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It's Picture Day

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today is "Picture Day" for Diabetes Blog Week! 

Looks like a normal little piggy bank.  Sweets got it shortly after she was born and it's been a little decoration in her room ever since.  We never used it... until recently.

This is a hint... Can you tell what I put inside this little piggy?  Do you know what those marks are?

It's blood.  From these...

Test strips.  I don't know why I started putting them in there.  I only do it when I check overnight.  I started it not that long ago...  And I'm the only who puts them there.

342 strips.  We counted this morning.  342 times I've pierced my daughter's finger in the middle of the night.  And that 's just tip of the iceberg.  I sometimes forget and throw them away.  J never saves them.  This is just a drop in the bucket...

Does that look like about $350? 

Well... however much it costs, it's worth it.  This is why...

A happy, healthy little girl!  
She decided to make a train out of them.  No, it's not weird to play with medical supplies!  And it's not weird to save them, either!

This is what I made!  A little portrait of my girl.

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. 

The strips, the blood... to some it might be ugly.  Scary.  Depressing.

To us, it's normal.  It's important.  It's beautiful.  And it can be a lot of fun!



  1. Love your pic...AND...we keep Joe's night strips in a heart shaped bowl...xoxo

  2. Incredible, Hallie! The idea is almost ingenius, silly as that may sound. I literally just walked downstairs from Ryan's bedroom and just swept a mess of dried out alcohol swabs, their paper and used strips off Ryan's dresser. And I was just thinking of putting a small trash can near his bed. The bank idea is much more pleasing to the eye. Although, somehow, the swiped red marks at the slit of the pig, almost choked me up. When I first saw the piggy, I was thinking, pennies for a cure. Boy was I surprised! Love you, Hallie!

  3. Great pictures!! Love the last one..cute!!

  4. Love this! Beautiful test strip art :) XOXO

  5. Sure make my empty tissue box 'trash can' look like a bugger! ;)
    Totally love the test strip sweet and kinda sad at the same time!!
    Oh, and it's a bit more than $350 'cause I'm pretty sure I noticed a purple ketone strip in the mix and those stinkers are expensive!!!

  6. Love this! Looks like something we would do! And's not weird at all! Emily likes to pop balloons with the needle in the infusion-set! :)
    You're doing a GREAT job!

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  8. Love it!!! When Nora was in the first grade we saved her test strips for a 100 day celebration project. She made a girl, similar to yours, and taped it to a poster. While other classmates used cheerios or cotton balls we used test strips! I often find used test strips laying outside in the mulch or on the concrete...only in the households of dibaetics!!

  9. That is one of the cutest "sharps containers" I've ever seen! :D

  10. Love this post!

    I've mentioned it before, but I'll mention again. We save some stuff, too. How else would we make our D art, like your fabulous portrait of Sweets?!

  11. So very awesome use of that piggy bank and the test strips inside, Hallie!! Love the photos telling that story and you're absolutely right - whatever the cost, so worth it! Thanks for sharing this snapshot of normal!


    Totally heartwarming, my friend.

  13. Genius! Now I know what to do with one of our many piggies. Love the test strip art - my husband has been coming up with some strip designs too and now we are saving our strips for this purpose!

  14. hahah I love the last picture. What a cute idea too with the piggy bank! I love it! She is so worth it and beautiful.

  15. She is SO worth it. : )
    We have a big Downy bottle of long site needles, I think it's our fifth or sixth? We all figure out what to do with our medical garbage. ; ) ..but I'm not getting those awful things out to play with! : O
    Strips are so much more fun! We have people freak out when we put THOSE in the regular trash. Blood, and all. HA!

  16. Love the pictures, Hallie!
    The portrait was adorable and heartbreaking. Love you and that awesome Sweetpea!

  17. As I sit here passing time until I check my 11 year old daughter's blood sugar (279 at bedtime, 302 2 hours later...and so the night begins)I stopped to read your blog...thanks for bringing a smile to my face. I have Kate's strips in an empty water bottle...her dx was in Dec., she just had a sleepover here on Fri. and made all her friends test their blood sugar using her old meter.

  18. Oh my gosh, I am so glad I saw your posting. My daughter likes to save her testing strips and make pictures out of them. My husband told her the other day that it was gross and that broke her heart and mine. I don't think he realized that he was going to hurt her feelings. She responded, "Their not gross...their mine." :( Your posting makes me smile...thanks!

  19. What a brilliant Day 6 post. By turns icky, moving, cute and very funny.

    DBlog Week may be over... but I think I'll be finding amazing posts from it for the whole rest of the year.



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