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A Bodacious Bracelet Bolus

Friday, September 24, 2010

** This contest is now closed. **

I have the honor of hosting this week's sugar bolus!  

What have I cooked up for you this week???  

Something pretty wonderful that we LOVE! 

This week I am giving away a $30 gift certificate to Petite Baubles!

Here are just a FEW samples of what they offer...
beaded bracelets

 sport bands

zipper pulls

click HERE to check out their site

Here is a little about Petite Baubles....

We offer High quality Boutique style beaded baby, children and adult bracelets and jewelry at a reasonable cost. We use only the finest quality materials to ensure that your piece of jewelry will last.

Here at Petite Baubles Boutique, I personally handcraft each piece of jewelry in my design studio.. I can assure you that each piece of jewelry is inspected again before it is shipped out to you.. I pride in my craftsmanship and designs so that my customers are happy.. Customer service is my 100% goal...

As a mom with a child with special needs I know how scary it can be to take them out into the world. Even more so to let them go on their own. A medical ID tag is my first line of defense. I know that if my child gets into trouble they will get immediate attention, AND that the rescuer will be able to contact me, or other important people. The biggest to get them to wear the tags! That's how Petite Baubles Boutique was born! Fun, stylish and affordable jewelry to compliment your medical ID tags. Now the questions is will you wear your tag today but WHICH bracelet will you choose to wear today!

Quality verses cost...
People say.. you need to raise your prices.. Why are my prices lower than others? Here is your answer....I love my daughter to have nice jewelry.. do I want to pay top dollar for a small child to wear a piece of jewelry?...No.. So I focus my prices on what I feel is a reasonable cost.. rest assured you will still get the high quality piece of jewelry but a much more reasonable cost...

Some people ask why I choose to donate a portion of each sale of my awareness and cancer awareness designs.. Here is my answer that comes from my heart...
No matter whether it be a penny, a dime or even dollar amounts.. those few pennies, dimes and dollars are helping in finding cures..
I think of it like this...Take cancer..When my daughter grows up...I pray that she will not be sitting in an oncologists office being told there is nothing else they can do.. that her daughter won't have to battle and die of breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer..... so each penny donated makes us one step closer to the tools that are needed to find a cure...
So my friends.. that's why I donate a portion... Please be assured that for every awareness bracelet that you purchase from my website I do make the donations to the organizations stated...
Sound like a great place???  It is!

And I can fully attest to that!

See the cute little crown bracelet?  That's Sweetpea's Medical Alert bracelet!

When Sweetpea was first diagnosed, we got brochures in the hospital for medic alert bracelets.  I looked through them in the hospital... but they were all so expensive.  And Sweetpea had JUST turned 3.  She had NEVER worn a bracelet.  REFUSED.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money for something she might not wear.

BUT... I wanted something cute!

When we got home, Sweetpea and I searched the Internet together looking for a cute bracelet... and we found Petite Baubles.  It something fun and light hearted for us to do.  And that was a time when we desperately needed something fun.  Picking out and getting her cute little bracelets in the mail was a ray of sunshine during a rather dark time.  

You see.... it's MORE than a bracelet to keep her safe. 

We both fell in love with the super cute bracelets that they offered!

Honestly, I was a little skeptical if they would last - if they could handle the daily wear and tear of a toddler.  

But they did! 

Sweetpea LOVES these bracelets.  From the moment they arrived, she was smitten.  This child, who had never worn a bracelet before, put it on and never took it off.  Truly!  She often wears them to bed!  

We started with the Miss Kitty bracelet and then got the Princess Crown bracelet for a back up!  We quickly realized that having an extra is a necessity!

One of the other things that I loved about Petite Baubles is that they offered very small sizes!  Not every place out there offers bracelets for a very small wrist... but they do!

They don't JUST do bracelets, though..... Look at this list of things you can choose from... for children OR adults... Whether you're a PWD, CWD, or not!

Medical ID bracelets
Lost Child Prevention ID
Medical Temporary Tattoo's
Medical ID tags
Girly Medical ID bracelets
Boys Medical ID bracelets
Limited Edition Medical ID Bracelets
Girls Medical Sportsbands
Boys medical ID sportsband
Medical ID Classic bracelets
Medical ID Sports Bands
Medical ID tags
Medical ID Dog tag necklace
Medical ID Charms
Medical ID Extra Bands
Medical identification bag charm
Medical Id Keychains
Medical Id Watches
Medical Id Zipper Pulls
Lanyard Id Badge
Child Id Bracelets
Awareness Bracelets
Pacifier Holder
Nap Paks Nap Mats
Pregnancy Medical
Remembrance Bracelets

 I KNOW you want this!  Here's what you have to do be the winner!


