Our Favorite Things

Our Favorite Things

Lancing Devices

This is the only lancing device that we have ever used!  We have tried others and none have measured up to this one!  We love the drum containing 6 lancets so you don't have to change all the time AND the fact that it is completely contained so there are no accidental pricks!  

Ketone Testers

If you do not have ketone tester that tests blood (instead of urine) RUN - do not walk - to your local pharmacy to get one!  I'm not even kidding!  You don't need it often... but when you do... it's a blessing.  First, getting a toddler in diapers to pee on a stick is impossible and putting cotton balls in diapers and squeezing them out is gross.  PLUS - the blood tester is more accurate.  Ketones clear the body through the urine LAST.  So the urine test could read that you still have ketones when they are clear from your blood.  I love that it gives you a NUMBER.  There is no guessing what color it is.  You get an exact number.  The strips are more expensive... true.  BUT... we don't use them that often.  And it sure is nice to have when we do need it.  

Insulin Pump and CGM Pouches


 Amazingly Cute, Amazingly Functional Insulin Pump Pouches
Very discreet - so incredibly cute that you'll want to show them off!



Fashionable accessories for insulin pumps and more! From personalized picture packs to practical solutions for carrying supplies....the selection is amazing!


 Pump*tastic provides cute, cool, and functional insulin pump packs for girls and boys -- and adults, too!  Choose from many different styles and designs!

Diabetes Bags

Myabetic offers supply bags (like the super cute one above that Sweets is using) for both children and adults as well as cooling bags, insulin pump/cgm cases, and accessories.

Stick Me Designs

Sugar Medical Supply

Sugar Medical Supply offers supply bags specifically for the Omnipod system as well as other systems. There are many designs to choose from - from basic to patterned.

Skidaddle products are made of the finest materials to ensure easy care and durability. They work hard to create designs and fabric combinations that will appeal to a wide variety of customers and offer unique fashion sense, while considering diabetic needs.


Medical Alert bracelets, tags, sport bands and more!

Crimson Clover

Tia, the designer of all this great jewelry, is a D Mama!  She has two children with type 1.  She creates BEAUTIFUL jewelry including some very special diabetes awareness pieces.  Follow her on facebook HERE.

Handmade, Handcrafted Jewelry!  $10 from the sale of items from the Jack's Joy Collection is donated to JDRF in honor of Cindy's son, Jack, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2008.

Sugar Free Jewelry by Dandelion Beadwork

Their daughter, Dani (aka dandelion), was diagnosed in 2002 at the age of 5 years old with Type 1 diabetes. She is the inspiration for their art.  They donate proceeds to find a CURE for Type 1 Diabetes.

Other Cool Stuff

A set of nail polish - True Blue Hope and Tips of Steel!  $10 from each purchase go to support the Diabetes Research Institute.

Designs by Janet

Designs by Janet D has lots of beautiful jewelry and some super cute shirts and dresses - including this awesome awareness shirt I had her make for me!

Komar is donating 100% of every sale to JDRF to fund further research for a cure.  The goal is to raise $1 million for JDRF by selling comfy cotton pajamas.

If you are interested in sharing your products with The Princess and the Pump readers everywhere, please e-mail me (Hallie) at theprincessandthepump@gmail.com



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