a Pump*tastic Winner

Friday, April 22, 2011

Not only am I announcing the winner of the Pump*tastic Sugar Bolus today... but I'm also hosting again!!

This is a very special week for us.  We will CELEBRATE Sweetpea's Diaversary this week.  On April 27th, she will have lived with diabetes for 2 years.

I don't know about you... but I think that deserves a celebration!  So hosting a super cool giveaway is one way for me to celebrate and honor all of our struggles and victories as we LIVE life with Type 1 diabetes!

But it's not just that...

Not only does this week's giveaway celebrate and honor my Sweet little girl... It also benefits an organization that I believe in. An organization that I support in any way I can...  JDRF.

This week I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to....

By Sugarfree Jewellery

Sugarfree Jewellery is the creation of Grace, a D Mama from Canada! Her daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 in 2001 at the age of 5. She uses her amazing talents to create beautiful, hand stamped jewelry!  She also just started a blog of her own, Dandelion Wishes!  Go on over and say HI!

And I thought her work was the perfect fit for THIS giveaway because she's more than just an amazing artist. She believes in giving back. Grace donates 100% of her profits to JDRF!

The winner of this weeks Sugar Bolus will win a hand stamped "cure" disk pendant And blue crystal dangle! It can be customized with your date of diagnosis.

I wear mine all the time.  It is truly a piece of art that I hold close to my heart!

But that's not all.....

Another lucky reader will win a SURPRISE prize that has been hand stamped with love! To find out what this special prize will be- you have to come back HERE on Sweetpea's Diaversary- Wednesday, April 27th!

And you will want to come back! Trust me!

So.... Let's celebrate!!!

Of course... I didn't forget about the Pump*tastic winner! 

A big THANK YOU to Pump*tastic for giving away this great prize!  I know you are making one lucky person very happy!  Who is it....?

KATHERINE!  You won the Pump*tastic pump pouch and medi bands!!!!

(I must point out how crazy this is....  Katherine and I "met" a while back because we share something in common.  We both have 5 year old little girls who were BOTH diagnosed with T1 on APRIL 27, 2009! Sweetpea and Ellery share a dx date! How appropriate that she should win the pump pouch prize as a part of my Diaversary Sugar Bolus!  I swear - I did not cheat!  That's just how fate works...!)

Email me at to claim this awesome prize!  You have 48 hours to contact me... or I'm keeping it myself.  Just kidding!  I'll pick a new winner!

If you didn't win.... check out the Pump*tastic site to get your own pump pouch and alert bracelets!  There are many awesome designs to pick from! 

AND.... enter this week's Sugar Bolus and help us celebrate Sweetpea's Diaversary!

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Join me for WEGO Health’s Webinar: Navigating Your Health Narrative!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I just registered for WEGO Health’s exciting new webinar and I wanted to tell you about it!

 Here are the particulars:
What: Navigating Your Health Narrative Webinar

Who: Health Activist Panel with Lisa E, Erin B, Jenni P, and Amanda D

When: Thursday April 21st 8pm EST (the webinar will last one hour)

Where: Sign up here and you’ll get all the details

The webinar is for anyone from seasoned bloggers to blog-readers who want to start their own blog. The webinar will cover the basics of blogging and include more advanced tips and tricks for promoting posts, managing your time, and establishing your blog “voice” and how to raise awareness about your condition through blogging.  

By signing up you’ll also have a chance to ask specific questions for the Health Activist panel that will be answered during the live Q&A portion of the webinar. You’ll get access to the archived version of the webinar!
 And don't forget... You have until midnight to register to win an awesome pump pouch and bracelets from Pump*tastic!! Click here for more info....


How The Other Half Lived

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remember back in March when we went to Washington DC with JDRF for Government Day?

If you read my posts or followed me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I was in meetings from 8 am until Round 8 pm each day. Sweets and J were not able to go to the meetings with me. So what did they DO all day???

Sightseeing, of course!

