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Click HERE to become an advocate!  As a JDRF Advocate, your personal story takes on added impact when you join forces with thousands of other Advocates across the country.   Just a few minutes of your time each year will make a difference in this crucial effort.

Time Magazine called JDRF "one of the nation's most forceful disease advocacy groups." When it comes to fighting type 1 diabetes, JDRF's strength lies in our numbers and the ability of our Advocates to work together to build bonds--bonds with one another, as well as with our Members of Congress.  These relationships strengthen our community, provide support for those who are living with type 1 diabetes, and deliver our message--the need for a cure--faster and more effectively.

JDRF Advocates help support a variety of issues that are critical to our search for a cure, such as:

Key Advocacy campaigns are:

Promise to Remember Me--Held in even-numbered years, the Promise Campaign is a coordinated effort by JDRF Advocates to schedule and complete as many meetings as possible with their U.S. Representatives and Senators.  Meetings are held at the Representatives' or Senators' local district offices, making it easier for more Advocates to speak face-to-face with their Members of Congress.  In our 2008 Campaign, our Advocates completed an amazing 374 meetings with Members of Congress nationwide.  Visit the Promise Campaign website to learn more.
Children's Congress--Held in odd-numbered years, JDRF's Children's Congress brings more than 150 children with type 1 diabetes and their families to Washington, D.C.  Children's Congress participants represent all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  They meet with Members of Congress and other key federal decision-makers to help educate them about the critical need for federal funding for type 1 diabetes research.  Visit the Children's Congress website to learn more.

** information taken from www.advocacy.jdrf.org **


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