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The Invisible Rollercoaster

Monday, September 20, 2010

This wasn't the post I had in mind for today.

But.... Life happened. And it DOES fit with the invisibility theme.

If you read my last post, you know all about our Saturday. Bad site, 400 bg, LARGE ketones.... Then lows. Stubborn lows.

Sunday was better but Sweetpea was high again at bedtime. We corrected and upped the evening basal.
3 am -- bg was 240. Correct or not.... I decide against knowing she usually crashes if we correct a number under 250 overnight. 5:30 am- 160. Nice. 8 am- 250. Crap.

Bolus and breakfast. Correct the bg and off to school we go!

10 am - snack. Bg is 394.
Do I correct?? I do. I bolus the carbs and put in the bg. The Ping figured out that with the .2 units IOB, she needed more insulin to bring down that monster bg. She's happy, though. She ate all her ravioli and is wanting more!!!

11:30 am. I go check on Sweetpea in her class. She and her buddy are happily playing. Her teacher tells me she's been really thirsty and gone potty a lot. She is still saying she's hungry. She's laughing, recalling information from memory, walking around.

11:45am. A quick kiss. Off to Mimi and Gaga's waiting van.

12:00pm. Mimi calls. Sweetpea was DEMANDING food. She tested. 37.

Did Dexie catch this crash??? No. Dexie was still attached to the bedrail. Oops! In the rush of Monday morning, Mommy forgot Dex. Of all days...

AND SHE HAD NO SYMPTOMS. NO SIGNS other than hunger. NONE. Is this normal?!?

She drank some juice and came up quickly. She had a fun afternoon playing in the mud!

Bedtime - 8:30pm

Dexie buzzed. Double arrows down- 187. Then double arrows down 135- minutes later.

8:50.... 72. With .5u IOB.

Juice - 8g

9:03. Dexie buzzed. Double arrows down LOW.

Fingerstick... 54

7g juice....

Tick tock. Tick tock

Dexie buzzed. Double arrows down. LOW.

9:15. Fingerstick .... 63

9:30 Dexie buzzed. Double arrows down. LOW.
Fingerstick.... 43.

15g juice

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Thoughts of Wendy's Gluc experience fill my head. Thanking God that I recently checked the expiration dates and refilled the Rx.

A few more Dexie lows...

9:40. Fingerstick.... 111.

Woosh. Exhale.
But still going back to check again in a few minutes. Because you never know what curve might lie ahead. What dip. What drop.
Just another day on the invisible D rollercoaster.



  1. I have to tell you this has been our night the last few nights I understand so deeply what you are going through... i feel like I am shoving sugar down and I have no relife and no idea what is going on.. I am praying for a peaceful 3 hours of sleep for you tonight!
    Hugs to you

  2. Hallie, that's just awful! I have had similar nights like this with both of my girls...although we don't have our own Dexie to help warn us of impending lows or highs :(

    As far as Sweetpeas 37 with no symptoms...Miss E is famous for having lows and walking around like it's nothing! It's weird, one day she may have a bg of 60 with no sypmoms and the next day another 60 and she feels horrible. D is just a big mystery sometimes.

    Hope your evening goes better then the day has gone so far.

  3. feels like I have lived a lifetime of those kind of nights when Joe was younger. We have gotten ding-ed with the bottoming out after a big correction. Like with anything "d" related...the larger the dose of insulin whether to correct or to cover a huge carb load the greater the chance of huge BG variables. It sucks. (((HUGS))) I hope you got some sleep.

  4. Hope you're off the rollercoaster now! Not such a fun ride, huh?


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