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And the Winner Is.....

Friday, September 3, 2010

First, I want to say a BIG Thank You to Amy at Too Sweet Boutique for giving away a pump pouch through my blog! THANKS AMY! Amy's work in awesome! I just ordered and received 2 pouches and 2 cgm cases and we LOVE them! If you did not win, check out her site anyway. I think you will fall in love - just as I have!

Thank You to all of the wonderful people who entered the contest and left such sweet notes for me! I treasure your words and really enjoyed "meeting" lots of new people! I wish that I could have given away a pouch to each of you!

After coming home from work today, I made a list of everyone who entered.

Do not ask me WHY this picture is on it's side. I don't know. It's Friday evening. That's all I can say.

Anyway, after making the list and checking it twice, I entered the total number of entries into the generator at and.....

Lucky Number 61 was the WINNER!

Oh.... do you want to know WHO that is?!?


Jaylene Smith

Jaylene, I hope that you and your little princess really enjoy the new pouch! Look for an email from me very soon!

Are you bummed you didn't win? Don't fret... Don't let it get you down.... There's always next time! I have another awesome give away up my sleeve but until then, go on over to Candy Hearts and enter Wendy's super cool holiday weekend SUGAR BOLUS! It will make you feel better! Now, I'm not going tell you what she's giving away.... You've got to head over there and see for yourself! Good Luck!



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