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A Techno Dream: Diabetes Blog Week Day 4

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today's post is going to be short and sweet.

Sweets went home from school throwing up yesterday.  I HATED that I could not go with her.  But I'm out of days.  So Mimi and Gaga came to the rescue and Daddy rushed home.  A trip to the doctor revealed that she has strep.

Yes, she is sick again.  (I KNOW, right?!?)

Large ketones, vomiting, fever, and a lowish bg.  A perfect Molotov cocktail of diabetes management.

Daddy and the Grandparents rocked it, though.  (I'm such a lucky girl!)  By the time I got home from school she was resting on the couch (where she stayed all evening... this is how I know she's really sick!).  Daddy had scored some Zofran at the doctor which had calmed her tummy so at least the meds were able to stay down.

Anyway, she's doing better today.  Mommy is tired.  What else is new.

So today I'm supposed to write about my dream diabetes device.


I'm having a creative block!  Most of what I can think of immediately already exists!!  Which makes me feel super grateful for living in the time that we do!

I want a pump that is super small and super slim.
I want a pump that you don't feel when you insert it.
I want it to be connected to a cgm.
And I don't want two sites.  Just one.
I want the cgm to predict highs and lows and alert accordingly.
I want it to be accurate.
I want the cgm to talk to the pump and take me out of the equation.  I want the cgm to say, "Oh Mr. Pump... give us some insulin!  She's eating!"  And "Hey - Pump!  Turn it off.  She's gonna be low if  you keep cranking out the drugs."
I want a meter that uses a tiny drop of blood.
I want a meter that never errors.
I want the meter to send me the blood sugar numbers so I know what is going on.
And while we're at it, let's just have the pump send me the insulin amounts and cgm readings too.  Maybe it could be an app where I can get real time view of what is going on in her body.
I want the meter to talk to the pump and cgm.
Actually.... who needs a meter?  Let's just get the pump and cgm so accurate you don't need a meter.
I want a device that will keep her at a nice 100 steady all night long.  And let me sleep.  And let her sleep, too.

You know what I really want?

I really want a magic wand.

One flick of that wand would magically make her pancreas start working again.  Like it's supposed to.  All the time.

A wand that would leave us with the lessons we've learned and all the incredible people we've met... leave us with all the good....

But would just CURE HER.

Here's the thing.

I love technology.  I love gadgets.  LOVE.

I love all the cool stuff that is out and coming out to help us manage diabetes and keep ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy.  I am thankful for every last one of them!

But I don't want another gadget.

I want a cure.


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  1. Amazing post as always I agree 100 percent thanks for putting it so well.


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