A Vlog From Sweets

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I have been busy doing the million and one things on my summer to-do list!  

One of those things was turning Sweetpea's old bedroom into a craft room for ME!  As usually happens with my projects, I totally underestimate how much work is involved and how long it's going to take.  It turns out great - but getting there is real PAIN.

Anyway, I was painting the room the other day and Sweets was "helping" me (code for running off with my supplies - but only because I would only let her do a little bit of painting...).  She found our Flip video camera and asked if she could make movies.


If it means that I can paint in peace for at least a few minutes, I'm all for it!

So, she made videos.  I could hear her but couldn't figure out exactly what she was talking about.  

Then the camera ran out of juice.

Today, I charged it up.

And this is what I found....

This is all her... I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this!  



She's pretty awesome, huh?



  1. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!

    Don't think I've ever heard anyone say 'diabetes' THAT fast!

    She's beyond adorable.

    Can't wait for the next episode. :)

  2. That is AWESOME! I think she may have a show in the making;)

  3. love, love, love your sweet girl, Hallie!!!! <3<3<3<3 Sweets is awesome! dHugs and lots of love! I reposted to FB. :)

  4. Are you kidding me??? Are you freaking kidding me??? This girl could not be more adorable if she tried! That is the best show I've seen all year! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Encore!

  5. So cute! She was really wanting to get that point across. You should totally get her a tripod and let her go to town. She can start a blog of her own ;)

  6. Love it! She's too cute! A star in the making!

  7. Love it! She's too cute! A star in the making!

  8. OH. My. WORD. THAT was a-freakin-dorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I could just kiss those cheeks!
    I agree with Lora! Give that kid a tripod and let her go!
    Totally cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. DEAR GOD...I snorted at the end.

  10. God Bless her!!! This made me cry. I can't wait to show this to my daughter, so she knows she's "not the only one with diabetes." Thank you Sweets!! Keep them coming!

  11. God bless her! This made me cry... can't wait to show it to my daughter so she knows she's "not the only one with diabetes." Thank you Sweets! Keep em coming!

  12. OMGOSH!! that was wonderful!! what a ham...I love that kid!

  13. I am proud to be included among "people who have diabetes", because it means I'm in the same camp as she is. Love it!

  14. So when is the next episode of You Guys Aren't the Only Ones... ??
    Kiddos can say so much in so little- they say what they see in simple terms.

  15. Her spirit is simply beyond beautiful! I love her show and will definitely tune in for the next episode.

  16. She is precious! I can't wait for the next episode....

  17. Awww!!!! How incredibly kind and adorable! She is wise beyond her years. She must have one awesome mama.

  18. Sweets is a total ROCKSTAR! That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. :)

  19. She is so adorable! My daughter loved it! It's so important that they know they are NOT the only ones.

  20. I pressed play and my 11 yo daughter came running over as soon as she heard "diabetes." She said "she is soooo cute!" and she said to tell her that "she's not alone with diabetes either"

  21. Thank you everyone! I've been reading her the comments and she has the biggest smile!! She says she is going to make more episodes very soon!

  22. My little girl wants to see her pump..I showed her this blog and she said "I want to see her pump".....ha, she is newly dx and having a hard time with all of the shots..


    1. There are lots of pics on the blog with Sweets and her pump - look for the Omnipod posts! I think she is going to do another vlog about her pod... I'll let you know! :)

  23. I LOVE this. I showed this to my 11 yo T1. We watched this over and over. So thanks to your girl for letting all our kiddos know they're not alone!

    Libby, Mom to Ella age 11 dx at 2

  24. I'm ready for the next episode. :D

    That was awesome!

  25. Hay, I am new to your blog i loved it and now waiting for the next post.


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