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I Smell a Skunk

Monday, August 22, 2011

The other day, I smelled a skunk.

Not this kind of skunk.

And I didn't SMELL it as much as I noticed it was there.

In fact, it wasn't even me that figured it out.  It was J.

I'm talking about skunky insulin.

Not just one bottle.  Not two.  Our ENTIRE SUPPLY.

Are you wondering how this happened?

This is how....

An open fridge door.

Not open like this.  Just open a little crack.

I had noticed it earlier and didn't think much about it.  J is the one who put the pieces together.

Sweets had been having weird high numbers.  No matter what we did....  It made no sense.  She wasn't getting sick.  The pods were fine.  We were rotating sites.  And it's not that the numbers were all horrible like she was not getting insulin at all.  Sometimes the numbers were good.  But more often that not... they were off.

J noticed the fridge open just a crack.  And he checked the insulin.

In the butter compartment - on the door - where we keep it.

It was all warm.



Stupid fridge.  It came with the house and I am positive it was the one that the builder put it - the absolute cheapest model available.  I've been joking for months that one of these days when I open the door, it's just going to come off in my hands.  It's probably about 12 years old.  It's time for a new one!

Unfortunately, refrigerators are more expensive than insulin!  We're waiting for a sale!

Anyway - just a friendly reminder to make sure your fridge door is always shut tight.

I don't want any skunks to visit you!



  1. Oh no! Sorry you lost all of that insulin!

    Praying you can get a new fridge sooner than you hope. :)

  2. Oh no! I'm so sorry! I would have cried a river having to throw away unused bottles of insulin!

  3. Also, I know everyone has to do their own thing but I wouldn't recommend keeping insulin in the door of the fridge. Think about how often you open and close it. For us, it's a constant thing. I keep ours in the back of the fridge where the temp is more consistant.

  4. You can keep insulin at room temp. Unopened vials should be refrigerated, but I'm assuming that at least one of the vials you thought was ruined was what you were currently using. The others are okay up to 46 degrees Fahrenheit...does it really get that warm in a fridge from a cracked door?

  5. Once we open the insulin, it stays out ofthe fridge at room temp. The other insulin we lost was all "extra". And yes, it was room temp. Of course, our fridge sucks so..... Since we were seeing numbers that were not good, we decide to take no chances and dump it all. As much as it hurt!!


    That stinks :(

  7. This is one of my worst fears! I am constantly checking the frig throughout the day to make sure it is shut...with a toddler running around you just never know what he will get into. Hope you can find some good sales soon!

  8. Sorry that you need a new fridge - We also keep our insulin in the butter dish but I just changed to the back shelf so I am very glad I read your blog also I bet there won't be bubbles from the door being opened and closed...good advice.

  9. ahh man that's a stinker. We've had those moments, but more so when out for the weekend, lucky for us we have a doc in the family that keeps our supplies heavily stocked :)

  10. Oh my gosh, Hallie. I am soo very sorry to hear. The ONLY positive is you know the "why" for the numbers. Do you need insulin? A little help to get started?

  11. Oh man, so sorry you lost all that stinky insulin. If that is a true picture of your fridge it looks brand spanking new and way to clean!!


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