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Why We Cry

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All it takes is this.

Seeing those blue candles.

Or hearing about a new diagnosis.

Or learning that someone is in DKA- fighting for their life.

The tears come. Unbidden. Almost immediately.

Because we know. We know too much.

I remember the first time I heard that you could actually die from a low blood sugar. It was just a few weeks after coming home from the hospital after diagnosis. We were watching D Life. And there was a story about a boy in college who had died in his sleep.

I still remember the cold feeling of panic that spread through my body.

I feel it every time I see a candle.

The thought that this disease that we live with every day can take a life. Snuff it out in heartbeat. It's frightening.

And hearing of a new diagnosis isn't much different.

The tears still come. But it's because we know what this life demands of us and those we love. We know what is in store those first few days, weeks, months...

Diabetes does not discriminate. It does not care how old you are. Or what you look like. Or how much money you have. It doesn't care what you do for a living. Or how healthy your lifestyle is. Or what color your eyes might be.

And that is part if what unites us. It happened to us. It can happen to anyone.

And it doesn't matter who you are- we all experience similar things.

Each person's story is unique. No one's diabetes is the same. And yet- it is.

I think we all fear what this disease is capable of.

And I think we all hurt for those new members of the "club".

Living with D, raising a child with D... For over 2 years. It's not that long, really. Not compared to others. And yet it can feel like a lifetime because life before is only a hazy memory.

It's long enough to know that we, in this diabetes community, have a bond that unites us.

And we know that even though it's really hard (understatement??) at the beginning, it DOES get better. In a way that is hard to explain.

We know that we can't let fear win. We can't let it paralyze us or keep us or our children from living.

We cry together.

Because we are a family. Because we care for one another.

Even though most of us have never met. Even though we live in different states, countries, continents. Even though we are different ages, races, genders. Diabetes does not discriminate.

And neither do we.

The bond, the support I have found in this community is truly amazing. It's something special.

We cry together. We stand together.

United in this fight. United in our love.  United for a CURE.



  1. every word. Beautiful post!

  2. Amen! Of course I am crying as I am up waiting for a blood sugar to come up and hearing this Rascal Flatts songs always gets to me! I'm thankful for you and all the other D-Moms I've met through the DOC. I don't know what I would do without the encouragement and advice from you all! BTW, I linked to your blog from my last post. Your education documents were SO helpful. I felt the LOVE in the documents as someone else posted.

  3. Man, I love your ending. Yep, united...we are all in this together. I am feeling a lot of "sameness" as I am blog-surfing this morning.

    Love ya Hals.

  4. Love you.

    Hate this road we must travel but so happy to have people like you on the journey with me.

    I still cry. I think I always will.

  5. What a beautiful post, Hallie! I love the ending

    United in this fight. United in our love. United for a CURE.

  6. Just found your blog -- my little man was diagnosed about 15 months ago, on his 6th birthday. And I echo what everyone has already said -- AMEN!!

  7. Well said! Thank you for putting into words what I feel in my heart! United in this fight. United in our love. United for a cure. ☮

  8. Beautiful! This brought tears to my eyes


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