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Look Out, Washington! Here She Comes!

Thursday, February 7, 2013


We were tired from the blood sugar roller coaster that was our weekend.  

I was at work.  You know, working.  And I got a text from Jason.  

"Are you there?"

I always have my phone on me.  Just in case. You never know...  

My first thought was that something was wrong.  She had crashed or was super high or something.  

"Yes.  What's up?"

His response was just two words.


Followed by this picture...


Are you kidding me?!?

Sweets was selected as a delegate to JDRF's Children's Congress!

I was SHOCKED.  I did not expect for her to be chosen this year.  Over 1500 children applied.  Only 150 were chosen.  Those are not good odds!

But somehow.... this is her year!  What an incredible honor!

I made Jason wait until I got home from work to tell her.

We told her we had a surprise for her and let her read the letter herself.  This is a little clip... I love the look on her face when she realizes what it means!

And yes, she asked if we got to go for her birthday!

We are all so very excited!

Sweets LOVES Washington.  I mean LOVES!  She has been obsessed with it since we went a few years ago.  We recently watched a special on HGTV about decorating the White House at Christmas.  She was intrigued that the Oval Office was really OVAL!  And the other day she said to me, "Mom, I want to be one of the volunteers who helps decorate the White House for Christmas.  That would be a great job!  Do they decorate the Oval Office?"  I told her I didn't know but that probably not because that's the president's office and no one really gets to go in there.  "Not even the dog?!?" she asked.  And then she said, "Well, I'm going to decorate and I'm going to find a way in there."  HA!  Look out Washington!

I'm thrilled for us to have this opportunity to advocate!  Since getting involved with JDRF close to four years ago, I have found that advocating is a passion of mine.  I truly feel that telling our stories - especially IN PERSON - really makes an impact.  It's easy to think that we are just one person.  One voice.  And that nothing we do really matters.  But that's not true.  And come on... who can say no to that face?!?

I am so looking forward to sharing this journey with you!



  1. So very proud and excited for your sweets and my sweet one to experience Children's Congress '13 together. Along with Sugar from Arizona and all the other delegates, they are going to rock the Hill! I also love that they are learning to advocate for themselves! #committedtoacure

  2. So proud and happy for you guys!
    kelly k

  3. Very happy for you and your little one! When you get something like that, you know it's going to be a great year.

    On a separate note, why only 150 JDRF? Why not storm D.C. with an army of kids? How great would that be?

  4. My name is Michelle Plyem and I work in the JDRF DC Chapter office and my friend Amanda, who works in the GR office passed this along. It is so sweet and touching! Would you mind if we shared it with our Facebook and Twitter followers?

  5. My name is Michelle Plyem and I work for the JDRF Capitol Chapter in DC. My friend Amanda, who works in the Government Relations office shared this with me and everyone in the office loves it! It is so sweet and touching. Can we share it with our Facebook and Twitter followers?

  6. Very, very exciting! Thanks for letting us watch!

  7. Yay! This is awesome! She's going to be fantastic. Please be sure to thank her from me. :-)


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