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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So what happened to May?  And June?

Life has been running along at warp speed here for the past month or so.

Since I've been MIA... here's what we've been up to!

Sweets had field day towards the end of May.  Most people hear "field day" and they think, "Oh wow! Fun!"  I hear "field day" and I think, "Oh wow!  Fun!  Oh wow!  I wonder how her blood sugar is going to react to THAT!?!"

I went along with her class because they were walking to the high school football field and their nurse was staying at the school.  I had no idea what Field Day would be like - so I really couldn't put a plan in place.  I decided it was best just to go help - and Sweets wanted me there anyway!

It was a BLAST!  They had so much fun!  It was super hot that day and they were SOAKED by the time it was over (a lot of that was because they were dumping water on their heads!).  They did soccer, relay races, egg races, hurdles, a fast dash run, sack races, limbo, scooters, corn hole, and more!  Sweets was super thrilled to come in second in the Limbo and second in the fast dash run!  She was even more happy to have run faster than the boys in her class!  That's my girl!

Blood sugar wasn't too bad.  She was really high at first due to the excitement so I corrected and then, of course, she crashed with the activity.  Luckily, I was there to catch it before she went low and stop that drop in it's tracks with a juice!  They got Popsicles for the walk back and that was just perfect to keep her in range.  A success for sure!

Sweets had her art and music show in May.  She was so excited to show us her artistic creations on display.  And she was a super cute singer!  She takes it very seriously!  Of course, right before I was to leave her with her teacher before the performance, she beeped low.  I was only in the 70's so I gave her two packs of Smarties (which should have been more than enough) and left her with instructions to tell her teacher if she felt low or off or beeped.  I also told her awesome teacher and she said she would flag me if needed.  All went swimmingly until the very end when she beeped low again!  She was fine - and it was pretty cute to see the look on her face!  She knew where we were sitting and so she looks at us and mouths, "I'M BEEPING!"

Also in May, my dad got a brand new hip!  We spent some time helping out, bringing food, and "taking care of Gaga".  We went to visit him in the hospital.  Sweets always likes when its someone ELSE in the hospital.  When he had heart surgery and Jason had his heart attack she was not at all afraid because she's been there and knows what everything is.  In fact, she was talking about the hospital and said, "Oh yeah.  We are at the hospital all the time.  You know, for diabetes and heart attacks and stuff."  Nice.  Gotta love her tough spirit!

Sweets is going to be cheering for Pee Wee Football in the Fall.  I have also agreed to be an ASSISTANT coach.  Oh boy!  We have already been getting ready with two different nights of fittings for uniforms and meetings and prepping for "camp" and more.  This is going to be an adventure!  She is SO excited about it!  And she looks so darling in her "big girl" cheer uniform!

We started off June with a Dance Recital!  I'm not sure I have EVER seen Sweets as excited as she was to perform on the stage!  They were SO CUTE and did such a great job!  Of course, this was a new and tricky thing to manage when you add D into the mix.  The night of the show, she wanted to go back stage and be with her friends.  I needed to stay in the audience and save seats.  My girl is getting older... so I just told her to put Dex in her pocket and come find me if she beeped.  This was a big step for us.  Again, she was running high due to her MASSIVE level of excitement.  I didn't want to fully correct until she was done because I knew she would be out of my care - with no one who knew anything about D - for a period of time during the show.  She couldn't wear her cgm with her costume.  And it didn't reach from backstage to the audience.  So - we made it work.  She did her thing.  Diabetes wasn't really even in the picture that night.  At least not to her or anyone else.  I kept an eye on things and corrected when she was done.  Also worth noting, I love her dance studio because for her class - they are so laid back!  No one cared that you could see her cgm on her arm.  No one cared that she was wearing her alert bracelet.  And no one cared that she REFUSED to wear makeup!  The best I could do was a little blush and tinted lip gloss!

Due to my babysitters being unable to chase after a very active 7 year old, Sweets had to go to school with me after her school was out for the summer and I still had a week left.  She was a trooper, though, and enjoyed reading to my class!  She has really inspired them to want to read "chapter books"!  I can't believe she's going to be in SECOND GRADE!  Holy cow.

We've also been busy with JDRF getting ready for our Gala.  A bunch of the Youth Ambassadors did a photo shoot.  If you live in my neck of the woods, check out Pictures by Tracy!  She did an incredible job working with our kiddos.

We also had the kids make special canvas prints that we are going to auction off!  How cute are they!?! I SO want to buy that!  Or maybe make one of my own...

We have also been busy prepping for JDRF's Children's Congress - which is in less than a month!  More on that later!  We have a news interview this week and are excited to be able to spread awareness about T1D!

We have a bunch of other stuff going on, too!  I'm excited to tell you about it over  the next few days/weeks!  We have been a very busy family lately!  Good thing we like it that way!  So stay tuned for some super cool stuff, announcements, and giveaways coming up this summer!


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