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Stick Me Designs: Giveaway & Scavenger Hunt

Monday, August 20, 2012

Today I am thrilled to be bringing you an AWESOME giveaway from Stick Me Designs!

As you may know, I fell in love with Stick Me Designs a while ago.

I'm always looking for a new diabetes supply bag.  Or I WAS....  I need a bag that is big enough to fit all of Sweetpea's supplies.  But yet small enough to fit in my purse.  I don't want to carry two bags around.  And I don't want to carry around something ugly.

Enter the Deluxe Clutch.


This is hands down my absolute favorite supply bag.  I can get EVERYTHING inside it!  For reals!  Here's what I keep in our bag...
-test strips
-extra meter
-Juicy Juice
-blood ketone tester
-Multi-Clix finger pricker
-extra pod
-alcohol wipes
-adhesive remover
-numbing cream
-Opsite Flexifix strips (used to cover Dex site if she's going swimming for hours)

That's a lot of stuff, right?  And it all fits nicely.

I don't always carry around all that stuff... but when I NEED to, I can.  And it slips nicely into my purse!

Stick Me Designs has graciously offered to give away one Deluxe Clutch of your choosing!

Have you seen the new designs?  I like pink - but there's some super cute stuff for boys and some new, fashionable styles for everyone!

Oh.... but that's not all!

She is also giving away one of her new Tuff Bands!

"Tuff Bands are what you wear when you need well...a tough band! The Tritex design is our newest addition to the Tuff Gear Collection. These handcrafted bracelets make a statement with color and awareness. Featuring a stainless steel shackle to finish off the design. Rugged and durable made from 8 strand paracord rope, and hand-stamped tag." - information courtesy of Stick Me Designs Website

Plus they are really cute and you can even get two different colors!

Here's your chance to win BOTH awesome products in the colors and designs of your choice!

And here's where things get a little different....

We're going to have a SCAVENGER HUNT!

We will be hiding 4 Stick Me Designs Logos on our sites (4 total - not 4 on each).  A new one will be hidden each day.  

Because I'm nice, I'll show you what you are looking for...

And to win, all you have to do is find all four!  

When you find one, post it to our facebook walls!  But DO NOT tell where it is!  Just say - "Found the first logo!"  "Found the third logo!"  You get it...

Here are the links:

Then, when you have found all four logos, leave a comment on this blog post saying that you found all four!  (Again - Don't give away the locations!)

The FIRST PERSON to find all four logos WINS!  The time stamp of your comment on this blog will help determine who is first.  In the event of a time, the winner will be picked by a random draw.  

The winner will be announced on this blog on FRIDAY, August 24, 2012.

Good Luck!



  1. I found all four logos.

  2. Found number four! Don'
    t know if im first or if i have to tell you where they all are if i do here is my email

  3. even though I know it isn't FTW, I have to at least let you know I found all four! :)


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