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New Year Reflections (Same Old Diabetes)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

I had planned on blogging about our holiday hoopla and our New Years Eve... and then....

The Stomach Flu.

I hate the stomach flu.  But you know what I hate more?  I hate a type 1 kid with the stomach flu.  Can I get an AMEN??

Sweets had it her last week of school.  Lucky for her, it was short lived.  We were able to keep it in control.  Luckily, we had noticed her bg was dropping and did a temp basal before the puking began so she was at a good number and never went low.  Ketones did get super high - but as soon as I was able to get some carbs in her the insulin did it's magic.

We've ALL been sick.  ALL of us have been to the doctor with sinus infections and ear infections and such.  But I thought I had gotten through unscathed.  Silly me.  I should have know a sick kid - plus having half a class out sick at school - didn't bode well.  I got the stomach flu on the 30th.  Only I think mine was the FLU.

Now I get why Sweets was so ticked off that she had gotten a flu shot and was throwing up anyway!!!

Needless to say, New Years plans were cancelled.

Hopefully we are all on the mend and so it's time to take a look back into 2012.

I have to say - I'm not too sorry to say GOODBYE to 2012.  It wasn't our best year.  But it wasn't all bad either.  Here's a recap:

January found me asking you to Promise Me This and bragging on my kid who wound up in the local paper!  I also wrote about The Fall which, unfortunately, was only the first.

February had me blogging about another kind of fall... and Another Type 1 - because one wasn't enough.  I also told you in Friendship #FAIL that sometimes I'm a sucky friend.  And I blame it all on diabetes!

In March, Sweetpea turned SIX and I talked about The Smell of Life.

April found me Putting Fear in a Box.  We also celebrated Sweet's third diaversary and I wrote Me at Three.  And in a very odd coincidence that I just discovered, I also wrote about The Heart Attack.

In May, I told you Where I Shine and also that I thought There's Something You Should Know.

In June, we were Soaring to a Cure and I wanted to remind you... Do You Know How Lucky You Are?

July brought us A Vlog From Sweets and the WORST CURE EVER.

In August, I wrote The Post with A Thousand Names and a Million Emotions as Sweets started school - on her own.

September was a month I'd like to forget in many ways.  It started with A Heart Stopping Week.  And also The One I Didn't Want to Write.

October found me very anxious in Anxious You??? Anxious Me!!!.  Is it any wonder after September?!?  

November found me MIA.  I am going post my pics from the photoaday I did on Instagram for Diabetes Awareness Month.  But you can follow me (Pumping Princess) and see them now!

In December I was Swimming through Jello and we all learned that life can change In the Blink of an Eye.

One of my New Years Resolutions is to find a way to blog more here and post more on the facebook page.  I'm finding that after almost four years, I'm finding my way back to who I used to be as a teacher.  I like that.  I've missed that.  I need to find a way to blog as well... because I need this, too!

I wish you all happiness and health this coming year!  It would be my privilege for you to join me on this journey as I keep on blogging and keeping it real about our life - living and loving with type 1!



  1. Great recap. Looking forward to reading all about a great 2013.

  2. Ugh, that sounds miserable. Hope you all are feeling better by now! And thanks for the fun review, what a journey '12 was.

  3. I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I have an 18 year old who was just diagnosed with Type1. So that has found me searching. Searching for support and answers. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Amen!!! Sounds just like my new years eve!

  5. AMEN! Sounds a lot like our New Years sorry to hear that. It was our first experience with the stomach bug since our daughter's diagnosis in March. Glad to have it behind us!


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