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Monday, August 8, 2011

I love bags.

J says that I couldn't possibly need one more bag - for anything!  But I can ALWAYS find something to do with a new bag.  Whether it's for storage or I use it as a purse or a school bag or a diabetes bag or something totally different....  I just LOVE bags!

So, I decided to take my love for bags and make a little money!

I signed up to be a Thirty One Consultant!

It's a perfect match!  And my super sweet friend, Heather, from Sweet to the Soul is also a consultant and she has been answering all my questions and inspiring to me to get started!

Here's the thing.  I'm not making money for ME.


I am going to donate ALL of my profits to JDRF.

It's a win-win.  I get to sell awesome bags.  AND I get to raise money for diabetes research.

Let me tell you a little bit about Thirty One and how I use their products for our diabetes supplies.

I am a BIG FAN of the thermal tote.  I have a ton of them and use them ALL THE TIME.  I like that they are thermal so I can throw in an ice pack and keep my supplies cool if I need to.

I also use this bag as our traveling D bag.  I put the supplies that we carry around with us in here.  Then I know that I always have something thermal with me.  And it fits ALL our stuff.  I can even throw my wallet inside, too.

Now, thee are no pockets in this bag.  And I hate having all of my stuff laying all around on the bottom.  SO....  I use zipper pouches to keep it all organized!

I have one zipper pouch for everything I need to do a site change.  I have another one with extras - extra lancets, extra strips... things like that.  I like the zip up pencil pouch because it's the perfect size for glucagon!

That way, all of my supplies are organized nicely and if I only want to grab part of my supplies, it's easy to do that.

The other bag that I could not live without - especially when traveling - is the picnic thermal!

We put all of our supplies in here when traveling.  It's perfect for the boxes of strips, boxes of lancets.... things like that.  It's also thermal so it's easy to keep things cool!  AND - there is always space for the regular thermal tote to fit inside.

There is something new in the catalog this fall that I also think is pretty sweet.  There is a new backpack with a thermal pocket!

I love to personalize all my bags with monograms, sayings, our names....  It adds a cute little touch!

Of course, Thirty One has lots of wonderful products that you can use for life SEPARATE from diabetes!  There are cute purses and bags galore!  There even new fabrics especially for boys!  So there is truly something for everyone!

You can check out the catalog online and visit my website by clicking HERE.

You can even take advantage of  the current special!

You can order online and know that my profit will go directly to JDRF.  So not only will you be getting some fantastic Thirty One products, you will also be donating and helping diabetes research!

I'm also willing to do online parties!  So YOU can get all the awesome hostess benefits and STILL raise some bucks for a good cause!  Visit my Thirty One website for more information!

Happy Shopping!



  1. Congrats!! I have several friends who sell 31 znd they are doing great with it!! Ill be hosting a fundraiser this month with my friend for the walk team! Good luck!!

  2. That is so cool Hallie! Good Luck and Thank You for doing this...a win-win for sure.

  3. Soo, a few weekends ago, when I was frantically searching the Wal-Mart 3 hours away from my house to find a suitable SOMETHING to carry my insulin around in while attending concerts and golf tournaments for the weekend, I actually thought about this company, since my bf's mom showed me their catalog one time, as well as some of the bags that she has. I am totally going to buy a few of these from you!

  4. I also adore bags! I try not to buy very many because my father would have a heart attack, but you gave me a great idea for when school starts!

    My old backpack was too small but it had lots of pockets. My new one is HUGE but it only has four pockets. I can buy pouches to organize!!! Thanks!

  5. Yay! I LOVE the 31 stuff. Congrats on your new job and I love that you're donating the profits to JDRF.

  6. That's awesome!! I'm actually hosting an online 31 party right now through another D-Mama who is doing the very same thing :). She is donating her commissions to our walk team for our JDRF walk in September. I think it is AWESOME that you are doing this all the time! Good luck!

  7. Such a cool idea Hallie!
    Love the bags...too cute! Will surely have to get some in the not so distant future! ;)


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