Sweets quickly became an expert at riding the metro! She thought it was pretty cool!

They went to the National Zoo! J was surprised to find that it was FREE! Most unlike the zoo here! I couldn't wait to see the pictures of the pandas. Sweets, apparently, was not impressed. Oh-well!

(She was disappointed that the flamingos were not BLUE!)

They went to the White House...

Sweets did not understand WHY she couldn't just go in and have dinner with the President!

They visited the Washington Monument...

And Sweetpea's personal favorite, the Lincoln Memorial!

I was very jealous because I got to see NONE of these things!

I did, however, get to see the Capitol and the House office buildings. And, after all, THAT was the reason we were there!

When they were not out on the town, Sweets was having a blast in the pool! The girl LOVES to swim!

Her other favorite thing was room service! Going out was just not very feasible and we were only able to pack so much... So room service it was!! We may have created a monster diva!

She had so much fun that she keeps asking WHEN we get to go back!

I'm so glad they had a good time!  Without them, I don't think our story would have been nearly as powerful.  And without J being the wonderful husband and Dad that he is, I would not have been able to attend!  So a big THANK YOU is in order to him! 

And to top off an already amazing experience, last week the House letter to the FDA was closed and sent! It included the signatures of 240 Members!! Our voices were heard!

Now to focus on our Senators...

Click HERE to find out how YOU can get involved!
Click HERE to become an advocate!


Germaphobe In Training

Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm sick.

Well, Actually, I'm finally feeling a little better.

It all started with a sneeze and a cough... and ended up with me going to the doctor today with sinus pressure so intense I thought my head might pop off.

I expected it to last a day or so. But I've been sick since Friday. This is the first time I've been on the computer. So you KNOW I must have not felt well!

The funny part is Sweetpea.

She wants NOTHING to do with me.

Here is a list of things she has said...

"Don't breathe on me."

"Stop coughing."

"You are supposed to be coughing into your arm."

"Is it your turn to put me to bed?" "Yes" "Uhhhhhmmmm.... Yeah. I don't think so. You're sick I want Daddy."

"Well.... I guess it's ok if you lay with me. But you're not allowed under the covers. Just lay on top."

"It smells like throw up." (to which I said I didn't know why because no one had thrown up...) "Well.... it must be you because you're the one that's sick."

"Don't sit next to me. Sit over there. But you can get me a water first."

"I don't want your germs."


I don't know where she gets this. I am not a germaphobe and neither is J... But I have to say that her "concern" has kept me laughing!

By the way, I read while searching for pictures of sick people that LOOKING at pictures of sick people can boost your immune system! So I added a few extra just because I love ya!


By the way... Sweets HAS been asking, "Are you feeling better, Mama?" So she's not totally cold hearted in her attempt to stay healthy!

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A Pump*Tastic Sugar Bolus

Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Friday!!!  Are YOU glad it's Friday?

I sure am...

In honor of making it through the week (a tough, emotional week...) AND in honor of Sweetpea's upcoming diaversary, I am hosting the next TWO... Count 'em.... TWO Sugar Boluses!

This week I'm giving away a Pump*tastic Prize!

An alphabet SIDE*KICK pump pump pouch from Pump*tastic!

Check out how cute this little sucker is!

It's perfect for a girl OR a boy!  It will fit all insulin pumps! It's slim and has an adjustable waistband!

You could also use it to carry around some D supplies - like  FAST SUGAR or a tester or even a cell phone!  The possibilities are endless....!

And that's not all....

I'm also giving away 5 MEDI*BANDS! 

These are silicone diabetes alert bracelets.  Perfect for an active kiddo.  Kids LOVE wearing these bands and YOU will love knowing that your kid is wearing something that could alert someone to a serious medical condition if the need (God Forbid) should ever arise.  I've got red, green, black, blue and purple ready to send your way!!

You can check out this awesome website HERE!

Click HERE to read the testimonials of the numerous satisfied customers!

