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ABC MeMe: My Turn

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I love me some MeMe's!  I love reading them and I love writing them!  SO.... here you go!

Age:  FINE.  I'll tell you.  35. 

Bed Size:  Queen.  But we need a King. 

Chore you Dislike:  All of them.  I want a housekeeper.  I hate cleaning toilets.  I mean, who LIKES that?  And cleaning the shower.  The whole bathroom is pretty gross.

Dogs: No, thank you.  I don't do dogs.  It's all the barking and licking.  If they didn't do that I'd be ok.  I'm a cat person.  But I DO like the diabetes alert dogs.  I think I could love a well trained dog.  And Meri's dog, Lawton...  I LOVE Lawton.  I've never met him but I think he's great!  I know I would love him. 
Essential Start to your Day:  Go back to sleep.  I hate morning.  HATE.  I have no essential start to my day.  I grab a water.  That's about it.  

Favorite Color:  PINK!  I love to wear black... and pink.

Gold or Silver: 
Silver.  Love me some jewelry.  The bigger the piece, the better! 

5' 6.5"

Instruments you Play(ed): 
Violin.  I played for about 8 years.  I was good, too.  I miss it sometimes.  I have still have it... I would love for Sweets to show an interest in it.

Job Title: 
Teacher.  Wife.  Pancreas.  JDRF Government Relations Volunteer - or just Volunteer in general.  I'm sure there are more.... 

Just one.  Sweetpea, age 5.  J says the only good thing about D was that it got us on the same page as far as having more kids.  He was done with one.  I wasn't so sure... but now I am!

in Ohio.  I hate winter.  My second home, where I have been going since I was 5, is Bradenton, Florida.  LOVE IT.  I really should live there.  I NEED the beach.

Mother's Name:

Hals and..... Never mind.....

Overnight Hospital Stays: 
When Sweets was born.  When Sweets was dx'd.  When Sweets had the seizures.

Pet Peeves: 
It drives me crazy when a certain person I know speeds up the car when someone pulls in front of us or something like that in order to "teach them a lesson".  I also hate it when things are spelled with the wrong letters.  Like Krispy Kreme.  Why not use the letter C?  It's still the same letter. 

Quote from a Movie: 
From Sixteen Candles:
Well, if it's any consolation, I love you. 
And if this guy can't see in you all the beautiful and wonderful things that I see, then he's got the problem.
I know. It just hurts.
That's why they call them crushes.
If they were easy, they'd call 'em something else.
But if I were Ginny, I'd have this guy crawling on his knees.
Well, let me tell you something about Ginny.
Now, I love her as much as I love you.
But she's a different person. 
Sometimes I worry about her.
When you're given things kind of easily, you don't always appreciate them.
With you, I'm not worried.
When it happens to you,
Samantha, it'll be forever.
Righty or Lefty:  Righty.  But I do use my left hand a bit.

None.  I'm an only, too.  So is my mom.  I have a small family!  I like it that way!

Time you Wake Up: 
Too early.  Does not matter the actual time.  During school, I wake up about 6:45 ish. 

Underwear:  YES!  As Sweets says, "When you go somewhere you should make sure that you wash your hands and brush your teeth and wear underwear.  It's just polite."

Vegetables you Don't Like: 
I love veggies!  Especailly squash and zucchini!  YUM!  I don't really like Okra.  Or greens.  Weird things that my dad eats.  

What Makes you Run Late: 
HA!  Is this a trick question?!?  I am ALWAYS late.  ALWAYS.  I try.  I really do.  But I suck at being on time.  LIFE makes me late. 

X-rays you Have Had: 
Wrist (broken), Foot (broken), Finger (broken and unfixable), ankle (just sprained).  TWO of those injuries happened at work.  Kindergarten is a dangerous place.

Yummy Food you Make:
Is this a trick question?!?  Reservations???  No, I actually CAN cook.  I make yummy vegetable pizza and fruit pizza.  Deviled Eggs are a specialty.  J likes my lasagna. 

Zoo Animal Favorite: 
Elephants, giraffes, and LIONS.  I love looking at the paws on the lions.  They look so much like my cat... just BIGGER!




  1. The bigger the piece the better. Love you!

  2. I like meme too :)
    You should move to FL... we could totally hang out at the beach :)

  3. WOAH! that is craziness that 2 of those injuries happened at work! I loved reading and learning more about you :o) Also, glad to see that I am not alone in always being

  4. Love getting to know more about you Hals! Can I call you that? "Hals"? :)

    And...I am 5'6 1/2" too...maybe 5'7" with my hair puffed up with Aussie Hair Spray.


  5. Awww, love the 16 Candles quote! It was fun getting to know you better!

  6. I'm goi g to do the ABC meme next week. Lo e that so many are doing it.

    Sooooooo agree with you on the spelling thing! I mean Kwik-kar? Seriously? Bugs the daylights out if me!

  7. Think it's a teacher thing...the spelling with the wrong letters...bugs the crap out of me, too!
    Oh, and love the 'it's just polite' to wear underwear if you are going somewhere! Awesome!!

  8. I wanno know the _never mind_ name! C'mon . . . let us know!!!

    And, I HATE phonetic attempt-at-cute mis-spellings. Ugh.

  9. I just can't hold it against Krispy Kreme. We are besties. ; ) And the Hot Now? My lover! heehee

    Hope we get to say HI in O-HI-O! : ) Hugs!

  10. Loved reading more about you! Love Sweets comment "it's just polite"!

  11. fun!
    Love Sweets' comment about underwear...she is so cute!!


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