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What's In a Name? A Giveaway with Lauren's Hope

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Waaaay back in October this little blog reached a pretty big milestone.

One.  Million.  Hits.

Are you kidding me?  I was floored... I really never expected anyone who wasn't related to me to ever read what I was writing.  But almost six years later, I'm totally honored and shocked that sharing our experiences with raising a child with Type One has brought some comfort to others going through the same things. 

I wanted to do something special to say THANKS FOR READING! 

Lauren's Hope was kind enough to come up with a very special contest just for my readers!

When that name is Lauren's Hope, it makes me think of beautiful, sturdy, fun jewelry!

As you know, we love Lauren's Hope!  Sweets wears her medical alert bracelet from Lauren's Hope every day.  More than that - she honestly never takes it off.  She sleeps in it, showers in it, cheers and tumbles and dances in it... It's taken a beating for sure and it's held strong! 

Picking out a bracelet was one of the first things we did together after she was diagnosed.  It was a chance to do something fun - SHOP - because of this disease.  At three years old, she didn't have control over anything, really.  But she could pick out a bracelet!  And that she did! 

Wearing a medical alert bracelet isn't really a luxury for us.  It's a necessity.  When she was younger, I felt safer having her wear it because I knew she probably was too young to share that important medical information if it was needed.  We also used it as way to make sure she always had our cell numbers on her just in case she got lost!  Now that she's older, it's important for other reasons.  I feel that it gives us some added security now that she's doing more things independently. 

And like I said, it's a great way to add some FUN and STYLE to an otherwise ugly and tedious disease. 

Lauren's Hope has designed a special bracelet... JUST FOR US! 

Isn't it pretty?  Beautiful blue beads for diabetes awareness!

Want to win it?!?

Here's what you need to do!

This beautiful bracelet needs a NAME!

So get your thinking caps on!  Think outside of the box!  Let your creativity flow!

Comment on this post with your ideas.  You can come up with as many as you'd like so you can have lots of chances to win! Also, share this contest on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Sweets and I will pick our top five names.  We will then turn that list over to the folks at Lauren's Hope.  They get to have some input and make sure that there are no active or inactive bracelets with the same or similar names.  Then we will pick the winner!

You have until Saturday, January 31 at midnight EST to submit your ideas! 

We can't wait to see what you've got!  And thanks again for reading!

PS- If you want to check out all their fab designs, click that banner over to the right!


  1. Blue Angel would b a good name for the bracelet.

  2. Love the bracelet! Think the name should be related to D so my suggestion are Circles of Blue / Hope in Blue / Blue Hope (see you on FB & love your blog!)

  3. My pump princess says "day at the beach."

  4. How about Princess Blue / Princess in Blue / Hope?

  5. Dream, Hope, Cure: Blue Stones bracelet

  6. Wingardium Leviosa- It's the charm from Harry Potter that makes things levitate or fly.

  7. Rhapsody in Blue
    Dreaming of a Cure
    Dew Drops
    Azure Cure
    Royal Spirit

  8. Angels Wear Blue
    Hero In Blue
    Wings of Blue
    Blue Spirit

  9. Angels Wear Blue
    Blue Hero
    Heart of Blue
    Blue at Heart
    My Wings are BLue

  10. Please name it after my beautiful Type 1 daughter, Evangeline "like an angel."

    Also means "messenger" or "good news."

  11. Glass slipper
    Sea Foam
    Ocean waves

  12. Celestial Sky, Azure Seraphim (means Blue Angel), Messenger of the Sky/Sky Messenger, Tears of Hope

  13. Blueprint of Hope
    Rhapsody in Blue
    Hope Blossoms
    Hope Floats
    Blue Moon
    Blueberry Bliss
    Hope Surrounds
    Blue Wonder

  14. Bravery Blue
    Blue Endeavor

  15. Blueberry Mountain
    Ocean of Maine
    Blue Trinity
    Sea of Sapphire
    Spring of Hope
    Mountain Melody
    Brooke's Promise
    A Promise for Brooke
    Dreams of Hope

  16. My T1 daughter says it should be named Ocean Blue

    And I thought of one more name:
    Sweeten the Blues

  17. Blue rings of hope
    Blue guardian angel
    Blue peace maker
    Blue luck charm


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