Lisa, from Pump*tastic was kind enough to send Sweetpea her very own Pump*tastic pouch to try out!  Sweetpea picked the Tinkerbell pouch (of course)!  And she was so excited when it arrived!  She loves Tink and thinks it's super cute! 

So what are waiting for?!? 


Here's the rules...

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- After a winner is named and posted, the winner will have 48 hours to send a message to me at   If I do not hear from the winner within 48 hours, I will keep the prize myself.  (just kidding - I wanted to see if anyone actually read this!  I'll pick a new winner!)



Madeline and the Diabetes Diagnosis

Thursday, April 14, 2011

"In an old house in Paris all covered with vines, lived 12 little girls in two straight lines... The smallest one was Madeline."


J and I love to read. We read constantly! I love reading... Especially "fluffy" mysteries. Ones that are heavy on the mystery and light on the murder.

Of course, I also like reading blogs! And right now ONE of the books I'm reading is "Think Like a Pancreas" by Gary Scheiner (more in that later...)

But one of my favorite books of all time... Since I was little... Is Madeline!


And Sweetpea inherited my love for Madeline, too!

We read Madeline a lot at our house. And watch the movie and the videos...

For the last two years, one line from the original book has haunted me...

"In the middle of the night Miss Clavel turned on her light and said, "Something is not right!"

(In case you are not familiar with the story, It turned out that Madeline needed to have her appendix out.)

I've been in Miss Clavel's shoes. Exactly two years ago, I had quite a few moments where I felt that SOMETHING was not right. I just didn't know what...

Maybe it's the time of the year and the fact that Sweetpea's Diaversary is closing in...
Maybe it's all the dx stories I'm listening to as part of a project for our upcoming JDRF Gala...
Maybe it's seeing all those blue candles and knowing what they mean...
Maybe it's hearing the news that my sweet friend Heather is facing the diagnosis of a second child...
Maybe it was reading Meri's post yesterday...

Memories of those pre- dx days are flooding in. And with them, the emotions and questions I constantly struggle with.

How are we going to do this?
What if our insurance wont pay for it?
What if we lose our insurance?
Will this ever end?
What's going to happen as she gets older?
How will she manage this when she's on her own?

And the one that in ask each and every day...
"Why couldn't it have been me?"

The one question that I don't ask is.... Why? Why my child? Why us?

I think that is REALLY unusual. And odd....

And in no way am I saying that I'm so much more well adjusted or anything like that... Cuz that is soooooo NOT TRUE. And maybe I'll get there... I have no idea where my journey thru the grief and emotions of this disease will take me next.

I'm just saying that from the start, I always answered that question with, "Why NOT us?".

About this time, two years ago... There was a song that I would listen to on my way home from Bible Study. There was something about this song... It would bring tears to my eyes and I didn't get why... Whenever I heard it, I just had this FEELING that SOMETHING was not right. I had this feeling that something BIG was going to happen... I just didn't know what...

I think it was God's way of preparing me for what was to come...

Now, you may disagree with this next part. And it's ok if you do. I think that we, as a community, are able to have differing opinions and still show each other love and respect.

But I believe that there is a reason that WE are living with diabetes. I think that the is a reason that God chose US- or let this happen to US... To Sweetpea.

As much as I wish more than anything that I could take on this disease myself, I believe that God chose her for a reason. And there is a reason he chose me to be her Mom. I believe it's part if His plan.

I don't know why... And I'm not even sure why really matters.

It just is. This is our life.

And I choose to attack this reality like I do best... With full force and passion.

It's hard to be our the sidelines while your child battles a disease... Only calling out plays and hoping that it will work. It's hard to not be in control. It's hard to not be able to make it go away.

And the way I handle that is by throwing myself into this world.
This is why we walk.
This is why we advocate.
This is why I fundraise like a mad woman.
This is why I am an advocate for JDRF.
This is why we we go to Washington to talk with Congress.
I don't think it would be much of a stretch to say this is why I live and breathe.

