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I Could Really Use A Wish Right Now

Monday, August 1, 2011

Last week, I took Sweetpea camping.

Stop laughing.  I'm serious.

Her bestie's family owns a motor home and invited us to go along for a day!  How could I pass up an opportunity for Sweets to have a "sleepover"?!?  Honestly, I think she's too young for sleepovers but this was PERFECT!  I would be right there - along with her friend's Mom and one of MY besties and HER kids - who are also best buds with Sweets!

In all, there FOUR Mommies and EIGHT kids.  Yes - we were outnumbered!!

And we had a BLAST!

It was so incredibly fun!  We did crafts.  The kids played.  We relaxed.  We went swimming.  We roasted hot dogs over the fire for dinner.  Then we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores that night.

That was a BIG treat for Sweets!  She rarely gets to snack on marshmallows!  Just look at that happy face!

My friend, her daughter, Sweets and myself all slept in one pull out bed.  Her son, who is the same age as Sweets, slept up on the bunk above us.  Apparently, they are "boyfriend" and "girlfriend".  Hmmm... J is unhappy about this!

Anyway, she was up on the bunk and they were looking out one of the windows, "spying" on squirrels.  He said that he wished he was a squirrel.  There was some discussion on the awesomeness of squirrels.  Then he said...

"No.  Sweets, What I really wish is that you didn't have diabetes."

"Yeah.  I wish that, too."

My friend and I stopped motionless in our tracks and looked at each other.  *Tears*  So incredibly sweet.

We are so blessed with wonderful friends!

Even so, we really could use that wish right now.



  1. Awww! the big hearts of not only our D kiddos but those around them is amazing.

    Love her face!

  2. WOW! That brought tears to my eyes! What an incredibly sweet boy! She is so lucky to have friends like this! I wish for a CURE everyday!

  3. AWESOMENESS, HUGS and tears all rolled into one!

  4. I read this while at Tennis Lessons today. Made me feel good...and made me tear up.

    Oh...AND...I did laugh at the thought of you camping! :)

  5. that is one awschum friend. And an awschum story, Hallie. Thanks for sharing so we all could get in on that sweet wish ;)

  6. One day our wish will come true. Until then, it's so nice to have sweet friends who get it. I'm glad she has one. :)

  7. Yay for a fun camping trip! And double YAY for awesome friends!!

  8. We all wish it right along with him. : ) Hope you didn't roast in the heat! : ) Hugs!

  9. So glad you all had a blast! What amazing friends you girls have! :o)

  10. How did you know I was laughing? JK

    That IS one awesome wish!!

  11. What a fun thing to do! And what a sweet boy for making that wish. No wonder he's her boyfriend, LOL!


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