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Why I Do What I Do

I know people wonder WHY I spend so much time on this blog.  WHY I do so many fundraisers.  WHY I put in in so much effort?

Because I'm an overachiever?  Yes.  I am.  But that's not the whole story.

I do it because.... I have to.

When Sweetpea was dx'd - in April of 2009 - I felt so scared.  So lost.  So helpless.  And at times, I still do.

I can not make this disease go away.  I can not make her better. 

All I CAN do is advocate.  I can raise money and awareness. 

I do this in hopes that her world will be a brighter and easier place to live.
I do this because I love her dearly.
I do this because I don't know what else to do.
I do this because it makes ME feel better to do SOMETHING.  ANYTHING.
I do this because my baby wishes for a cure.
I do this because I have HOPE.  HOPE that one day.... one day D will be a thing of the past.

Sweepea had a conversation earlier with Mimi after watching a show about making wishes...
Sweetpea:  I made a wish.
Mimi:  You did?  What did you wish for?
Sweetpea:  I wish there was a cure for diabetes.  Do you wish that?
Mimi:  Yes.  Every day.  And I pray for a cure, too.
Sweetpea:  So does Mommy.

She was only four years old.  She should be wishing for a pony.  Not a cure.

I read this on the Cure Diabetes wall on facebook.
DRI's Diabetes Dad Tom Karlya on his daughter: "18 years ago today, Kaitlyn was diagnosed with diabetes. I have 2 choices: To tell you that Kaitlyn lives with DIABETES; or to tell you Kaitlyn LIVES with diabetes. I choose the latter. She is an amazing woman to whom the words 'no' and 'can't' do not exist. My promise remains, Baby, I'll stop when you (and now, Rob) have that luxury---and not 1 minute before. ♥."
Yup.  That's right on. 

Sweetpea LIVES with diabetes.  It's my job to make sure that is the case.  She, also, is an amazing girl.  "NO" and "CAN'T" don't exist for her, either (and not just because she's at THAT age!)

And that's my promise, too. 

I will stop when you can stop - and not one minute before.  I will blog.  I will fundraise.  I will count change.  I will flip burgers.  I will EAT MORE CHICKEN.  I will stay up late chasing highs and lows.  I will hold a juice box to your lips at 3 am.  I will monitor your ketones.  I will log your bg's.  I will use EMLA cream so you don't feel the pinch of the needle.  I will order your supplies.  I will make certain your teachers and caregivers UNDERSTAND how to care for you.  I will make you feel normal.  I will make sure you can always participate.  I will carry juice and Smarties and Glucagon wherever you go.  I will take you to the doctor, the hospital, endo.  I will hold you when you don't feel good.  I will try to understand when your moods change dramatically because of your blood sugar.  I will wipe your tears.  I will wipe your blood.  I will make sure that you LIVE with diabetes. 

I will do anything and everything, my dear, sweet angel. 

I do this all...

For Ally.  
For Nate.  
For Elise.  
For Jack. 
For Joe.  
For Sugar.  
For Audrey.  
For Justin. 
For J.  
For L.  
For B.  
For The Superhero.  
For Olivia.  
For Rose.  
For Addison.  
For Hayley.  
For Sugar Boy.  
For Cara.   
For Ellie.  
For Justice.  
For Ellery.  
For Brianna.  
For Avery.  
For Cliffy.  
For Landon.  
For Larkin.  
For Noah.  
For Emma.  
For Liam.  
For Bekah.  
For Alivia.  
For Nick.  
For Bryce.
For Rachel.
For Mike.
For Michael.
For Owen.
For Kierstin.
For Brody.
For Sydney.
For Alivia.
For today's 40. 

But mostly, I do this all for YOU.  And I will not stop until you can.  This I promise you.

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