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Dexcom G4: Pediatric Approval with a Familiar Face

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yesterday, the FDA approved the use of the Dexcom G4 Platinum continuous glucose monitor for use in children.  (You can read the press release here.)


We have been using the Dexcom CGM for years.  We were lucky enough to begin just before the lableing was changed.  Even though our children's hospital stopped prescribing it for new patients, we were able to get our existing prescription renewed.  You can read about our experiences with it by going up to the tab above labeled Dexcom!  (I have more to add about the new G4... soon!)

I'm thrilled that other families with young children will finally have access to this technology!  It is a true life saver and game changer!

My love for Dexcom is large.  I could do without a pump before I could live without the cgm.  Sweets would probably disagree - but she does love her Dexie.  It makes her feel safe.

It makes us feel safe, too.

As you may remember, there's a good reason why I love our Dex so very much.  Sure, I love the arrows and the alerts and the information it gives us.  I love the charts and graphs.  I love that it makes it easier for her to safely go to tumbling... or cheerleading... or a friend's house... or school.  I love that I'm siting here writing this blog with Dex by my side... and Sweets is up in her room fast asleep.  I love that it helps her feel safe and more confident.  I love that it makes it easier for others to take care of her.

But mostly, I love it because it saved her life.

I'm not exaggerating here, folks.

It's true.

After that experience, I wrote Dexcom a letter.  You can read that letter here.

How could I not?  I had to tell them how much it meant to me.  That it wasn't just a product.  It wasn't just a job.  It's so much more than that to those of us that rely on it every day.

I emailed it to them.  And they read it.  They emailed me back.  And that was that.

Until about a year ago.  When they asked if I would be willing to let them use our story, of course I said yes!

So, you can see an excerpt of the above letter/post along with some pics of my girl on the Dexcom website.  Go check it out here!

We have had great success with our Dex.  It's crazy accurate.  Sweets says it doesn't hurt at all - absolutely no tears.  It has great range.  I could go on... but I'll save that for another blog!

I'm so excited for all those children and families that have not been able to get a prescription.  Now you can!  Call you endo tomorrow and see if it's something that could help you manage your child's diabetes.

And by the way... Dexcom didn't compensate us in any way to use our story.  And they didn't ask me write anything.  I just truly love them.  And truly love their product!



  1. I just read the story you linked to from her diaversary. Tears in my eyes. I know the feeling. The feeling when Vince was passed out and seizing in bed. Scariest night of my life and I never slept right again.

  2. I COMPLETELY agree! I always say that if I had to give something up I'd give up the pump in a heartbeat if it meant keeping the Dexcom. The peace of mind it brings and the increased quality of sleep for us parents is priceless :-)

  3. That's awesome! I hope the FDA (and insurance companies) know(s) there are stories like that all over the place. These devices really matter!

    Baby steps towards getting what we need!


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