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Rock Your Dexcom

Monday, August 11, 2014

"HEY! What's that thing on your arm?"

This is what we heard walking down the aisle at JoAnn Fabrics the other day. 

Sweets and I were out getting things for my classroom and the projects I'm working on.  She was in front of me and stopped dead in her tracks when she heard that.

And she looked at me with this... LOOK... as if to say, "Seriously?  How rude.  I'm not answering.  This sucks.  What do I do?  Handle this, ok?"

Honestly, I was as shocked as she was.  It's not like she isn't asked her Dexcom site on her arm from time to time.  It's just usually not in such a ... loud ... way. 

My first instinct was just ignore the rude little bugger.  He was just about her age.  I'm guessing 7.  Sitting in the shopping cart while his sister (maybe) and babysitter (I really don't think the lady was his mother.  I'm hoping not because if that was MY kid we would have had an immediate discussion about manners and apologized.) looked at items.  But we were so close... the aisles were packed to tight with all kinds of crafting delights that we were practically touching each other. 

And since she had stopped...

"Do you want to tell him what it is?"

Sweets just looked embarrassed, shook her head, and mumbled something that sounded like "I don't remember..."

So, in my very nice teacher voice I said, "It's her continuous glucose monitor.  It tells the amount of sugar she has in her blood every five minutes.  Pretty cool, huh?" 

"Oh.  Ummm..... Yeah." he said.

I smiled sweetly.  And we walked on. 

Lots of times comments like that just roll of her back.  But this one bothered her.  I could tell.

"You know, Sweets, you don't have to be embarrassed your site.  There's nothing to be ashamed of.  It's part of what makes you so amazing.  It tells people how incredibly strong you are.  Most people just have no idea what it is."

"Yeah, I know, Mom.  That was just really..... RUDE."

"Yes, it was!"

And I tried really hard to focus on our shopping and not let her see how that comment bothered me, too.  Not because I'm embarrassed or ashamed.  But because I hate that she has to deal with it.  To answer the questions.  To put up with the stares.  Because sometimes that just gets really old. 

Not five minutes later, Dexie alerted us to a low. 

She was 43.  Lovely.

As I was watching her laying in the middle of ribbon aisle eating some smarties I couldn't help but think that this was just one of those days when diabetes was NOT playing nicely.  And my heart just broke again.

I knew the little boy's comment had really bothered her when it was the FIRST thing she told her Dad when we got home.  And her Grandparents.  She was appalled at his lack of manners. 

So.... when Lora sent me a picture of an idea of how to dress up your Dexcom sensor.... I jumped on it!  I mean... if people are going to stare anyway.... they may as well stare at something pretty!

The idea was to use Jamberry nails to cover the sensor.

In case you haven't heard of them, Jamberry nails are wraps for you nails that you can use instead of nail polish!  I was drawn to them because I love polished nails but I HATE it when they start chipping.  So this seemed like a great solution and I bought a set.  I had kept the leftovers (you get a bunch and choose what best fits your nails) so I immediately grabbed them.

Sweets thought this was a great idea so on it went!

(Please excuse our peeling tape!)

I think it looks pretty cute!  As of right now, it's been on a week and is showing no signs of peeling off.  I used the biggest one that comes in the set.  It doesn't fit my nails so it kind of works out well!

If you're interested in Jamberry to spice up your Dex sensor or your own nails, check out my friend, Jessica's, site!  Jessica has two beautiful children and her daughter just happens to have Type 1!

And because she's a D Mama.... look at this awesome set she designed in her studio!

I bought a pair so I can rock some D awareness at our JDRF Walk and during Diabetes Awareness month!  And now Sweets will be able to rock them on her Dexie site too!

While it doesn't take away the sting when some little twerp rudely yells at you in a store... Or when you're low and just totally sick of diabetes being a pain in the rump... It does help a little and bring a smile to her face. 

And we will take all the smiles we can get!

** I was not asked to write about Jamberry nor was I compensated in any way.  I just thought it was cool and that I'd share it with you!**


  1. Does the wrap effect signal strength? I have twin girls who are 3 that both rock their sensors and not only would this help with them individualizing them; it may help me not get them mixed up once they're off!

  2. Me again...also - how do you remove them with out damaging the sensor?

    1. We haven't had any issues with it affecting the sensor. And it just peels off! Easy peasy!

  3. Poor dear! My little one (6) hates to be asked about her sensor or pump sites. She almost always starts crying when somebody asks about them. Maybe prettying them up will make her feel better.

    My older daughter (13) loves people to ask what's on her arm. She either educates or gives a smart remark like "it's my personal hot spot." lol

  4. Amazing! Thank you for this idea - do you know how I could get my hands on some of the JDRF inspired options?

  5. I love this! I would love to send you some of my "too big" wraps, my collection is a bit out of hand :) My email is, if you send her favorite colors and address I will mail them! It would be great to see them put to a good use.

  6. Love this idea. Love the new blog look, too. Not loving the rude kid. But loving, as always, Sweets.

  7. Im all grown up, but I still dread hearing people ask these kinds of questions. Of course, it depends on the day. Some days I enjoy the education aspect of it, but other days D needs to be invisible!! ((HUGS)) to you two!!

  8. Love your new design, Hallie! And Jamberry is perfect! I could probably use it on Mary Claire's Enlite sensor. It's on her tummy, and she hides her it's not as many questions. BUT, she hides it for that same reason. One too many questions, and it's just too many. I don't blame her at all. : (
    Hope the Jamberry cheered her up, they are super cute, and what an great idea, Lora!!

  9. Stephanie, I love the personal hot spot! Gonna steal that one!!!


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