Because I don't know why...

But I know that I can make a difference.

For you. For the 40 children diagnosed today. For Heather and her Princess. For those who have lost this fight.

And, most of all, for my sweet little pea!


Animas Ping Site Change.... Sweetpea Style

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I know many of you have asked about how in the world we do site changes at night!

So.... here is a video showing you just that!

First, a little background...

Sweetpea uses an Animas Ping Insulin Pump (pink, of course). I've written about our LOVE for the Ping before...

Parade of Pumps:  Animas Ping
We Love Our Pump:  The Animas Ping
We're Pumping the Ping

Site changes were not fun for us. Just like with shots, she cried and kicked and fought us with each one. EVEN THOUGH, she would tell us that it did not hurt with the numbing cream... her nerves got the better of her.

A friend told me that they sometimes changed their daughter's site at night and she never knew. I did not think this would for us. Sweets would wake up and fight us when we were doing her Lantus shot overnight on MDI.

However... one night we were getting ready to do a change and she fell asleep. We figured we'd give it a go and see what happened...


And the best part was that Sweets LOVED it! She had no clue, didn't wake up, and said the next day how happy she was that she "didn't even have to worry about it"!

Since then... it's just what we do.

So... If you are wondering how it's done...

Watch THIS...


Techno- Savvy

I wish I was MORE techno-savvy!  I do ok, I guess - but there is always room for improvement!

Speaking of which, there is a new QR code over there on the side of the blog!

THIS time, it is a video!  It's a little "welcome to the blog" message!

If you have a smart phone (and an iPhone will work, too), what you need is an app that will allow you to scan bar codes.  The one I have for my iPhone is called ShopSavvy.  It is FREE!  But I'm sure there are tons of other apps out there that will do the same thing.  The nice thing about this app is that it will let you scan bar codes on different products - including food - and get more information about the product!  Very useful!!

Here it is... just to make your life a little easier!

Now... all is not lost if you don't have a Smart Phone! 

If you do not, just click on the image and it will take you to the video, too! 

Hope you like it!

Happy Sunday!


When Your Life is Ruled by Numbers

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Not only have I Found the Cure, I've got all the answers!! So if you couldn't get to that tree moss or you can't get ahold of the healer- you have come to the right place!!


I should have known better than to post that cgm pic. D is always looking for us to open the door and I did just that. "Oh, you think you THAT was a petty picture.... How about THIS?".

I really didn't want to post this. I really don't want to tell this story.

I'd rather pretend it didn't happen. Drown my sorrows in a McDonald's coke and some Peeps.


You need to know. I don't have all the answers. Not even close.

I'm not a doctor. I just play one in real life.

I'm a blogger. I tell our story because I know we are not alone. I tell our story because I hope that it helps someone out there feel like someone else gets it. To feel like they are not living this life in isolation.

I'm not an expert. I may not have been living with Diabters any longer than you. There's a good chance I don't know any more about Diabtetes than you do.

I'm a mom. A mom who is trying desperately to be a pancreas. A mom who, at times, feels like she is failing miserably.

Today we went to the endocrinologist.

You know where this is going...

Sweetpea's A1c 3 months ago was 7.1.

Today is was 8.0.

I am not happy. I am disappointed. And I am confused.

I know some of the possible reasons...

The doctor we saw last time felt that 7.1 was too low. She felt that Sweets had too many lows. And while I was thrilled with that A1c... If I'm being honest- she DID have too many lows.

LOW lows. Like 30's... Or 28.

We have fixed this. The lows she has been having recently have been in the 60's and 70's.

So that's GOOD.

But apparently, I underestimated the power of those lows.

Also, I know Sweets has been sick a LOT this winter. A couple rounds of strep. A bad stomach flu. All with ketones and high bg's. Not to mention the slow bg rise due to colds.

