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I Forgot the Paper Towels

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I forgot the paper towels.  And the pink pearl eraser.

You know - some of the school supplies on Sweetpea's school supply list. 

(You know - the list I helped CREATE?!? DUH...)

It just totally slipped my mind when I was at the grocery. 

And then I just forgot.

And when I remembered it was always when I was NOT able to get these things...

And I STILL haven't sent them in...

And I feel....  Well, I feel disappointed in myself.  Disappointed that something fell through the cracks.

I like having it all together.  I try so hard....

But sometimes....  

Diabetes is teaching me a lesson here.  I'm sure of it.

And as I sat there feeling bad that I had sucked it up in the school supply department, I thought to myself, "Ok, so maybe I forgot a couple of things... but here's what I DID remember..."

And I thought of what MY (YOUR) school supply list is like...

Sure, there are crayons, glue, pencils, markers, glue sticks, tissues, and stuff like that.

But there is also:

- insulin
- extra pods
- teagaderm
- EMLA cream
- an extra meter
- extra batteries
- syringes
- alcohol wipes
- Calorie King book for carb counting
- extra lancing devices
- lancets
- DOUBLES of the meter, strips, and lancing devices to have other places
- a classroom emergency kit full of supplies
- Smarties
- Juice Boxes
- Glucose Gel
- Glucagon
- other snacks
- ketone strips
- a copy of our information sheet for every teacher who will work with Sweets (when you count special area classes - it's A LOT)
- a copy of the cgm directions for every teacher
- copies of her 504 plan
- orders from the endocrinologist
- bg flow charts showing what to do when

And I KNOW this list is leaving out some things...

Here's what that looks like...

So, you know what?!?

Who cares if I left out the paper towels and the eraser?

It will get there.  I promise.

Sometimes life with type 1 in the mix makes you really look at what is truly important... what is truly essential...

It makes you humble as you are faced every day with the fact that you are not perfect.  And you are not in control.

And just maybe... it helps you give yourself a break from time to time.

So the next time you forget to bolus for something, or mess up a SWAG, or get a "look" from someone who is judging you and your pancreating, or you overtreat a low or WHATEVER...

Tell yourself that you are human.  You are allowed to make some mistakes. 

And you are STILL AWESOME - even if you do forget the paper towels!



  1. oh, my...that's a load of stuff. I am so glad all you amazing d-mama's are going before me in this starting school arena, I am so not ready.
    And you friend, are truly incredible to remember all the rest of those things - who cares about paper towels or pink erasers, bring them in around december like a lovely gift with a latte and the teacher will love you even more :)

  2. Yep! That looks like my list.

    Except: replace the smarties with skittles :)

    YEP, thats my list!

    AND, guess what. I didn't send paper towels either. :/ In my defense... they were on a "non mandatory" wish list. I picked up everything else on that stupid wish list(not a short list, btw). Doesn't that count?

  3. The D stuff is WAY more important than paper towels!!!! And we don't have to be perfect, thanks for the reminder Hal! We should be easier on ourselves, all of us D Mamas.

  4. Just what I needed to hear and read today! Although, my little guy isn't ready for school yet...I am taking notes on all the great back to school and getting ready for school posts! Love this one, since it is a reminder that sometimes we just can't do it all even when we want everything to be perfect.

  5. I am right there with you...I forgot to send food labels for a preschool project today, but at least I did not forget the important daughter's diabetes supplies!

  6. Yep! I forgot the clorox wipes and ziplocs, but remembered all the diabetes stuff! I haven't turned them in yet and am afraid after a week I will really look like a slacker. I used to never forget stuff like that and now I am just too tired to care. I know I don't have it all together anymore!

  7. Isn't it CRAZY how much stuff they need? When I took the supplies in to the nurse a couple weeks ago, I couldn't figure out how to carry it all in, so I put it all in a rolling suitcase and wheeled that sucker in there and told them I was here to move in.

    Oh, if only I were joking! :)

  8. You ARE awesome! That's for sure! And that list? Well, it looks an awful lot like ours. :)

  9. I absolutely HATE the fact that our back to school shopping includes a trip to the pharmacy!

  10. Poop on papertowels and erasers. Your priorities are right in line and I admire you.


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