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Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is a special day for ALL moms.

But I will go out on a limb and say that for Moms of kids with Type 1 Diabetes it's special in a different way.

Every mother loves her children.  D Mamas love their children with a fierce passion that I can only guess comes from staring disease and difficulty and stress and fear in the face every single day and saying, "No.  You can not have my baby.  I won't let you."

As mother's of T1 kids, we do things other mothers do not.

We watch our children like hawks for any sign of low blood sugar.

We closely monitor their food intake - counting carbs along the way.

We live in a constant state of balancing fear and worry with the desire for them to be normal kids.

We stay awake through the night to make sure that our babies make it to morning with a good number.

We sacrifice our wants and our needs for them.  Yes, all mothers do this.  But D Mamas do this to ensure our kids have the same opportunities as others.  We do this ensure they have the best medical care.  And do what we have to do to make sure they have the medical supplies they need to stay alive and healthy.

We see their blood every. single. day.

We give them shots.  We insert needles into their bodies.  

You see... it's just different.

I did this little questionnaire with my school kids to give to their Moms for Mother's Day.  Their answers were really cute and I hope their Mothers enjoyed them!  I also did one with Sweets.

Here are her answers...

So, to all the Mothers out there who show your love for your children in a million different ways... one of those being taking care of their diabetes...

Happy Mother's Day!

Check out this awesome video by D Mama Lorraine for a laugh and to feel VERY understood!

And check out this awesome blog by D Mama Meri for a cry (ok, I cried... you might not) and to ALSO feel very understood!



  1. I love that she loves you for so many varied reasons, including diabetes! Go Taylor Swift!

    Happy Mother's Day, Hallie. (Thanks for the shout out!)

  2. I love this song, and I love you! Happy Mothers day, Dear Hallie! <3

  3. Happy Mothers Day to you!! You are a very special mother :)


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