● Leave me a comment before midnight on Thursday, September 30, 2010. Please include your first name. Comments left without a name will be eliminated.

● To earn extra entries (post a separate comment for each):
* Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter. Then, leave me an additional comment
containing a link to your tweet.
* Share a link to this contest on Facebook. Then, leave me an additional
comment to let me know.
* Blog about this contest. Then, leave me an additional comment containing
a link to your blog.

● No duplicate comments are allowed. Duplicate comments will be eliminated.

● The winner will be selected via random draw at

● The winner's name will be posted here on this blog on Friday, October 1, 2010.

● After the winner's name is posted, he/she will have 48 hours to send a message to me at If I do not hear from the winner within 48 hours, I will select a new winner.

Remember, to enter you must leave me a comment with your first name before midnight on Thursday, September 30th.



  1. I'm in for sure CARA would LOVE one of these would just make her so darn happy:) Don't you just want us to win lol

  2. Count me in! Those are adorable!

  3. We have an ID bracelet from Petite Baubles also and really like it. We'd love another one!

  4. Tweeted it...

  5. I am a bad Mom... Elise STILL doesn't have an ID bracelet, two years later. I'd LOVE to win this one!

  6. I'd love to win one of these for my daughter. I think the beaded ones are great! ~Amy

  7. Count me in!! I'm intrigued by the zipper pulls!

  8. Please could we be in to win too ? :)

  9. Just looked at their cute...we would love to get one! Please count us in.

  10. My Ellie has one of these too! We LOVE them! Would love another!

  11. Justice loves D accessories! Count us in!

  12. Lisa P. -This would be perfect for Larkin and all her food allergies!

  13. Lisa P - Posted on Facebook too!

  14. Hi! Count us in too!

    Katherine (and Ellery)
    Lino Lakes, MN

  15. Count Brianna in. I am always looking for a good bracelet.
    Kelly Harp

  16. Count us in. Cliffy would love to win one of these

    Bridget Winter

  17. Awesome givaway! I might have to order that cute Spongebob bracelet for Adam - maybe THAT will get him to wear a bracelet!

  18. Very interested in one of these! Amy

  19. Kim Green - posted on facebook too! I LOVE LOVE LOVE petite baubles and we got the same brochures in the hospital and Avery was 3 and had never worn a bracelet either. We need some for school and since she wears them every day they go quick. We would LOOOOOOOVE to win! xoxo :)

  20. We would love to win the Hello kitty bracelet-she already has ID tags that would transfer right onto that band.
    Posted on FB. Thank you for the opportunity!

  21. cute id bracelets. Thanks for hosting this give away

  22. I would love this. I purchased my daughter's bracelet 1 1/2 years ago and it is still in great shape. The best and cutest around!! Posted on Facebook too!!

  23. Facebooked it, oh yeah!!!/profile.php?id=1834556238&v=wall&story_fbid=112049642187605

  24. Tweet Tweet!

  25. Very cute
    Please consider me entered. :)

  26. Count me in! Those bracelets are adorable!!

  27. Thanks for the giveaway, my Kortnie (my name is Amanda) would love to win, we have shopped at petite baubles before, like you right after her diagnosis. Would love to be able to get something new, I'm thinking Christmas stocking stuffer!

  28. I facebook'd it!!/amanda.hesssilverhorn

  29. I blogged it too

  30. Hey Meg would love this count us in, Brian

  31. Super cute! My 5 yr old T1 would love a girly one!


  32. I blogged about this!

  33. My name is Anna Folsom (we're FB friends, but haven't met!) Roxy (~2 1/2 yrs) doesn't have an ID bracelet that fits so we're hoping you'll draw us! :)

  34. one more thing... if I'm so lucky as to be picked, you might need to give me more than 48 hours to respond. I'm off-line from Fri-Mon. Thanks!

  35. Always looking for something to make having to live with type 1 a little cuter!

  36. Blogged...

  37. Posted on FB tonight. :-)

    Love this giveaway, Hallie!


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