AND.... The dawn phenomenon. She's grown BIG TIME! She has grown 2 inches in 3 months!! (No weight gain- still at 35 whole pounds!) That growth hormone has been in full effect raising her bg AND her height in the wee hours of the morning.

So I get that there are reasons WHY.

And I realize that 8.0 is good for a child her age. In fact, the ADA recommends 8.5 for a 5 year old.


It stings.

As I sit in front the computer tonight I'm not sure I can remember the last time I felt this lost about what to do next.

Because even with all the crazy that has been thrown at us the past few months, I thought we had responded to it effectively. I felt like we had been making good progress with prebolusing. I thought we were headed in the right direction.

And I feel like I just found out the direction I've been walking in was totally wrong.

I know you can't live your life based on the numbers. I know the numbers are just a guide to tell us where to go. I know that it's just a number - and in no way a reflection of my pancreating ability.


It's a number that means so much.

It's a number that tells me that my daughter's eyes are safer.
It's a number that tells me that her heart is safer.
It's a number that tells me that her kidneys are safer.
It's a number that tells me that her limbs are safer.
It's a number that tells me that her life will be longer.

How can THAT be just a number?

How can we not feel a little sad when it's higher than we'd like or joyful when it shows tight control?

We can't.

All we can do is pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and keep on plugging away. Keep on reading and researching. Keep on blogging. Keep on advocating. Keep on putting one foot in front of the other.

And keep on working on those carb counts, or basal rates, or carb ratios, or ISF's...

Because when you live life with Type 1 Diaberes, you DO live a life ruled by the numbers.

Like it or not...


Type 1 Diabetes: A Haiku

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today's Wego Health topic is to write a haiku about your "condition".

I really thought I might not have any poetic prose inspiration for this. However, when I looked at Sweetpea's Dexcom CGM last night, inspiration struck.

I took a peek at Dexie before going to bed... And THIS is what I saw...


That, my friends, is a victory!! No spikes over 200 in a 24 hour period!

It has taken 2 years. 2 years and this is the first time EVER I have seen a cgm reading look that good.

To some, this may not look good.  But to us... this is GOOD.

I'll take it! I was so in love, I had to go snap a pic!!

And seeing that screen got my creative, haiku writing juices flowing...

Here you go...

Type 1 Diabetes: A Haiku

Beautiful picture
It's as good as a working
Pancreas. Almost.

Almost.... About as close as we will get for a 5 year old!

Of course, the joy was short lived.

Sweets was 75 at breakfast this morning. She wanted Cheerios. I thought it was a good day to try it again - on the low side with a pre bolus.

The good news is that she came in at 84 two and a half hours later. The bad news is the spike. It went up to 300 and right back down. Looked like one of Wendy's shark teeth. Then things got even more ugly this afternoon!

That is something that D has taught me. I have to enjoy those little moments. I have to celebrate them. They won't last forever - and sometimes it's hard work getting there... So D has taught me to ENJOY those moments, those small victories whenever possible!

Even if that means taking a picture of your child's cgm at midnight!!

Or writing a little haiku!


I Found the Cure!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's Wego Health prompt is to write about a proposed cure and what you think about it.

Oh boy!  I've had this post sitting in my mind FOR-EV-ER.  And now it's time...

(Before I begin, I'm not trying to start a debate.  These are my opinions.  If you disagree, that's fine.)


No more Type 1 Diabetes!  

And guess what?!?  It's SOOOO simple!  We just got an email about it!

All you  need to do is send a picture of yourself or your CWD to this natural healer.  Add a short description of the diabetes.  He will make a recommendation.  Probably that you buy his herbs.  Herbs will do the trick.  It will clear that diabetes right up!  OR you might need a healing touch.

The best part?  There is no charge for sending in your picture.  You will need to pay for the herbs that are prescribed.  And pay to go get your healing touch if that is required.

OR...  What about Cinnamon?  I hear that is the cure for diabetes, too!  Or diet changes.  That will do the trick.  Or what about that moss that grows on trees?!?


