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Off to the Endo We Go: A Vlog

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yesterday, we had our quarterly visit to the endocrinology clinic.

I decided to video our experience. I thought it would kinda fun to share with you where we go and what we do. I was also really inspired by Nicole's transparency when she chronicled her experience. I thought, "If she can do it, so can I!".

So I did!

A little clarification...

Three months ago, Sweetpea's A1c was 8.8. I was Not Happy. But I knew why. After the low bg and seizures she had in the Spring, we were purposely running her higher than normal. Endo's orders. She said she wanted her higher to help her get used to what a low of 70 feels like. In addition, her numbers were just totally whacked out! It was like we were starting over. What worked before wasn't working. Nothing made sense. Add that to us being scared to correct if she wasn't over 200.... And 8.8. Our Endo was great. All she said was, "We know why. We won't even talk about it.". Awesome, huh?

So THIS time around, I'm expecting better. Switching to the Omnipod, starting over from practically scratch, building our confidence.... Things have been looking better than I've seen them in a long, long time. So - Here we go...

So I know I didn't sound thrilled... But I'm happy with a 7.8. It's a whole point lower! And if we keep on keepin' on with what we are doing, I expect to see it a little lower next time. Our Endo said that she considers 7.8 great control for her age. She hesitates to tighten her numbers based on her inability to recognize lows. So I'm happy! I promise!

As for the cholesterol... I'm frustrated. It was high right after diagnosis. We blamed it on the amount of cheese and meat she was eating-- all that "free" food. It came down a little once she started pumping. But now it's back up. Her good is high. Her triglycerides are fine. But her bad is high, too.

And this kid eats really healthy. She loves her veggies and fruit. She only drinks water. And she's been known to choose fruit over fries or even ice cream. For reals.

We sat down with the dietician and she went thru her meals with us and she didn't really find any major changes were needed. She suggested we read the labels of some of her favorite stuff (granola bars, waffles, cookies, etc) that is prepackaged just to make sure it isn't super high in saturated fat.

She said that most likely that it's hereditary. But they want to keep a close eye on it. So we will test again in 6 months and possibly meet with cardiology. Great.

I'm glad they are keeping such a close eye on her. And we will really be working on eliminating things like fried foods and prepackaged junk food. Within reason. I still want her to be a kid - so a French fry every now and then is ok with me. But no overdoing it! And that goes for Mama, too!

All in all - it was a good day! Glad you were able to experience it with us!

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  1. Omg...could she be any cuter?? :)

    congrats on the A1C! Getting it down a whole point is awesome!

  2. I am the same way. I have very high LDL and very high HDL. I am super active and eat extremely healthy. I've done experiments where I ate as low fat as possible for 6 straight months and my LDL STILL went up. It has gone up with EVERY single blood draw since my diagnosis. The doctor told me in a very direct way, "it's because of the diabetes". he also said that after 10 years I'll be on statins no matter what simply due to the diabetes. So I know.... trust me. I know. Oh, and btw, major kudos to a whole entire point lower! that's fabulous!

  3. She is absolutely adorable!! :) LOVE that floor too! Oh...and the added touch of Mercy Me at the end was perfect! (Ha! I know it wasn't planned)

  4. A whole point lower - you all rock! Interesting about the cholesterol - G just got hers back too and it's not elevated, but on the high side, waiting for doctor to call. So, I'd be interested in chatting with you about it.
    Love that you filmed it, we should all do this, so we don't feel alone. Thank you Hallie, for doing this, it made me not feel so alone.
    Hugs my friend.

  5. What a wonderful vlog!!!! What a sweetheart! It truly showed it all. Even down to the low at the end. What would a d vlog be without it?!

  6. Wow, that all looks kinda familiar ;) I think a whole point on the A1C is cause for a big celebration!! Can we come too?

  7. OMG! A whole point lower is awesome! You guys are all so stinkin' cute!!

    Hey - Nate never has to pee in a cup. What is that for????

    Great job parent pancreaseseses!

  8. The pee is to test for ketones. It's a fun time! :) Thanks for all the love!!


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