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Omnipod Insulin Pump

Sweetpea has been using the Omnipod Insulin pump since July 2011.  And we could not be happier!  

Sweets loves the Omnipod for many reasons...  She swears there is no needle because she can not feel it and can not see it!  I don't argue with her!  After years of crying and fighting over shots and site changes, changing her pod is truly no big deal.  Sweets also loves the Omnipod because she can hide it when she wants.  It can be invisible under her clothing.  Her father and I love the ease of the Omnipod. We love the automatic insertion and the "real" language of the pod that makes it easier for others (grandparents, friends, school nurse, etc) to use and understand.  

Of course, these reasons only scratch the surface!  To read more about our podding experiences, click on the below links!  

To learn more about Omnipod, visit their website by clicking HERE.

To get your free demo pod, click HERE.


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