I know that most people who suggest these "cures" are just trying to help.  I also know that they know NOTHING about Type 1 diabetes.

And although I know that their hearts are in the right place, I can't help but get.... really MAD.

We were sent an email about a natural healer.  It included the line, "I can't imagine living like you do".

And to me, that's a slap in the face.

My child has been living with Type 1 diabetes for almost 2 years.

Yes, it's been rough.
Yes, we have had to hold her down for each and every shot six times a day for six months.
Yes, we still have to fight her for site changes.
Yes, there is blood. 
Yes, there are tears.  Mine AND hers.
Yes, it hurts.  More than those on the outside can imagine.
Yes, we worry.  A lot.
Yes, we get up every night to check on her.
Yes, we function on very little sleep.
Yes, I worry about her future.
Yes, I worry about sending her to school.
Yes, I wonder if she will ever be able to live alone - without fear.
Yes, I wonder if diabetes will cut her life short.
Yes, I am afraid of complications.
Yes, I am afraid she won't wake up.
Yes, sending her to school makes me break out in a cold sweat.
Yes, I would do ANYTHING to remove this disease from her life.


I'd feed her cinnamon by the truckload.  I'd totally change her diet.  I'd give her herbs.  I'd crawl across broken glass on my hands and knees.  I'd walk across hot coals.  I'd take in on MYSELF if I could.  I'd travel to some far away country and climb the highest mountain to get that tree moss.

So do you really think that if there was a CURE for this disease that I'd still be "living like this"?

If it was REALLY that EASY - don't you think I would have done it?

And SERIOUSLY?!?  Cinnamon or the touch of a stranger is going make her pancreas stop killing itself?  BOOM - just like that?!?

Well, Dang!  I guess all that testing and injecting and crying and worrying was for nothing.  WHY didn't I think of that SOONER?!?

Ever wonder why people feel the need to tell you all this?!?  Because you've been living with diabetes for 2, 5, 10, 20, 40 years... But - OF COURSE, you wouldn't know this...

I blame the media.  I blame articles like this:

I got this little bit of lovely from Kim of Texting My Pancreas.  This will be the feature of the Reader's Digest in May.  Nice, huh?

If you would like to write to the Digest and express your opinion of this - go right ahead!  You can reach them at!

Apparently, keeping your blood sugar "stable" (don't I just LOVE that word!) is as easy as adjusting your eating habits and staying active.  THEN... You will be able to "live life on your own terms".

And while I'm already going full - on RANT...  (Honestly, I'm not an angry person but this just really gets me worked up...)

"I can't imagine living like you do."

No S%@*!

No.... You CAN'T imagine it.  And I hope you never do.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Like I said - Slap in the face...

Because even though this life is HARD.  Even though this life HURTS.  Even though this was NOT the life I imagined or one that I had dreamed of for my baby....

This is OUR life.  And I think we do a DANG good job of LIVING it.

In spite of the numerous finger pricks.
In spite of the injections.
In spite of the site changes.
In spite of the blood.
In spite of the mountains of supplies.
In spite of all the required planning.
In spite of all the carb counting.
In spite of the hurt.
In spite of the fear.
In spite of the worry.

We have HOPE.  And we have LOVE.  And we have EACH OTHER.

In spite of all the ignorance.
In spite of all the false hope.
In spite of those who feel sorry for us.
In spite of those who think we caused this ourselves.
In spite of those who think a cure is as simple as an herb.

The only thing we NEED... is the CURE.



I Heart Technology

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today is Day 3 of the Wego Health Challenge!

Today's prompt was:
Pretend you are writing a question about your condition – it can be as silly/humorous as you want. Now answer it.

So... Here it is!


Dear Princess and the Pump,
     What is that funny looking code thing to the side of your blog?  What do you do with it and why is it there?  Does it have anything to do with diabetes?

