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New Year - Same Old Diabetes

Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's a NEW YEAR!!!

There has been so much going on around here lately... Some of it brand new and some just slightly new!

Here's all the newish stuff we've been up to and the reasons that I've been MIA...

I have a new class of Kindergarteners!  They are super sweet and I love them all.  They keep me VERY busy!  That's not new!

Sweets is still taking dance but she's at a new studio.  She's learning new hip hop poses like a "baby freeze" and dancing her heart out.  At this studio, parents are not allowed to sit in on the class.  So, Sweets is being responsible for her own diabetes management during class.  She keeps the Nightscout rig in her bag along with her kit and other Dexcom.  We stay in the waiting room so we are there if she needs us but she is enjoying some new freedom and responsibility.

I have been keeping busy with some newish JDRF stuff.  I spoke to one of our local Lions clubs about getting involved and fundraising for JDRF.  That is something that I've done before.  But the new part is that I also did an inservice at a local school district concerning handling type 1 in the classroom.  This was totally new for me and I was honored to be asked!  I had a great time and got to meet some wonderful new people!

What has REALLY been taking a lot of our time is CHEERLEADING!  Sweets is cheering again this year.  This year, however, she is cheering for basketball.  And I'm the coach!  Ummm... what was I thinking?!?  I know - I was thinking I was going to be there anyway to monitor BG and since no one else stepped up.... I've helped out and been an assistant coach before but being the only coach is new to me!  It's a lot of work!  We practice for 2 hours twice a week and then have games on the weekends.  Cheer makes Sweets drop like a rock.  It's all the bouncing and jumping she does.  She absolutely LOVES it and we are both having a great time!

We spent our Christmas holiday in Florida!  This is not new to me.  When I was about five years old, my family started spending our Christmas in Florida.  Christmas to me is white sand beaches!  We stopped doing this, however, when Sweets was born.  When she found this out she was NOT happy!  She loves Florida every bit as much as I do!  This year we had a full week between Christmas and going back to school so we took advantage and headed south!  It was great!

 We also made some videos for our local JDRF chapter to thank people who supported JDRF last year.  Sweets LOVED doing those videos!  We personalized them for each person... and then we had to make one to thank all the wonderful people who supported our efforts to raise money for JDRF!  You can check it out on The Princess and The Pump's Facebook page here!  The Facebook page and Instagram are a great way to keep up to date with us.  While I have trouble blogging regularly, I do post to FB and Instagram a lot!  Like all D parents, my phone is glued to my hands!

Diabetes has been there through it all.  It's been the reason for some of our new stuff.  It's complicated some of our new stuff.

And it's just been a normal part of our lives like it always has been.

I'm excited to see all the new stuff 2015 has in store... hopefully some wonderful diabetes advancements that change our lives for the better!


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