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Sunday, August 25, 2013

One more day!  One more day and Sweets starts second grade!

Holy cow!  Where did the time go?!?

She's ready.  And so am I.

Last week we took all her supplies to school.  She got to pick her new bin in the clinic to keep all her diabetes supplies.  She got to visit her classroom and meet her new teacher!  We got the opportunity to talk with her new teacher about diabetes and go over her care plan with the nurse.

I'm feeling much better!

I think we've got this!

Will I still worry?  Of course I will!  I'm her MOM.  That's my JOB!

But I'm mostly really excited for her to start a new year and learn new things and just be a normal kid.  I don't take for granted that those things are a big deal and we are blessed she has that opportunity!

So... that's where I am and what I'm doing!  Right now our whole world is focused on "Back To School" for Sweets AND for me!

I found this awesome little thing called a "Currently" on a teacher blog, Oh Boy, Fourth Grade!  I thought it was super cool so I wanted to join in her linky and make my own!  Here it is...

I think it's pretty self explanatory...  But I can add more... (Of course!)

I'm also loving that I am now "officially" a JDRF mentor (although I suppose I've been practicing without a license for a while) and I'm excited about getting that program up and running in our area.  

I'm thinking that I am sure I have gotten a few grey hairs over this back to school adventure this year.  And I'm not just talking about Sweets.  My classroom has had a few issues and I'm about to lose my mind over it!  I like everything to be perfect!    

I'm also thinking that having a fall JDRF walk is cruel for a teacher.  I am so wrapped up in school that I haven't yet sent out our walk letters.  And I have work to do on our fundraiser.  More on the later...  But time is getting away from me.  

Not only do I need more time... I need my D Mama's (and Papa's and PWD's) to tell me it's going to be okay.  I need to keep seeing your back to school pics on Facebook and hearing your success stories.  I need to know I'm not alone!  

The B2s is "Back 2 School".  Our top three must haves are Juicy Juice (people think we have some kind of problem with the amount of that stuff we buy...), Information sheets that I've been working on to give to her teacher and the special area teachers who will be working with her (see link in school stuff tab above for an idea of what I'm talking about), and tissues in case I get weepy and my phone in case there is a problem.  Or for when J lets me know what is going on which he has orders to do!

If you think it Currently is as cool as I do, head on over and check it out!  You can make your own, too!  She puts directions in her post.  The teacher bloggy world is different from the DOC but Hey - it still works for us!

And I want to know!  What's YOUR currently?

Here's wishing you a wonderful "Back to School" experience!  Let's all just take a deep breath, eat some chocolate and get through this together!


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  1. I think J and Anthony have the same orders... lol.
    She will do great! You guys have been blessed with a supportive school staff(I would kill for that).

    Guess what... I will be an "official" mentor in a couple weeks. :)

    BTW: A spring walk isn't much better.


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