     That is a very good question!  That funny looking thing over there.. or right here..

is a QR code.  If you have smart phone or some other kind of scanner, you can scan the code.  It will magically take you to my blog!

No, it really has nothing to do with diabetes.

Yes, I know that not exactly what the prompt said to do...  I suppose I could stretch and relate it to diabetes in the sense that it is another form of technology... and technology seems to rule our lives.  Or keep us alive.  Sweetpea is attached to a very important piece of technology called an insulin pump that keeps her alive by infusing insulin into her body 24/7/365.  Not to mention that other piece of technology called a cgm that monitors her blood sugar continually and alerts us if she is too high or too low... So the QR code is really just another robot part...

No, I don't know what QR stands for.

And yes, I realize that right now it's taking you to the blog you are currently on... and what's the point in that?  Soon, though, I'll have it take you to a welcome message from me and Sweetpea!  She fell in love with vlogging and is asking to do it again very soon!

But for right now, I just thought it was SUPER COOL and wanted to try it!  I got the idea from the Southern Gal over at "I Don't Have Diabetes... I've Got Tha Sugar!"  She was kind enough to share her techno tips with me!  Thank you!

Go ahead and scan it for yourself...  It's fun!

** Let me clarify - If you have a smart phone (iphone counts), you can get an app that will allow you to scan bar codes.  Very useful at the grocery store, etc.  Use the scanner app to scan this code, too!**



Saturday, April 2, 2011

That title is dedicated to... Ok, I won't just blurt out your name(s) right out here on the blog. But you know who you are!

So, you're probably wondering why in the world THAT is the title of this post!

Here's why... Remember the Wego Health 30 Day Blogging Challenge?? Today is Day 2 and the prompt for today is to go to the dictionary and choose the word of the day - or any word that you open it to - and write a post about how it relates to your health condition.

Well, I went to the Urban Dictionary because that sounded like fun.  And the word for today is.....


Defined as "Anxiety concerning the act of defecation, most often related to pooping in public restrooms".


How in the world can I relate THAT to Type 1 D?  Ohhhh.... you just watch me!

Sweetpea suffered from pooformance anxiety after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of three.  We had been working on the potty training and thought she was pretty much "trained".  Then D entered our lives and her independence with toileting swirled down the ... well, the toilet.  She would NOT go.

Seriously.  I've thought about writing about this before.  Because I KNOW other people have experienced this, too.  But at the time, I felt so alone.  I didn't know what to do.  And we were so overwhelmed with D care that potty issues took the back seat.

Sweets was pretty much trained before her 3rd birthday.  She was doing really well at school (daycare).  She was doing well at home.  Not 100% - but well.

Then, she turned 3.  We didn't know it then but D was already there.  You can see it in her little dehydrated and skinny frame.

 Skin and bones... sunken in eyes... Sorry, Mom.  I know you hate seeing these pics...

She moved up to the preschool room at school.  And she started having accidents.  The teachers in this room were not as helpful as the other teachers in the other room.  They expected her to be trained.  Even during naps.  But she was drinking more... A LOT more...

There were other issues with this class that I won't go into now.  Sweets was always so happy to be there but she started crying and having fits when I left her.  I thought it was due to the other issues going on.  But now I think it was mostly because she was sick.  And tired. 

It was then that we noticed the SOAKED diapers and night that we'd never seen before - ever.  The constant thirst...  On the plane ride home from Spring Break, she soaked thru her diaper AND her pants.  It was only an hour flight.  She was SO incredibly wet that she had to leave the plane with her blanket tied around her waist and Daddy had to go dry her pants in the bathroom with the hand dryer.

 Sweetpea and my Dad - THOSE are the pants.  I'll never forget them.  I sold them last summer at our JDRF Garage Sale fundraiser and I remember silently wishing them well and hoping the new owner never experienced what WE did with those pants...

After dx, well...  who could blame her?  Trying to work on always going to the potty was the LAST thing on her mind.

