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Know Your Child's Rights

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I really think that one of the hardest parts about having a child with diabetes is sending them off on their own.

I mean, when she's with me, I can handle it.  I'm in charge.  I can keep an eye on things. 

Let's get real - as parents we sometimes just KNOW when something's amiss.  We just KNOW how to bolus for that particular food.  We just KNOW how many carbs are needed to treat that low.

We become very tuned in to the workings of our child's body and non-working pancreas.

But try to explain that to someone else?

Ugh!  It's so difficult!  HOW do you explain to someone all the things that run though your head when you are making a decision about diabetes management? 

You just can't.

And when it comes to sending your child to school?

It feels ten times harder.

Because not only must we explain all of these things and how diabetes affects a child physically...we must also explain the ways that diabetes can affect a child mentally and emotionally.

It's that whole "You don't look sick" thing again.

They DON'T look sick.  But that doesn't mean that they are able to learn and excel just like every other child. 

Sometimes it's more complicated than that.  Sometimes they need a little extra assistance.  Sometimes they need more understanding.  Sometimes they need accommodations in order for them be able to achieve and succeed.

Even though the last child the teacher had with type 1 didn't need that particular accommodation.  Even though the other type 1 diabetics in the school might be fine with the status quo.  Even though they don't look sick.

It's always a good idea to know your rights.

When I was checking out some SWEET Dexcom pouches on the Too Sweet Boutique facebook page, I ran across this document.  Amy had posted this on her wall and I was really impressed!  (She said I could share it with you!)

This is one of the most comprehensive lists of rights for students with diabetes that I have ever seen!  It was created by the American Diabetes Association.

So take a look.... Just click HERE.

I pray that you never really need it.

But just in case...

It's always good to know your child's rights!



  1. You are so right about sending your child to school with diabetes. Trust no one and hold everyone accountable. I had so many teachers that would not let me get an orange juice to keep me from crashing. Diabetes disrupts their class sp they hate it.

  2. It is really nice to see how much knowledge you have about all of this. I am sure you are inspiring other parents as well.

  3. Thanks- but I certainly didn't create the document! I just thought it was pretty awesome and might help some people out!


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