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How to #showmeyourpump: Vote for Sierra!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

You all know that Sweets and I are BIG fans of Sierra Sandison - aka Miss Idaho!

If you didn't get the chance to check out our interview with her, just click here!

I am so impressed with how Sierra is using her platform to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes with her #showmeyourpump campaign and her message that what makes you unique also makes you beautiful! 

That's a powerful message.

And it's especially powerful to a young girl...
who also wears an insulin pump...
and a Dexcom cgm...

A girl who is tired of the questions and stares.  On Sunday, Sweets and her older cousin were at a playground.  A lady asked her cousin if she had a ketchup packet taped to her arm.  Luckily. they thought this was hilarious.  But really....

Seeing a confident, athletic, intelligent... and yes, beautiful woman wearing her pump is a pretty cool thing.  That helps her in a way that my words and reassurance can not.

Seeing that on the Miss America stage?  As one of the top 15 contestants? 


So... let's make this happen! 

America gets to vote for one contestant to make the top 15 as the "People's Choice".

Each contestant made her own video introducing herself.  And, as you would expect, Sierra's is full of pumps, D peeps, and overall awesomeness! 

Help Sierra get into the top 15! 

Click HERE to watch her video and vote!


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  1. Great interview. We voted several times from every computer we could! Praying Sierra wins. T1D really needs this exposure for so many reasons. I don't think anyone who doesn't have experience with this knows exactly the risks and what it is like living with this, for the patient and family. I'm so sick of the stupid comments. So please everyone, VOTE!


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