I didn't know what to do.  We tried to work on it.  But I was overwhelmed.  And so was she...

And so, we just let it go.  We tried a little.  We reminded her.  But we put her back in pull ups.  Just what you are NOT supposed to do.  But all those little tip sheets never mentioned what to do if in the middle of potty training your child was diagnosed with diabetes - a disease that caused them to need to go A LOT - and a disease that brought with it tears and crying and begging and holding said child down while you gave her insulin injections 6 times a day.

Neither one of us could do it then.  We were making no progress... So we decided to take a break.

And after letting the D routine get a little more "normal"... We REALLY tried again.

And it worked.

It took about another year.

And she is STILL wearing a pull up at night.  I think we're getting close there... but she just does not wake up at night.  And honestly, I'm not ready to push her because I'm not ready to have to get up more during the night if she has an accident.  Maybe this summer.... 

But the rest just fell into place when the time was right.  And immediately following dx was just NOT the right time.

I've asked around and heard stories from others about cwd's that they know who also really struggled with "pooformance anxiety"- or really just potty problems in general.  So, I have a feeling that it's just something else that might be a little more difficult for our kids. 

However, I just tell myself that she isn't going to be 16 and still wearing pull ups - and I've got enough other stuff to worry about now - that just letting it go is best.

It worked for us!  Pooformance anxiety is a thing if the past!!  Unless you wanna talk constipation which is another little nugget of wonderful that came along with D. 

But, I think I've had enough poo talk for one post!  I mean, I don't want you to think my attempt at HAWMC Day 2 really stunk!  I'd hate it if you told your friends not to read because this was a really crappy post! 

Ok,ok... I'll quit while I'm ahead!    See you tomorrow!


The Activist Call to Action

Friday, April 1, 2011

April is Health Activist Writers Month! (No foolin'!)

The folks at Wego Health are issuing a challenge... Blog about health for 30 days.
And they are making it really easy by giving you a prompt each day!

You don't have to have a blog to participate- there are other ways to contribute. You can tweet (#HAWMC) about it or write it as a Facebook note. Read more HERE and sign yourself up!

Today's prompt was to write an acrostic poem! That sounded like fun and so, in the spirit of the 15 minutes or less they say a post can be written (not a rule- just encouragement)...  My acrostic poem about Type 1 diabetes...

One - one voice, one person is all it takes to make a difference
Everyone- everyone is touched by diabetes in one way or another

40 people are diagnosed with T1 every day in the US

A Safe Place to Fall
Heart - My heart belongs to the DOC!

This is mix of my feelings about diabetes, advocacy, my blog, and the DOC!

And speaking of advocacy... 

Here is your chance to do some advocating.  And it's as simple as it gets...

We need you to contact your Members of Congress and ask them to support the artificial pancreas by signing the letter to the FDA Commissioner. 

That may sound a little scary - but it's not.  I promise!  All you have to do is fill in your name and address and JDRF has done the rest!  Click HERE to get to the letter.

For more information about this call to action, click HERE and read JDRF's Advocacy blog on Juvenation. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with the artificial pancreas, click HERE to find out more!

You do not need to be a part of the diabetes community or have diabetes to participate.  Anyone is welcome to send a letter to their Members of Congress.  In fact, we NEED everyone to do this!  So feel free to pass on this blog or a link to the letter to your friends and family. 

I'll be honest, folks.  This is not JUST about a new piece of technology that will make life with diabetes easier and keep those with diabetes healthier (Although, even if it was, that's still a great goal!).  It's about working towards a CURE.  An honest to goodness CURE for this disease. 

And even more than that...

It's about this little girl...  MY little girl...

and all the other children and adults living with Type 1 diabetes each and every minute of each and every day. 

We need a cure.  We need new technology. 

We need YOU to take 2 minutes, click the links above, and sign this letter

Won't you please take 2 minutes to do this for us?

Thank you - from the bottom of our pretty pink insulin pump!



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