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The Princess and The Parade

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tonight was our school district's annual Homecoming Parade!

Each year, every school in the district walks in the parade.  I have been walking since before Sweetpea was born.  I walked while pregnant with her.  I walked with her in a stroller.  Now that she's a student there... she REALLY wants to walk!

Sweetpea has on her cheerleading outfit, has her baby, and is ready to parade!

Does she look a little tired to you?  

Could be because it's the end of a very long week.  And a very HOT week.  Temps were in the 90's today.... and we have no A/C in our school.

OR... it could be because she was LOW.  

We met for dinner and then headed back to my classroom to chill before the parade started.  I had just bolused Sweetpea 1.2u for her dinner.  I had given her a few extra carbs because I knew she'd be walking and she was borderline low.

Less than an hour later.... time to line up for the parade... 


Dexie.  48.  Crap on a stick.

Sweetpea sucked down her Juicy Juice.  

But she still had over a unit IOB.  And we were supposed to walk a mile!

I combed my classroom for sweet treats....  I keep a big bag of smarties in the cupboard.  But I NEEDED juice.  Note to self.... buy juice to store in classroom.

Now, she has juice in  HER classroom.  But all the doors were locked.  My key only works for my room.  

I managed to get into the clinic and I stole  borrowed a juice box to take with us.

Getting ready to walk.... sitting on the curb testing BG.  She was 79.  Still about a unit IOB.  

About now I'm KICKING myself for saying that "NO, we don't need the wagon.  It's too heavy to pull."  And "NO, we don't want the stroller.  She's almost 5.  She can walk."

Well.... normally.  But not when low.

I try to talk Sweetpea into WATCHING the parade instead.  She's having none of it.  Life is NOT a spectator sport to her.  No way.  She wants to be in the thick of it.

So we walk.  Sweetpea wants to walk.  She's skipping along happily.  NO signs that she's low...

Then she says she's hungry.  And tired.  "Can you carry me?"  We've walked about a block.

"Hop on."

So I carried her pretty much the WHOLE DANG WAY.

We stopped once to test.  She'd gone up... only to drop again.  She was 80.  Glad I'd stole borrowed that other juice.  Down it went.

By the time the parade was over, she was still hungry.  I was hot, sweaty and exhausted.  And J was saying, "I thought we should have brought the stroller!"  

So that's how my night was... How was yours???



  1. I did something similar... I promised the kids we would walk/ride bikes to the park, only to find I couldn't get The Bean above 80, no matter how many carbs I dumped into her. We went anyway. I was worried. And then she was 300 later.

    Oh well.

  2. I guess that would have been better left unsaid! Sorry about that!! Love you!!! Do extra exclamation points keep me off the couch? ;-)
    - J

  3. UGH! Sorry you had a LOW parade...but she sure is a cutie :)

  4. Ugh and double ugh! I am sorry there was a low for the parade..I spent my night combating a rebound high that wouldn't go away after a low. Good times!
    It is funny you mentioned the stroller..Addison is 3.5 and I feel lost without the stroller if we are walking somewhere. I always worry about lows and him not being able to keep going. I am very petite and carrying Addison long distances is just not an option for me!!

  5. First off UGH! Secondly glad you stole, I mean borrowed the juice...THIRDLY!!! AND most IMPORTANTLY can she be any cuter!? Love the pic with her and her doll.

    Joe had an incident the other day where he was wandering around the halls at his school, low and confused...he couldn't find the nurses office. Luckily, the staff was on it and took great care of him...Scary this crappy condition. LOVE YOU.

  6. That happened to us last Saturday. Lovebug ended up being carried the whole way. Only difference was she was high, I wanted her to walk because I knew it would bring her bg down. Too bad she was much to stubborn to walk!

    I absolutely love the cheer leading outfit, even if it is Ohio State. (boo) ;)

  7. That's happened to us at the JDRF Walk. Fortunately, last year, we had the wagon with us, and Jack ended up riding in the wagon until his BG elevated enough. He's too big to carry or stroll now. Don't know what we'll do when he's too big for the wagon! He might even be too big now!

    I love that life is not a spectator sport for her! Go Sweetpea!!!


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