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I Can Do This! A Vlog by Sweets about Powering Through

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Welcome to the last post of my series on Powering Through the Extraordinary (Click to see post one and two.)  Power Through the Extraordinary is a program created by Roche and Duracell to empower people living with diabetes to follow their dreams and go after their passions. 

We decided that the challenge that we would take on would be tumbling lessons for Sweets.  As I've mentioned before, tumbling was a LOT more difficult to manage than gymnastics and other activities she has done.  It has definitely been a work in progress!  (You can read more about the challenges in the last post.)

But no matter what the challenges are, it's just a given that we will face them.  We refuse to let diabetes get in the way or keep her from doing things she wants to do.

That's why it really made an impact on me when I read in an online support group that there was a newly diagnosed girl about Sweetpea's age that was afraid to continue with her competitive gymnastics.  

The mom wasn't sure what she should do.  Should she let her quit?  Or make her keep going?  

Is there a right answer?

Here's what I think...

This girl is doing competitive gymnastics so this isn't just a hobby.  This is something she really enjoys doing.  My feelings are that she needs to give it some time.   Diagnosis is tough.  It's a lot to get accustomed to.  It's only normal to be nervous or afraid of how it's going to impact everything in your life.  

Personally, if it was my sweet one, I wouldn't let her quit just yet.  Maybe a little time off.  But not quit.  

Diabetes is not a reason to quit.  Or give up.  

If, after some time, she still wanted to quit.  Ok.  

But my guess is that once she realizes that she CAN do this with gymnastics, she won't want to give it up.  

We had a somewhat similar experience after Sweets broke her arm.  Once it was healed, she was afraid to go back to gymnastics.  She was afraid she would hurt it again.  I made her go.  I told her that she had to at least go TRY.  If she tried and still wanted to quit, fine.  But she could not let the fear make her give up.

And guess what?  Once she realized that she could do it she didn't want to stop!

Of course, it's fine for me to give MY opinion.  But my opinion doesn't really matter much to a young girl.

So I asked my expert to weigh in.  And this is what she had to say about it...

So there you have it!  Don't let diabetes hold you back from ANYTHING you want to do.  

And don't just take that advice from me! 

**Disclosure: By participating in the Power Through the Extraordinary program, Accu-Chek has provided us with an Accu-Chek Nano meter and Accu-Check Smart View test strips for a month.  P&G/Duracell has also covered our cost of tumbling lessons.  I have agreed to blog about our experiences.**


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