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Wego Health Blog Carnival: Day One and Two

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Before I start in with today's post, I want to clarify the contest going on!  My hubby tells me I was not clear! Imagine!

Each day you will look for a Stick Me Designs logo on either the Stick Me Designs website or this blog.  When you find it, post on our facebook pages.  Don't give it away - just say you found it!!  On Thursday, all four logos will be there.  When you have found all four logos, leave a comment on the original post saying you found all four.  The first person that finds all four wins - IF they know the location of the logos!!  I will email the first person to find all four.  If that person is able to tell me where the logos were located, they will win!  If not, I will go to the next blog comment.  

For more information, take a look at the original post!  If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll answer you best I can!  Have Fun!

Now on to today's post...

This week is the WEGO Health Advocating for Another Blog Carnival!

I missed yesterday's topic so I'm going to combine yesterday and today into one post!  I'm crafty like that!

The prompt for yesterday was to write a descriptive portrait of your child/ren. Share qualities that make them, them and include an image! Today's prompt is to write 5-10 of your favorite things about your loved one. Celebrate their uniqueness and be sure to tell us why those are your favorite things.

I love sharing pictures of Sweets so that's not a problem!  I know I'm not alone in this...  As a parent, don't you look at your child or children sometimes and marvel at what beautiful, precious, incredible little people they are?  This usually happens when they are sleeping...

My favorite thing about Sweets is her personality.

She can be shy at times.  But once she gets to know you she comes out of her shell.  And that's probably putting it mildly!

She has a large personality.  She's hilarious and has a good sense of humor.  You can joke with her and she gets it.  She likes it.  

She's very dramatic.  

The other day she decided she wanted to make a dance video to send to a contest the Disney Channel was promoting.  She looked it up online with her Dad.  And she found out that you had to be 8 years old to apply.  This is the conversation that follows...
Sweets:  You're probably wondering why I'm not making my dance video....
Me:  Ummm.... yes.  Why aren't you making your video?
Sweets:  You have to be EIGHT!  It will be YEARS until I'm EIGHT.  My life is OVER.  I am NEVER going to get to LA now!

Yup.  That's her.  

She's very curious and asks lots of questions.  She likes to read and play school.  She LOVES books.  

She's never really enjoyed coloring.  Never sat down with a coloring book.  Never saw the point.  She has always preferred to DO.  To play pretend.  To dance.  To sing.  

She never uses toys for the intended purpose.  She has lots of Squinkies but they are all used for play food or something else.  

She has a large vocabulary.  And a LONG memory.

She's very independent.  But she prefers for me to do her diabetes care.  

She's sweet and caring and loving.  She likes to rub noses and tickle.

She has the best giggle ever.

And she's a fighter.  She's tough.  She never complains about feeling ill.  Never complains about not feeling good or feeling funny when she's low or high.  

She handles all the shots and the pokes and the blood and the counting and the testing and all the other crap that comes with life as a type 1 with a strength and grace that very few adults could show.  

My daughter is only six.  And she's incredible.  

She's my hero!



  1. Hi there,
    I just found out about your 6year old son just got his pump last month. Has changed our lives, as you know. Isn't it amazing how they deal with all the crap they have o go through? They are going to bethe most amazing adults because while most other kids are think life is all cupcakes and roses,ours know that life can be messy and uncomfortable.thanks for sharing your life.

  2. She IS incredible! I am always impressed by how strong our D kids are. They endure so much, yet really take it in stride. And tell Sweets to make that video anyway!


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