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Meet our family....

          On the left is J.  Sometimes I call him "The Hubbs". But I think his favorite title is "Daddy"!  Sweetpea has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger!  J is a wonderful husband and father.  He takes a very active role in Sweetpea's diabetes care and management.  He is every bit as capable as I am when it comes to handling diabetes.  We are a team.  We take turns getting up at night and checking blood sugar.  We often work together when counting carbs and giving insulin.  We each have our own roles when it comes to site changes and we work together like a well oiled machine!  I could not imagine being on this crazy journey with anyone else!

In the middle is the star of the show.... Sweetpea!  Sweetpea is 5 years old.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 just weeks after turning 3.  Sweetpea does not remember life before diabetes.  Although she is a tiny little pea, she is one tough cookie.  Sweetpea handles diabetes with enormous grace.  She rarely complains and does not let having diabetes slow her down at all.  She is an extremely happy little girl who loves pretending, singing, dancing, and playing sports.

On the right is ME!  I'm Hallie Addington.  Not only am I a full time mom, wife, and pancreas, I also work outside the home as a kindergarten teacher.  Diabetes has changed my life - and not all in a bad way!  My new passion is advocating for and educating about Type 1 Diabetes.  I am very involved in JDRF.  I serve on our chapter's Board and am the Action Team Chair (in charge of Grassroots Advocacy and Government Relations) for our chapter.

I consider this blog my "home" and find that through it I can not only express and work through my feelings, I can also connect with countless people!  The support I have found through blogging is incredible!  And my goal, through this blog, is be a support and a "home" for others.  A place where you can let you hair down and tell like it is - with no fear of being judged.  I'm so glad you're here!

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